Prophecies from the Dark

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I don't say much as we make our way to the prison cells and neither does roman. My eyes stay gazing out of the trucks passenger side window as we pass through tree's. I can feel Roman's eyes cast over me every few seconds. I could snap or get frustrated at him again for the annoying worry I can feel from every look but I don't. Instead I let him be anxious and nervous because it makes some small part of me happy that I'm not the only one thats nervous about the visit.

We pull up the shack the small dust cloud enveloping around the truck. My hand goes to the door handle, only to feel Roman hand place itself on my shoulder. I turn to look at him, expecting the worry to coat his face but instead his face is steeled and calm. I squint at him questionably.

"If you start to get worried or scared, or anything just say so and we will leave. Okay?" He warns me. His eyes peer down at me in worry. I cant help but give him a sure smile so he doesn't worry as much. He watches me for another moment before he just nods his head.

I jump out of the truck, Roman leading us to the small shack door and inside. Roman gives a quick nod to the guards just in front of the door leading to the prison cells. Both of us are quiet as we make our way to the cells. The cells look exactly the same as the first time I was here, with one of the lights flickering with an odd high pitched sound. The far end cell sits closed the cage locked tight, yet I can still hear the small shallow breaths of the man form before. Roman leads us to the cell to the left of the far end one still occupied.

Roman pulls out a key chain with half a dozen keys and unlocks the cell door. The rusted metal creaks as he slowly pulls open the cell door. The man hanging locked on the damp cell wall looks completely different from what I had been imagining. Most of the people that have kept me captive or come after me have looked more or less the same, long beards and wild eyes. Yet this man sits completely bald all over his face except for the odd worm like eyebrows. His face is pale and bruised from the beating he took the night of the attack. His left eyes his dark blue and bloated. His lip busted and inflamed. In all he looked more like a test dummy then a man. I cant help the slight tug at the corner of my lip knowing that Roman had done that to him. I quickly clear my throat as his dark brown eyes stare up at me clouded and numb, like he already knew his fate.

"Your going to tell me everything you know about me and why you wont leave me alone." I demand the dimly lite cell giving the room an ominous feeling lending to the powerful anger and revenge my wolf thirsts for. I'm so incredibly tired of guessing and sitting oblivious to what's happening around me.

A loud grown echoes from his mouth, this man isn't like the other one. He looks like he would tell us whatever we want if we push him right. I step further into the cell, Romans hand launches out grabbing my arm trying to stop him. I pull my arm away and give him a confident smile. I squat down in front of the man, our faces just inches from one another. Its odd, this man had just tried ot kill me yet he's to scared to look me in the eyes. I would bet he's an Omega and had no choice in going after me.

"What's your name?" I ask gently. His eyes bolt up to look at me in the face yet still he cant look at my eyes. With the closer look, I can tell not only is this one an omega but he couldn't be younger then 60. Why would a grandpa come after me? He shakily swallows and speaks up.

"My name is Arlo Larsson." He speaks up. Even his voice is shaky and dry.

"I don't get it Arlo? Your an Omega, and no offense far from your prime. Why would you attack me?" I ask. I really cant understand why he would go after me. I've never met him so why is he here?

Arlo looks away and I know he's got some information for us.

He doesn't smell like them. I can smell his wolf, he's scared. They want to talk but they don't want to die. Winter speaks up. I tighten my lips and try to think of a way to get him talking. But suddenly I understand what she meant.

" Your not one of them, are you?" I speak up. His eyes fall down tot the ground telling me I'm right.

"What! Then why would attack her?" Roman snaps a little obviously annoyed. I know he's upset, I would be too if I had to watch him talk kindly to the person that tried to kill him. I take in a deep breath and dismiss Romans outburst.

"Arlo, Tell me what happened? Why?" I speak kindly. It takes him a minute, long enough for me to feel like he wouldn't say anything when he finally looks up from the ground.

"I lost the Pack I was part of years ago, I've been on the run as a rouge since. They found me about a year ago, at first they just kept me as one of the prisoner's. Then they wanted answer's, things I couldn't tell them but they broke me. I'm old, I couldn't fight and I couldn't run anymore. They beat me until I gave them what they wanted. Then one day they said that If I killed the Luna of this pack they would let me go." He tells us. My heart cant help but to go out to him. I know what its like to lose a pack and even to run until you would just rather give up and die.

"What was your pack called?" I ask. If they did that to my pack maybe they did it to other's? Arlo hesitates for a second, then speaks up solemnly. "My pack was the Night Crest Pack, I was an omega. They came one night, we weren't prepared." He mutters and my heart breaks. Another one of my pack member's, why do they care so much about my pack.

"My names Gabrielle Sparrow, My parents were the Alpha nd Luna of the Night Crest pack." I speak up. His eyes for the first time since I walked in looked me in the eyes. Something odd dances in his eyes, something that could change things.

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