Prophecies from the Dark

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“Gabrielle? I-I thought they killed you?” He mutters out in shock. I swallow and try my best not to feel the cracks in my heart when I speak of this subject.

“I was taken for years before I was saved, I thought my pack was gone, until Roman told me some survived but If I had known theirs more on the run..” I mutter to myself. I want to kick myself for being so stupid. My pack was one of the largest in America, I should have known more then an handful survived.

" Have you shifted? Your wolf what is her color?” He asks urgently making me suspicious.

“White.” I speak up confused. A ginormous smile coats his face and he doesn’t even flinch from his wounds over his face. I look at his questioningly.

“Why?” I speak up. His eyes move to Roman, as if he wasnt comfortable to speak about this in front of him.

" Its okay, were...… mates.” I speak up a little hesitantly. I can feel my own wolf grow giddy at that word and I swallow it away. Arlo nods and swallows his eyes alight with joy and something else, Knowledge?

" You know the story of the first wolves, yes?” I nod confirming it. Its odd I had just heard it again just today.

“Its just an old story, what does it matter?” I speak up.

“The story is completely true, we know this but the Moon Goddess spoke that her moonlit daughter would return, yes?” He speaks up quickly.

" Yes?” I mutter the odd feeling that everything was about to change, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

“She had prophesied that ‘ Only the Daughter of the moon shall bring forth the light so keep her safe, she will be the beginning of forever or the beginning of the end.’ You, Gabrielle are her. The light to his dark, the love to his strength." He tells. I want to scoff and laugh. I want to dismiss it for some old delirium, yet something in me cant. I want to dismiss it all yet a cold and true feeling of knowledge hits my heart. As if I'd known it was true all along.

"I'm the reincarnated daughter of the moon?" I mutter my eyes dropping to the ground. I feel frozen, my fingers feel cold and unmoving.

" What else?" I speak up. His voice is sure and calm.

"The pack, Your pack has kept this prophecy dear to our hearts, every generation the Luna and Alpha watched for the daughter of the moon to remerge, They created a counsel that watched, and prepared for the time you came. For the time the Croatoan came. You were unlike the other's in you bloodline. You grew faster in your mothers womb, you were born with moon light eyes. You grew faster then the other children. The Alpha and Luna began to prepare you, but before they could really begin training we were attacked."

"Who?" Roman speaks up. Arlo looks up at him.

"The mate, The night to her day, You must prepare, they are the Croatoan, they seek night and no day. They wont stop until they kill her." He speaks up, his eyes wondering to me. Its quiet for a few moments and I swallow hard.

"You must prepare, they want war, they want death. The only one able to keep the balance is the white wolf and her dark knight." I swallow.

"Roman, unchain him and bring him to the office, we should continue this in privacy." I speak up. I stand up and for the first time since the conversation started looked at him. He holds the same still face as me, one of knowledge and dread. He knows what we've been told is right, he can feel it in his bones just as I can.

Roman moves without saying a word. The keys jingling in his hands as he unlocks Arlo's chains. His arms fall from the lock on the walls as his body tumbles weakly to the ground. The guards foot steps echo through the hall as they come to lift him up. None of us say a words as we move but I cant help but walk slower then the rest. I'm not sure if I'm trying to take as much time before I'll really have to confront this information. When I reach the stairs I see roman's waiting for me. He doesn't say anything but his eyes say it all. I know he's trying hard to not think about what this all may mean. His eyes search my face, maybe to see how afraid I am or if I'm about to fly off the handle but I'm not sure which I'm on verge of.

When we get up to the old cabin house the guards wordlessly move Arlo to an old dusty room, the same one I had snuck into before. Roman moves, pulling off a white dusty sheet , revealing an ugly sofa. The coloring is grey with faded flower patterns over it. Arlo's body drops onto the couch as he breaths heavily.

"Get him some water." I mindlessly order at one of the guards. A tall one with broad shoulders nods immediately, leaving to do as I asked. Something pokes at the back of my mind and after Arlo drinks from a small plastic bottled water I cant resist asking.

" My pack...… Do they have other's?" I speak up. I can feel my heart tug desperately to hear him say no and yes. I would love to know I had more pack member's out there but to hear that they are either on the run or held captive felt like a gut punch.

His eyes drop to his hands until the guards leave the room. Once they do his eyes look up at me in so much sadness. "Many were killed the first week, I escaped with maybe a dozen. We were hunted, some found other packs to hide in, other's were capture. Most were killed. I was one of the few taken. They maybe had six I knew of before I was given my task." Arlo speaks up, his voice gruff and rough.

"What do they expect me to do? I can barely fight? If they wanted me dead then why did they keep me alive and captive for so long?" I blurt out question after question. Arlo wheezes as he sits up a little.

"Then you must train. Learn to fight, learn to harness it." He pushes and I'm not sure how to explain to him that I'm a very little threat to the Croatoan.

"Harness what?" Roman speaks up.

"The power of the elements, you have felt them yes?" He asks, his large eyes alight with the question. I swallow hard as I feel romans eyes on me.

"Yes." I mutter. Arlo's face grows with a smile.

"What was the first one to show? Air, Water... maybe earth?" He asks. I cant help but feel uncomfortable with these questions but I answer anyways. I guess its time for everything to be put on the table.

"Fire." I mutter lowly.

"Ahhhhh, should have known! Your strength and will are strong just as your mother's." He mutters half-mindedly.

"I'm unsure why they didn't kill you, I had heard that only a weapon of special materials could end you life. They may still be searching for the weapon which gives you time but not much. I presume they have been distracting you to buy themselves time. They probably hope to keep you weak so you wont be able to train." Arlo muses.

"You will need to train in all elements, as fire your hardest mastery will be with water." He continues. When he finishes I'm not sure what else to ask.

"I think they hope to keep you scared and weak making it easy to kill you, your mate and his pack. They will want to wipe any remnants of you off the earth, forever."

"I guess I have to start training." Yet I can already feel my hands shake as the nervous in me grow tense.

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