Prophecies from the Dark

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Lets Begin

That night I settle in my bed, wordlessly. Tonight, I lay alone in my room the crescent moon only slightly shining tonight. I cant help but just stare up at the ceiling. Arlo's words seem to drum in my head. It should be impossible, this shouldn't be something I had to deal with and yet I do. I guess a human would say the same thing if they found out Werewolves exist too. But shouldn't their be limit to how much crazy and wild things can really exist?

Roman had Arlo put in a room here in the main house but he still has guards watching his every movement. After we left roman didn't say much about everything. He just simply walked me to my bedroom door and said goodnight, I couldn't help but want to be alone. So I told him I would be good to sleep alone tonight. I would say he looked a little disappointed but honestly he looked like he needed time alone to digest everything too. All we could really figure out or speak about at first was that we both thought Its best If I start training to fight. I shuffle around in my blankets and roll onto my side, I don't know why I'm even trying to sleep. I laugh a little at myself, theirs no way Ill be able to quiet my mind enough to sleep. Yet after three hours of tossing and turning the emotional exhaustion takes hold of me and takes me into a restless sleep.

When morning comes I cant help but groan out when I hear two thunderous knocks on my door. I don't even open my eyes and hope who ever it is will leave and never return. Suddenly another few knocks drag me from my sleep. The knocking just continues until my irritation drives through the roof. "Whaaaaaaaaattt?" I yell out. Its quiet for a moment. I groan out again. I roll to my right side trying to hear who ever behind the door better. But you see the problem is I over estimated where I am on the bed. My heart hits my brain as I roll off the bed into the ground with a loud thud. Groaning I slowly sit up. At this point I don't care.

"Come in." I call, I don't even get up from the ground but lift the blankets around me. Tristan pokes his head into the door, his eyes starting on the bed and slowly falling tot he ground. He just kind of squints at me as a smile breaks over his irritating face.

"You fell out of bed, huh?" He chuckles out. I cast my deadliest death glare towards him.

"What do you want?" I grunt. My head falls back against the bed softly as Tristan opens the door fully and stands in the doorway.

"Roman sent me and said to tell you, that in 10 you need to meet Blair out back for-.." He stops hesitating.

"What?" I ask far more awake now.

"I think I heard it wrong but he seemed to say training?" He says, squinting his face like a pug in confusion. I sit upright and although I know I should be nervous or worried about training I cant help the feeling of invigoration at this new experience. Even if Arlo is full of crap and all of this is nonsense, at least I'll be able to protect myself and the pack.

"Oh, Great!" I smile as I climb to my feet. Tristan stands there in complete confusion. I'm not sure I want to share our new information to anyone until we know more, so I lie.

"If I'm gonna be the Luna of the pack I need to know how to protect myself and the pack, The other day made it clear." Tristan nods accepting my explanation. In all truth it wasnt really a lie, I do want to protect myself and the pack. I just excluded the other reasons. I throw my blankets onto the bed and run into my closet. I grab the pair of light blue and white sneakers, my tights with a light blue streak down the legs and a light blue tank-top and throw them on. When I look in the mirror, I cant help but stare in surprise. Eve with the small amounts of food I am eating now its already making me look less thin and the sun has made my pale skin tanner. Even my eyes seem to glow with an amazing translucent light to them, from the ability to shift more often I'm already becoming healthier. The difference is amazing and I cant help but notice that with my healthier environment I'm looking far prettier then I had ever thought I could be.

I make my way down to the large backyard, the green grass empty of anyone else except for Blair. I cant help but be thankful I don't have on lookers for this first day. I stop in front of Blair as she bends and stretches.

"Hey, Blair." I speak up, her eyes suddenly opening as a large kind smile covers her face.

"Hey! I'll be training you, I'm so excited!" She bubbles out as she straightens up.

Blairs brown hair is tied back into a neat bun, her tank top a dark pink patching her black and pink tight shorts. I give Blair a kind smile, my stomach growing nervous with all of this yet the warning in my mind about what could happen if I didn't kept me persistent.

"Okay, what's first?" I speak up. Blairs broad smile puts me at an odd feeling like this wasnt going to be as fun as I had thought.

"Well, first we stretch because we don't want to hurt ourselves, then its warm ups and training." She sounds out and I nod.

At first she does small stretches, my body following hers as it seems like we stretch out every muscle that could possibly exist in my body. During stretches Blair racks out every muscle and how to properly stretch. To be honest I'm amazed at how much Blair knows. I knew she was the pack hunter and tracker but its impressive how seriously she takes her job.

I drop my hands after our long stretch my breathing already elevated from the hour long stretches.

"Okay, now its warm ups. I want to get a feel for your strengths and weaknesses, so we will start with speed." She starts as she leads me to two small orange cones about ten feet in front of the packs forest.

"Your task is to run to the river and back, you'll need to run as fast as you can. The packs best at this test is 3 minutes, set by your mate Roman when he was 14." Blair flatters Roman, her eyebrows raising in a just saying kind of way. I cant help but roll my eyes.

I start at the cones and take in a deep breath as Blair pulls out the stop watch tucked into her shirt. I close my eyes and breath out, when suddenly Blairs voices raises up. "Go." She order's. Immediately I take off my feet pushing me off the ground and into the woods. I dodge past tree after tree, jumping over fallen branches. At a moment like this I cant help the invigoration as I run, with the wind hitting my face and flowing threw my hair. Half way into the run I can feel my energy falling as my breathing grows heavy. I pant and I push harder, winter panting and yipping in utter delight from the run. I don't stop to jog or breath but run full speed, as If I were running from everything. My past, my present, as if I was trying to catch the future.

I spot the rushing river, the same one I jumped over as I ran from patrol. I slide to s stop the dirt picking up and tumbling into the water. I bolt up once again rushing back to Blair. Returning to the cones seemed shorter then when I left. I jump over a log, and look up just in time to dodge a batch of tree's that would have definitely made me stop. Yet I keep running, nothing holding me back as I go. Suddenly I push throw the underbrush of the forest and into the clearing of the backyard. My feet skidding as I fall to my but just past the two cones.

I heave out my heavy breaths, I cant get myself up as I lay flat on my back my harsh breaths filling the air. The stop watch makes a small sound as Blair stops it. I peak open my eyes to look up at Blair who stares at her watch.

"Did I make the time?" I squeak up at her, barely able to lift my head.

"Um, yeah...." She speaks up unsure.

"What?" I ask a little concerned.

"Nothing, your time is just surprising." She speaks up looking down at me now. Peer surprise and her eyes filled with an impressed glint fills her face.

"Your time is 1 minute and 58 seconds."

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