Prophecies from the Dark

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Remembering the Past

I was in the cells again, whispers surrounding me. They keep saying things I don’t understand they mention names, names that I haven’t heard for years. Why are they saying those names? I haven’t told anyone, not since that night. He can’t know where I am, every time you say his name he knows. He is looking for them, He’s always looking...he’s looking for me. I throw my arms out to the cell doors shaking them as I scream for them to stop! I yell even louder, Don’t say his name! He’ll kill you! please he knows when its spoken, he will come and hunt you down! Don’t say his name! I fall to my knees my head hung down as tears fall down my ivory skin. My sobs continue as I beg for them stop. Until the chant like whispers finally sputter out and silence over takes me. I lift my head, their he stood tall and slender blood covering his chest and hands, but it’s not his blood dripping from his fingers into pulls at his feet, it’s theirs.

I wake up screaming jolting me up, a piercing headache slamming into my head and I try to take in my surroundings. I was no longer in the forest but now sitting in a single small bed, the pure white sheets and tan colored woven blankets laying over me. The room is silent with just the beep, beep of the machine attached to my arm. The room’s walls are painted with an off white egg shell color while the tiled floor had a dull baby blue color. Was I in a hospital? How did I end up here? The last thing that that I can remember is the searing pain in my gut then the warm sensation of green. I slowly lower back down trying my best to alleviate the pain growing in my stomach. I let loose a breath of ease as the finally begins to subside until only a dull throb is left. I stare up at the ceiling my mind unable to leave from where I was and the dozens of questions coursing through my head. I wanted to answer the many questions in my head and yet I couldn’t answer nay of them, as I try to focus on the ceiling and hopefully away from this situation my ears seem to zero in on voices outside the door. I try to zero in better but the head ache and lack of practice makes the voices come through muffled

“How is she,please will she be all right why cant i see her!”

A heart stopping voices cascades into my ears. Their voice was smooth and rich like liquid gold. I shake my head trying to get those thoughts out of my head, its best to not think about things like that. At the end of the day the group of wolves that held me are probably out side my door waiting to kill me for what I id to their buddy. The machine next to begins to beep faster scaring me, I try to reach over and make it stop only for it to continue to grow faster.

My attention is pulled from the painful beeping sound when I suddenly hear another voice responding. The voice seemed older and more rough as if he had been screaming for days on end.

“Alpha, my apologies! We aren’t sure what to do! She seems to have fallen into a coma, the blood loss coupled with the severe state her body already was in... there’s a possibility she wont wake up. frankly, from a medical standpoint its a miracle she lasted as long as she did.” The older mans voice seemed to waver as he spoke as if he was scared to speak.

I wasnt sure who these two gentleman were talking about but I do hope she wakes up, to have someone so scared and worried for them is something some will never have. I couldn’t help but feel sadness for who ever that girl is, I hope only the best for her. Suddenly an enchanting smell hits my nose. As if I was sitting by the waterfall in the middle of a forest yet with an mouth watering smell of cinnamon and something else I just couldn’t place. I had never smelled something that seemed to make my heart stop and speed up faster. I wasnt sure where the smell was coming from, maybe it was my imagination? I could still feel the thumping in my head, theirs no telling how destroyed or beaten my body has become. I’m not surprised that theirs something wrong with my nose now. The man’s voice speaks up again but this time it was different, his voice was quieter and was filled with a heart breaking sadness like ive never heard before,“Please can I see her?”

I could feel my heart stop the moment I could hear the creak as the handle to the door to my room began to turn. Panic runs through me as I search through the room trying to find something to defend myself from there revenge. As the door opens the fast beeping fills my ears pushing even more fear through my veins, I felt like a wild animal trapped in a cage looking for a way out. With no where to go I push my self to the top of the bed my back hitting the back wall. My body curls up until my knee’s are flush against my chest. My eyes watching as the door open ready to take on the group of wolves after me.

Only it wasnt the group of rouge’s that walked through the door but a man. When my eyes landed on him its like the rest of the bright room faded away. He was tall, I would guess to be around 6 feet with skin that was the perfect medium between pale and tanned. His dark brown hair is cut short and yet their was a rouge disheveled look to it. He wore a red t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, as if he was just hanging out at home. Although he was muscular his muscles didn’t stand out too much, but what really caught my attention was his eyes. His eyes were like the rolling green hills on the mountain side. They seemed to piece deep inside my own soul as I stared at his green eyes stared back at me. The two of use seemed to stare at one another for hours. The longer I stared into his eyes the more it felt like deja vu’. I couldn’t shake an odd feeling like I knew him from somewhere but there’s no reason I should. I’ve spent the most part of my life locked up in the woods so why do I feel so connected to this stranger? Suddenly its as I remembered where I was and that feeling of fear pushes itself back into my body. I’m not sure what I should do or even say?

“W-Where am I?” I curse myself for stuttering again. As if the man was suddenly pulled from his own thoughts as his eyes finally leave mine and he looks down his hand reaching up to rub his neck self consciously. I don’t move form my spot pushed up against the top of the bed, and the beeping seems to continue to beat rapidly. “Oh, um sorry.” He seems to look around as if he was trying to figure out what to say. Every moment he flusters around it seems like I get closer to freaking out. I cant help but feel so uncomfortable and scared and yet not of him. Suddenly he bolts out the door like he was chasing after a rabbit. I was a lose of words, I’m so confused and who ever this guy is isn’t helping at all. The door is pushed open sending terror through me, I jolt bad slamming myself back against the wall. The man enters again with another older gentleman right behind him. “Oh! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” He says noticing my tenseness. His green eyes held a calm gentleness I have ever seen before. He looked nervous, probably just as nervous as I am.

The older man had black hair with peppered grey through it. His faced was lined with old creases from hours of squinting and worrying. He stood tall yet he seemed to be just under the height of the other man. He wore a blue button up with a tie, a white doctor’s coat reaching over it. The man went to take a step towards my bed sending my eyes straight towards him, I quickly pull the blanket up closer to me trying to shield myself from them. The man holts in his spot noticing my fear, “I’m not going to hurt you, I promise! I just need to check your vitals.” The doctor say as holding his hands up assuring. I watch him for a moment, he didn’t seem like he wanted to hurt me. Isn’t it his job anyways to take care of me? I slowly nod my head wincing slightly as I try to ignore the pounding in my head and swirls moving around gave me.

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