Prophecies from the Dark

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Old Friends

The man moves slowly to the right side of my bed his hands moving cautiously to the odd machine that continues to ring out quickly. He continues moving around looking through the machines around me, the whole time one of his eyes continuingly watching me in the corner of his eye. The whole time he was watching me I was watching every move he made until after a few minutes he finally moves back away from the bed putting me more at ease. He quickly clears his throat and when I look at him more he seems off. “First off, my names Doctor Carter, I’m the pack doctor. The thing is that when you were brought in here you had multiple bruises and cuts consistent with.. um.. harsh treatments.” he stutters out quickly glancing at the man next to him then at me. I don’t move or speak, I know what meant, why wouldn’t I? I spent years experiencing and remembering every last detail. “You also had a laceration consistent with a knife wound, To say the least you should be dead or at least just hanging on.” He says a bit harshly, suddenly a low growl fills the room my eyes darting over to the man as he stare slightly over at Doctor Carter. “Hmm, so-s-sorry, but you seem to have made a remarkable recovery that is frankly a miracle even for a werewolf.

The room was silent for a little as if they both expected me to cry out or something. I wouldn’t even if every part of me wanted to. “Okay?” I mutter not sure of what they expect of me. “I’ll leave you two be to discuss some matters.” He mutters quickly as he hastily leaves the room. The man stood their his eyes looking over me and all I wanted to do was scream at him but also for him to come closer. “What’s going on? Who are you?” I finally ask him reciting my last question. This time he seems to build up some courage as he steps closer to me. I don’t flinch back like I did with the doctor, I’m not sure why but its as if my body wasnt as scared as my mind felt. He slowly moves until he’s standing a foot away from the edge of my bed on the right side next to the machines.

“I’ll start from the beginning.” he say’s clearing his throat quickly. He seemed so nervous and it made me want to comfort him. To tell him that its okay and to just tell her what’s going on. I don’t know why and even at this moment I couldn’t help but feel so familiar with him, it scared me.” My names Roman Blackthorn. I’m the Alpha of the Sentinel Bane Pack.” He says proudly and yet theirs a shake to his voice when he said his name. The moment he said his name hundreds of memories I believed were long forgotten shot through my head. The small boy who was so sure of himself running around with a tiny clumsy girl. All memories I long ago pushed away, I realized it only made my life of a prisoner worse when I still though of all those good times destroyed by their hands.

I wasnt to sure what to say, I had let go of any and all hopes of see him years ago. “Roman?” I asked my voice shaking more then I wished. No matter how much I tried to keep the tears at bay they just wouldn’t listen as the rebellious tears began to fall. Roman eyes filled with fear as he started to get nervous with my sudden tears. His hand instinctively reached for my arm t comfort me but he stops pulling back just before his hand touches my arm. I didn’t know what came over me, as if my wolf suddenly jumped into control. My body was moving from the wall without my a thought as my arms circle around his neck as I hug him. A spark seemed to ignite where ever part of my body touched his immediately dissipating the pain in my gut and the pounding in my head. A butterfly sensation coursed through my blood as rested my head on his shoulder. Stunned is an understatement for his reaction. For a long moment he sat unmoving, his hands hanging by his sides. Until his arms encircle my body every part of me feeling engulfed with comfort and warmth. An odd sensation I haven’t felt since that night of the fires. “So I guess you remember me?” He whispered shakily trying to joke around. I don’t speak up or say anything but I did remember him, I remembered the days we spent together and the way he just knew we were bestfriends. Only then when I had that thought did another one hit me, the memory of him proclaiming us as mates.

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