Prophecies from the Dark

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roman Blackthorn

Roman’s P.O.V:

It was as if the world erupted into havoc as fear seemed to seep through every bone of my body. Seeing her wolf laying their blood covering her white fur was like my whole world had stopped. Every part of my wolf seemed to cry out with happiness when we first saw her but then it was like realization flooded over me. I quickly pace back and forth in the waiting room trying my best not to storm right into that room. I had finally gotten my Gabrielle back to have to hand her over again, I know she needs to be with the doctors but all my wolf wanted to do is hold her and tear the head off of anyone that came near her. When I look around the whole room sat empty and quiet with only a few chairs pushed to the wall. We were in the pack hospital building, so I wasnt surprised all the other pack members seemed to disappear at the sight of their Alpha pacing around the waiting room all fired up would make everyone leave.

Dr.Carver finally slips out the door from the room my mates in and pulls of his gloves walking towards me. I had brought her in to the hospital over an hour ago and the moment he saw her she was rushed into the room, no one in or out. Every moment of that hour it seemed like I was battling my wolf, Fang for control. “The Luna has severe wounds that we are having a hard time stopping. At the moment the bleedings under control but we will have to work on her for a while to make sure her body is bleeding, After that Ill let you know the damages.” Dr. Carter lets me know and he heads straight back into the room. When I finally look at the clock after hours of pacing then sitting and pacing again it seems that the doctor has been in that room with my mate for over six hours. Every second of it I spent trying to get Fang to calm down. I didn’t want him to get his hopes to high, Ive spent years getting so close to getting her back only for her to slip through my fingers again. Even though I keep telling him to be ready to get bad news I found myself filling with hope and promises to the Moon Goddess if she let Gaby live.

After six and a half hours of waiting the door finally opens again Dr. Carter emerges through blood covering the bottom of his scrub shirt, his rubber gloves coated dark red. The sight made me stop in my tracks, so much blood was on him! My heart seemed to pump a thousand beats as he walked to me. I rush to him quickly trying my best to not break out in tears seeing her blood. Dr. Carver pulls off the gloves tossing them in the waste can and turns to me exhaustion and grief on his face. “Alpha, we have been able to stop and clean up her wounds. In doing so we have found a large amount of scar tissue and countless healed bones.” He tries his best to put it simple and kindly but no matter what my wolf was on edge. ” Her wound was substantial and the Luna had a lot of blood loss. As of now her bodies healing but with all the complications she may never wake up again.” He seems to wince with fear and yet I couldn’t care about him. It felt like my whole body could give out any moment. A giant storm coursing through my veins as grief begins to fly through me.

“Can I please see her?” Clenching my fists tightly resisting the urge to slam it into something. Dr. Carter simple bows his head stepping away. I was ready to cry when I entered her room, and yet pure shock enveloped me when I saw her. She sat up scrunched against the beds plastic backboard against the wall. It was like the air was stolen from my lungs when I saw her Beautiful face. Her long disheveled brown hair fell down past her shoulders, her Ivory skin causing her bright Cerulean blue eyes peering back at me. Its been about 11 years since I last saw her that night. She seems to have changed so much yet so little in those past years. Her eyes were filled with fear and pain like she’s seen all the evil the world has offered. Yet she was a spitting image of her mother. The little girl I had known was taller and now a woman but she still had that same beautiful complexion.

My heart stilled at a melodic song to hit m ears as she spoke. “W-What’s Going on?” Her shake voice making both me and my wolf whimper for her. I wanted to comfort her and tell her she didn’t need to fear because I’m here and yet my feet wouldn’t move. Even if I could think of a good way to stat this I wasnt sure my voice would work. I was scared, what if she didn’t remember me? Or even worse what if she no longer wanted me? I quickly bolt out the door running over and grabbing the collar of Dr. Carver dragging him back through her room door. When we walk back into the room she hasn’t moved but I could tell that she was terrified and so confused. “Oh! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” I try to comfort and probably miserably failing.

Dr. Carver begins to move only to suddenly stop as Gaby begins to shutter back scared,“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise! I just need to check your vitals.” He says holding his hands up assuring. She seemed like a wild animal suddenly as her eyes seemed to scrutinize Dr. Carter. As if finally deciding he could come closer she slowly nods her head wincing slightly. With her permission dr. carter moves swiftly checking the heart monitor and the many other various devices. Every movement and moment his actions being watched by gaby. When he’s finally finished he moves back next to me clearing his throat. “First off, my names Doctor Carter, I’m the pack doctor. The thing is that when you were brought in here you had multiple bruises and cuts consistent with.. um.. harsh treatments.” he stutters out nervously glancing over at me and I try my best to keep my growing anger for what has happened to her at bay. “You also had a laceration consistent with a knife wound, To say the least you should be dead or at least just hanging on.” He says a bit harshly, before I could catch myself a growl escapes my lips at his harsh words. I know he didn’t mean offense but I was already on edge and no matter what he could speak so harshly with gaby. “Hmm, so-s-sorry, but you seem to have made a remarkable recovery that is frankly a miracle even for a werewolf.”

The room was silent as we all sat there taking in the news, and suddenly her beautiful melody of a voice croaks out. “Okay?” As if the news was nothing new. “I’ll leave you two be to discuss some matters.” He mutters quickly as he hastily leaves the room. I wait to do anything until the door finally closes. “What’s going on? Who are you?” she mutters out quickly. I was surprised she would speak up so bravely and it made my heart flutter. I take a deep breath trying to prepare myself for what might happen. I walk towards her bed trying my best not to scare her, when I finally stop I beside her bed. ” I quickly clear my throat and begin hoping it goes well.

"My names Roman Blackthorn, I’m the Alpha of The Sentinel Bane Pack.” When I said that, I wasn't sure what I was hoping for but all she seems to say is, “Roman?” A spark of hope fills me then. She seemed to know me or at least remember me but she said it as if she couldn’t believe it was me. Then suddenly her thin circled around my neck her thin healing body layer against my chest. Every part of my body seemed to spark all over my arms and chest where our bodies connected.

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