Prophecies from the Dark

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Waiting on a Stranger

Gabrielle’s P.O.V:


I push away from roman when that thought hits me, a mate? I had never put much thought into the word, I mean I never even thought I’d leave that house alive let alone possibly have a mate? I scrunch up quickly on the bed pulling the pillow from behind me t hug at my chest. I couldn’t help but feel so vulnerable like I need to be watching for the other shoe to drop. When I look back up at roman he seemed stunned or taken aback? He kind of just sat their his eyes following me. I didn’t like it, having his eyes follow me like some little rabbit. After a moment he finally clears his throat and steps back trying to make sure I’m not uncomfortable.

“Roman, that night, what happened to you?” I mutter. I had believed I was the only one to survive, The fires grew bigger then the forests tree’s. I didn’t think anyone could survive. Roman looks down at his hands as if looking for the right words. ” I crawled my way out of the tunnel my father found me. Their was nothing left of the pack house... it was just ash and rubble.” He tries to explain and yet when he said my families pack house was rubble... I felt anger. That house had been in my family for years, every inch of it was hand built by our first pack members. My father was so proud of it but now it was ash. ” For the next week we searched all over the pack lands and into the forest for you, but you were gone. Just a faint smell lingering in the forest then it was gone.” His voice changed then before it was sad but its as if it became darker mournful of mistakes only he knew about. I wanted to reach out and brush back his hair and tell him that I was here and it scared me. I could feel my wolf internally howling with sadness to hear him speak in such a way.

When he looks back up at me finally his eyes no longer hold that unknown sadness but we genuinely happy, I just wondered why he was so happy. “So, if you don’t mind... Are you okay?” He wonders and I just nod. have conflicting feelings about everything going on and I’m just not sure what to say or even do. “What happens now?” I ask pushing back the fear edging itself into my voice. Will he bring me back to those men or sell me off to another pack to be an omega? Roman squints his eyebrows slightly tilting his head to the side. “What do you me?” I look away from him then I was so sure he would want to get rid of me quickly, maybe he just doesn’t know how to break it to me. “Are you going to give me back to them?” I mostly squeak out. Its quiet for a moment and I try my best to prepare will the sad news. “Never! They will never touch you again as long as I’m alive!” He demands. My head hurts at my sudden movement looking at him surprised. ” Your my mate that means I’m going to protect you! Your going to come help run my pack, just like I told you when we were children.” And I didn’t know what to say. His face was filled with determination and resolve and yet I couldn’t help but feel like he was just playing me.

“Okay.” I mutter out unsure of anything at this point.

Roman is pulled out then by a guy I didn’t know but I was glad he did. My nerves were on the fray and I was exhausted. When the door finally closed behind him I crawl to the head of the bed and wrap the blanket around me. I snuggle up to the pillow placing my head on the corner of it with the rest of my pillow in my arms and between my legs. As my eyes begin to drift off I make sure my eyes are still on the door. I didn’t know who knew where I was or what they may do. I may have known roman as a child but its been years, and people change.

I was standing in the forest with fog surrounding me, I could only see a few feet around me before dark fog takes over. I wear a white dress falling down simple to past my feet settling into the grass. The uncomfortable silence fills around me as the only faint sound is from crickets in the distance. I look around me at the fog continues to rise higher around me beginning to cover the trees canopy. As I stand there I don’t move and yet I don’t feel scared that I cant move my feet. My head bolts up at a sudden echo rolling through the fog and trees, tumbling to my ears yet by the time it reaches me all distinct words are muffled into nothing. “Hello? Whose there?” The muffled voice begins to clear as it rolls back through the fog. A soft warm female voice echoes to me again calling my name. When I turn to see whose calling me the path clears of the fog, a clear glistening lake spanning out from my feet. A snap of a twig behind starts my eyes from the lake to fall on a figure behind me. I can quite make out his dark features, the only distinguishable feature is a large silver knife in his hands. The figuare lurches towards me as it lifts the dagger to my heart.............

A screams pulled from my lips as I volt forward beads of sweat covering my forehead. My breathings heavy as I try to register where I am. Romans sitting disheveled in a small chair beside my bed his head resting on his hand keeping his head up. I try to slow my breathing rubbing my hands over my face. The dreams have come back again, I had them before almost every time I slept while in captivity. Each dream was different it its own way but always ended the same way, a knife in the hand of a creepy figuare attacking me infront of a lake. I rub my eyes trying to get my heart rate under control. I didn’t notice Roman was awake until a soft groggy voice spooks out of my thoughts.

“How are you feeling?” I look at him over my shoulder and try my best not to stare. His short hair was ruffled around on top from his hand being in his brown hair. His red shirts collar pulled down oddly the tip of a tattoo just tipping out from under his shirt. He was laid back in his chair and yet the whole way he sat felt rigid and odd like he wasnt sure how to sit. “I’m okay.” I quietly respond. “Did I wake you?” I mumble. Even though he was practically a stranger It was hard to ignore the pull he seemed to have on me. Even my wolf was hopping around like an idiot when he was around. Roman shakes his head now fully awake. “No, Ive been awake for a while, It’s not the easiest to sleep in a chair.” He explains throwing a sweet smile at the end. HIs smile was simple and lazy and yet it made an odd flutter go through my stomach.

We sat their for a moment neither of us speaking up but rather watching one another, until a hard nock on the door sent me jumping like a rabbit as I scrunch back up at the head of the bed, into my own comfort zone of blankets and pillows. Roman stands his eyes watching me and although I know his eyes are on me I don’t look away from the door. “Its okay! Don’t worry Ill send them away.” He comforts and for the first time I felt a little safe. Roman opens the door slowly just a crack to allow him to see who is outside. “Doc, hey, come in.” stepping aside he allows Dr. Carver into the room. Unlike yesterday the doctor was put together and awake unlike yesterday when it seemed like he hadn’t slept in days. “I’m just coming to let you know the Luna is set to leave.” he says cheerfully bowing his head slightly and smiling towards me. The doc was nice enough but I still felt uncomfortable around him.

I wait until the door closes behind the Doc when I cant help but ask. “Are you going to reject me?” I all but blurt out. I’m sure I startled him as he turned around pain and maybe hurt shining in his eyes. “Never. Ive spent years searching to bring you back home, I wont let you go unless you want to go.” He says and I now he’s just trying to comfort me but it felt nice and It scared me. Roman walks to my side, pulling his chair close to the bed side. He rests his forearms onto the bed his vibrant green eyes peering over at me. ” Do you remember when we were little and you gave me your gold ring with your initials on it?” He asks and I nod. Romans hand falls down to his pocket pulling out from his jeans a small golden child’s ring with my initials on it. For so many nights I had thought about that ring and roman. Especially the nights when the men would beat me for no reason, it was what I thought about. I wipe away the tears falling on my cheeks trying my best to hold the rest in. ” The necklace, they took it away from me when they found me holding it one night... I’m sorry.” I felt so guilty. He had kept that small little ring for so many years and yet I lose his necklace so easily. I’m surprised to look up and see a quirky little smile sitting on romans face. “Don’t worry about it, I’m glad I got you back instead.” and I was dumbfounded. I wasnt really sure what to say and before I knew it a slip of my lips left a small smile of my own on my face.

“Can I ask you something?” He mutters and it was small even a little scared. I nod simply letting him ask. “That night, of the umm..” He tries to find the right words to say and yet It was odd to see him stumbling over his words so nervously. “Of the fire.” I fill in for him, my eyes staying on his face. I had spent every night for 11 years thinking and examining that night, I wasnt uncomfortable with it and yet It was odd to actually talk about it. His eyes move over my face looking for any sign of distress. ” Yes, that night.. what happened after you covered the tunnel?” I couldn’t blame him for asking. He has probably thought about that for years and had hundreds of questions. Part of me felt like he deserved to know, and yet I found it hard to actually voice it.

” I made it out of the pack house, to see my pack being slaughtered. My mom found me and ordered me to run into the forest just before a wolf tore her apart. I made it into the forest and hid up a tree. For the rest of the night I hid in the tree watching as the pack house burned down and my people were killed. But when I was trying to get away I was hurt.... bad enough that I fell from the tree and right into the hands of those men.” I don’t say what happened after that or even how I was hurt. Part of me didn’t want him to know that I was hurt hiding him away or that I had to hide because the injury hurt me to much to keep running. I swallow as I try to alleviate the roughness of my dry throat, I wasn't sure if it was because I was thirsty or because this was the first time in months I spoke so much.

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