Prophecies from the Dark

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Guilty Outbursts

I could only stare out the window the rest of the drive. To think that all this time I had a pack left alone with out their alpha, left to be raised by another. The bumpy dirt road finally gives away to a pebble and rock road as we near what I assume the Pack house. I felt so uncomfortable sitting in the truck, the only thing putting me at ease was the comfort of roman being nearby. I could feel his eyes constantly peaking over to check on me and at times I could feel Tristan’s. I hated it. I’ve spent years with peoples eyes on my every move and all I wanted to do was scream at them to stop and for once my wolf agreed with me.

I could feel my wolf crawling around, Winter was always more aggressive and dominate then I am. I guess thats what happens when you have alpha blood pumping in your veins. Even while being held captive she had a hard time not taking over and ripping them apart, the only reason she didn’t was because it was almost certain we wouldn’t be able to take on all of them only making things worse.

The tree’s begin to thin until all I can see is a large mowed lawn. As we travel up the road my eyes finally land on the pack house. To say the place was large would be an understatement, while my old pack house was modest size to account for my smaller yet strong pack. While the sentinel bane pack house was in all words a mansion. The house presented like a massive wood cabin, a wooden porch expanding around the front of the house and around it. Wooden swirl carved posts spanning up to reach the roof. The dark wooden outside stood up with two levels, it was breath takingly beautiful and simple. Large windows reaching up high on each level allowed for perfect view of any oncoming intruders.

We begin to pull up the long drive way and as the house begins to grow closer every part of me seemed to scream. my body closing in on itself more then it already was, I felt like a little balled up child. Even from here I could smell dozens of other wolf scents. They hit my nose like a roller coast over whelming my senses. I was on edge and so was winter, we both wanted to go back to the forest with the calm harmless sounds of singing birds. The truck finally stops, parking in front of one of the three garage doors. Roman turns of the engine finally the roaring engine calming to nothing as the car grew quiet.

Once again their eyes pulling towards me. I didn’t want to speak, in fact all I wanted was to be alone in the forest no one watching me, controlling me. I have been trapped my whole life and now I was free.. so why do I still feel like a caged animal?

“I’m going to get things settled before you come in.” Tristan states getting out and I presume going to tell the pack to hide away. I had no doubt roman had asked him to with his pack link and part of me was grateful. I didn’t move my eyes from the dash board of the truck and yet I didn’t care at all about it. “Are you okay?” Roman asks again and I just couldn’t deal with it, almost everything he’s said to me today has been asking if I was okay. It’s driving me nuts, and finally I just snapped. “Stop!” I burst closing my eyes trying to push back the agitation. ” I’m not fine okay?! Stop asking me that. Every moment of this has me on edge Id rather be alone back in the forest right now. I’m trying to deal with everything, you and Tristan’s eyes constantly watching me isn’t helping me or winter calm down!” I yell holding back the frustrated tear pushing to be freed.

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