His only beloved

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Chapter 8


His hug was stronger than anything I've ever known and experienced, as if holding me wasn't quite enough, he wanted us to be one. I could feel every inch of him. In that moment of feeling him so close, I felt awake somehow, more alive than I've been in so very long. It felt as if I'm a butterfly who yearns for the cocoon, to be safe within the walls, protected. That's what I felt. He was all that I was longing for, I don't know why but in his arms I felt home, his touch all too familiar.

After a few minutes though, I couldn't breathe. His hold was too tight for my small body, he was too strong.

"Lorenzo I...I can..not breat...he"

I informed him and with that he let go of me which was followed by a sudden feeling of separation like my heart wanted to be more close- close to his. After taking a deep breath I asked,

“Are you an artist? How did you do it?”

“It’s just a hobby.” he shrugged.

Lorenzo has a hobby and that too painting, cool!

“I have many more hobbies, Senõrita” he whispered in my ears, in his husky voice.

How did he know what I just thought?

“Voglio assaggiarli così tanto” (Translation: I want to taste them so badly). He said placing his thumb on my bottom lip, his eyes focused on my lips. Just his voice ignites the sparks along with butterflies in every part of my body, in just two days he managed to have such an effect on me.

Shall I kiss him?

No way! I didn't come here to be in a relationship, he is a charmer. Today he is with me, tomorrow he'll leave, just like my father.

“Lorenzo... it's getting late let's go” I excused myself and moved ahead after which he just stared at me. A few moments later he followed me and we quickly made our way to his car. I tried to capture each and every moment here, not sure whether he was going to be with me again or not. Lorenzo didn't allow the museum to put up his artwork of my portrait. He said he wants to keep it for his own making me wonder where he would hang it.

On our way back to the university sitting in his car, Lorenzo seemed upset or he was just trying to ignore me, I couldn't understand.

“So Mr. Mat what are your likes and dislikes?” I asked trying to lighten up the mood,

He studied me for a minute, then replied,

“I don't like anything in person,” taking a pause he then added,

“But I like you.”

Those words were more than enough for my heart to start throbbing loudly.

I tried to ignore his confession, but it really flattered me, he stretched his hands to switch on the radio when I noticed the black ink peeping from his long sleeves,

It's the same tattoo,

Yes, I've seen that tattoo, on the hands of the man who brought me to the dorm that night.

Why didn't he tell me, he was the one?

“Where shall I drop you? Where do you stay?” He asked looking at me, which made me frown.

He already knows where I live, why is he acting!!

“Like you don't know” I retorted,

“huh?” He gave me a confused look,

“Don't act too smart Lorenzo, it was you who dropped me to the dorm that night, didn't you?” I asked frustrated by his secrets,

“What are you hiding Lorenzo?”

He didn't say anything, just drove silently, the car halted near NYU and I got out, banging his door loudly, without waiting for him I rushed to my room and locked it.

There was no one in the room, Grace might have gone to do her assignment with her partner. At least she has a normal partner, I thought.

How am I going to complete my assignment with this asshole?

There was no energy left in me to do any homework so I went to my bed and drifted off into dreamland.

The forest was humming with life all around me. I twirl about, gazing up at the canopy, searching for the birds that sing sweetly. The sun breaks through the cracks, lighting up the dirt path ahead of me, decorated with outgrown roots, wildflowers, and fallen leaves that crunch beneath my bare feet. I trudge on, taking in the fragrance of minty grass and the damp earth. Each breath is like water, fresh and cleansing, flowing freely into my lungs but then again I'm not alone there was someone next to me watching me patiently, he was wearing a black cloak, his skin, pale and cold......

My eyes flew open as I sat up on my bed. Realizing that it was just a dream I let out a breath and ran my hands through my hair trying to remember it. The dream was of the same person again.

I was about to get out of my bed when I noticed someone sleeping soundly beside me, it was none other than Brownie. Leaving him on the bed, I went to my study table to complete my homework. No sooner was I done with my homework, the door flung open and Grace barged in.

“Rose get ready quickly we are going to a party,” she said cheerfully.

“At?” I inquired.

“The up and up” she said, stressing on the ‘p’ which made me roll my eyes at her excellence.

“Can you please tell me what's that?” I asked since I was not familiar with the names of the places here, I find them quite amusing, sometimes hilarious too.

“It's a bar, Zain is throwing a party today and asked me to invite all my friends” she beamed, it was like they were really getting close and her happiness was truly visible on her face.

“Umm, I'm not in the mood to go to a party today, you both enjoy” my statement made her frown at me.

“Hey what happened, did Lorenzo do something? You can tell. I'll make him cry if he hurts you” she asked concern dripping from her grey irises. At least I have someone who cares about me.

“Nothing, he's just an ass” I shrugged which made both of us beam into laughter.

“Hey, I want you to meet someone!” I said happily and went towards my bed to find my new friend but Brownie was not there, maybe he went outside. I peeked through the windows but he was nowhere to be seen.

“I don't know where he went” I mused, he was here when I got up.

Was it a hallucination?

“Who are you talking about?” She questioned.

“Brownie, it's a cat. He comes to meet me every day. He was sleeping on my bed when I got up but now he's not there” I replied,

“But pets aren't allowed here and who was its owner, did you search for them?” she asked,

“No” I sighed,

“Okay, now get ready we are getting late and you can borrow my clothes if you want" she offered.

“Actually I have something to wear, I don't know whether you're going to like it or not” I answered.

“Let's see what you have but if it doesn't suit you we will do some arrangements.” she said, making her way to the shower room.

I shrouded my body with a black knee-length dress made of soft, satiny fabric, it’s low-cut neckline flawlessly covering my breasts while showing a slight cleavage. I had bought the dress from a nearby showroom. I would have preferred to wear the one with big red roses or the lilies, but my closet was full of dresses that had rose's embroidered on it. Plus I wanted something inconspicuous.

“Wow babes, you look amazing, black really suits you!” Grace applauded, standing near the mirror next to me making me blush. Black was the color that suited my skin the most; it's the reason why I opted for this one.

Grace had worn a scarlet bodycon dress which Zain gifted her as a first friendship gift.

Hope so this friendship will soon go on to become a relationship. Fingers crossed!

She looked really beautiful in it, after all our ‘friend’ has a unique choice. I'm sure he likes her!!

By the time we were ready, there was a honking sound outside the dorm gate. When Grace and I came outside my eyes landed on Zain leaning casually against his grey SUV.

“Shall we?” He asked when we came next to him.

“Of course!” Grace chirped while I just nodded. He opened the door for Grace and me. She sat next to him in front while I sat on the back seat. They were busy talking about their assignments and I tried to focus my gaze outside the window. There were different designs of buildings, people were busy in their life. It's a beautiful city but now I'm missing my country.

Oh no! That reminds me of my Sahara, I've not called her after I came here. She would be so angry at me but my Sim Card isn't working properly. I need to buy a new one, as soon as I get a new one I'll call her.

We reached the bar within 15 minutes, this one was a bit different than the previous one that we went to. The bar curves into the large room, smoke twisted in the room in its artistic way, forming curls in the gloom, illuminated only by the age-speckled bar lights. Along the wall every hue of amber liquid in their inverted bottles. The crowd here is young, students from the University for the most part.

Grace and I sat on the table at the corner while Zain asked,

“What would you like to have my ladies”

“I'll have a Martini” Grace quickly answers while I'm left thinking of what a ‘Martini’ means.

“I... I've never had one so don't know their names and I'm okay with nothing” I stated,

“At least have a Coke or something light” Zain insisted,

“Okay then I'll go with a coke" I replied,

Zain winds his way through the warm bodies to order a drink where he gets surrounded by his friends. They were busy in their conversation which I couldn't hear because of the dominating rock music in the atmosphere.

“Zain, I see” I teased Grace, wiggling my eyebrows making her frown.

“Hey, he's a really nice person, why don't you give him a chance” now I got her attention after which I further whispered, like anyone would even hear us in such a crowded place, “I feel he likes you!”

Before she could say anything my eyes caught the glimpse of a couple dancing but the thing that made me curious was that they both looked familiar. Guess what who they were,

Lorenzo and Shyla.

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