His only beloved

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Chapter 10


“Let me sleep more,” I whined, burrowing myself further into the warm, soft sheets.

“Bella, it's getting late for our class,” someone said in a charming voice.

Slowly and reluctantly I uncovered my face. I blinked , close my eyes and blink again. Wait I know the owner of this voice it's...... it's Lorenzo.

What is he doing in my room?

When my gaze fell onto him I saw that my arms and legs both are wrapped around his muscular body. My eyes widened when reality hit me and the first question that came to my mind was,

Do I have clothes on?

I saw that the both of us were wearing clothes.

Thank God!

But how did I end up sleeping with Lorenzo?

With the same question on my mind, I turned my head towards Lorenzo and inquired, “Ummm.....can you please tell me what happened last night?”

Even in the morning his face was fresh, no trace of sleepiness in his eyes like he didn’t sleep. His gaze fell upon my hands and legs that were encircled around his body- like I was in a very fascinating posture.

I hate my sleeping style,

What time was it? How long had I been asleep? All these questions shot through my mind as I quickly tried to roll off of the King-sized bed but he didn't let me.

“Do you really want to know about what happened last night Senõrita?" he said, not in a groggy voice but in his actual naughty tone and accent.

What did I do last night? I'm wearing my dress so then what the hell happened.

“I was wrong!” He suddenly declares openly,

“Where?” I asked,

“You are not a Kinky girl” he admitted at which I let out an exasperated sigh but he wasn't finished yet and added,

“You’re a Kinky wild cat

This makes me wonder about what I did last night. I try to recall my memory and the last memory I have is of Lorenzo and Shyla together.

Wait if he was with Shyla then what is he doing with me? Why am I not in my dorm?

“How did I come here?” I ask seriously.

“You were fully drunk. I wanted to drop you to the dorm but you whined like a child to sleep in my arms” his confession catches me off-guard and I blink multiple times.

Really Rose? Why did you do so?

I smacked myself internally.

“You were so wild last night Senõrita" he said, clasping both my hands behind my back bringing me closer. He teases my lips by brushing his lips onto mine but not fully coming into contact. My control was already on the edge and I know that one more move and I'll be kissing him.

No Rose! he is lying, don't fall for his hypnosis.

Debating on whether or not to kiss him, I pushed him with all my might but he didn't bulge.

“Go to hell Lorenzo” I snorted baffled by his strength.

“What do you think, then where did I come from?” and this was enough to bring his smirk back!

The disadvantage of being so close to Lorenzo is that I always get entrapped into his emerald forest and then there is an immediate desire in me to trace his face. Cupping his jaws, I lock my eyes with his and take in his existence.

He was everything that I've invariably yearned for!

“Senõrita we can continue later, for now, we are getting late for University,” he said bringing me back to reality. Releasing me from his arms he rolls off from bed and as usual his every move was elegant.

“You can take a shower here and then we can head towards University” his eyes point to the door on the right corner of the room while his hands tugged casually inside his pockets.

I took this opportunity to have a look at the room. The room was just like one of those perfect magazine cover kinds. The bed, a huge king size one, was made of rosewood inlaid with fine green silk; leaves embroidered so delicately. The walls had a gray and black scheme with black curtains covering the window, protecting the room from sunlight. There is no television, no bookshelf, only a king-sized bed in the middle of the room. It reminded me of an old castle room.

“I don't have clothes here, what will I wear?” I asked, hesitantly turning to where Lorenzo was standing,

“Yea, you can wear mine and then go to the dorm and change” he advised.

I'll be wearing Lorenzo's clothes, like honestly?

He didn’t wait for my reply but quickly made his way out of the bedroom. Stepping barefoot on the cold polished concrete floor I headed towards the bathroom.

The bathroom was huge with large format tiles on the walls and grey honed travertine, the floor was made of dark brown tiles. The vanities were of dark wood and the counters were black. There was no bath but a huge walk-in shower with a showerhead.

I took my clothes off and folded them neatly placing them on the counter. There was a sudden knock on the door which made me jump.

“I’m keeping the clothes on the bed Senõrita" Lorenzo said, his voice carrying a hint of playfulness. I wonder why?

“Okay” I managed to reply.

When I was done with my morning routine and shower, I wrapped myself with the towel and peeped inside the bedroom. When I was sure that no one was inside and the door was also closed I hastily picked up Lorenzo's clothes and put them on. As soon as I’m in his clothes his scent hugs me tightly- his honey-sweet scent fills my nostrils and my heart literally expands. His scent is all over my body now, it feels strange to be so comfortable with him.

Going near the mirror I take a look at myself, his black shirt loosely cupping my upper body while his pants are too long for me. My damp hair proved to be a challenge when I tried to get them tamed in a ponytail but I finally managed.

Today I didn't have any nightmares, like Lorenzo's presence was enough to stop them. But the beckoning voice,


I shook my head not believing my ears but then it came again,


This time it’s not just a whisper it’s more like a proper voice somewhere nearby. My heart hammered loudly like it’s calling me. Opening the door, I came out of the room but no one was outside. I followed the voice which was now coming from inside a door. There were two doors there, one to my right and another to my left. The voice could be heard from the left one.

I slowly opened the door hoping to meet the owner of the unknown voice but was greeted by shelves of books- like a small library. For a moment I just stared at the shelves of books before me. From far away, the shelves are a collage of stories, each story taking the physical form of a book with its own unique size and color. The shelves are quilts of writing, they are stages of art unique from any other. As an avid reader, I can appreciate that, I can love that.

Taking a peek at their names I realize they are mostly supernatural ‘Vampires origin’, ‘Dead witches’, ‘killing witches’. I was about to take a book in my hands when there was a murmuring sound from the left side which made my gaze fall onto the left corner of the room.

A person was sitting there with a pale hand in his hands facing his back to me, the hand belonged to a dead body of a girl in a coffin. When he noticed my presence, he quickly shut the coffin and locked it, finally turning to face me.

“What was that?” I asked, shocked that there was a coffin inside of his library.

What is a coffin doing inside his library? Is he a murderer? What did he do to the girl? What is he going to do with me?

Questions filled my mind while he just stared at me like a statue.

“Lorenzo I asked you, what is a coffin doing in your study?” I questioned in a low voice, within a blink of an eye he was just behind me, fear rushed in my veins. I could feel him behind me but didn’t have the might to turn. A hand came into contact with my head and with that everything went black.

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