His only beloved

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Chapter 11


After an hour

I’m wrapped around someone’s strong muscular branches, he held me close, incredibly close…

“Beloved, please don’t leave me” he begged, his voice was familiar but it held a hint of sadness, an undefined sorrow that squeezed my heart.

I wanted to promise him, I will never, but I couldn’t…

Everything is blurry. For a second I couldn’t understand who or where I am. I don’t know how I got into this bed or how I got into these clothes. Then I tried to process everything slowly.

I’m in a room and it’s really dark. The walls are painted black and the ceiling a deep ash gray color. I’m tucked safely inside of a black silky duvet with a dark brown silk pillow beneath my head. I’m wearing Lorenzo’s clothes.

I can see everything clearly now. Slowly trying to get up, I felt my head heavy and spinning with every little movement.

I tried to remember what happened that I ended up here but that just makes my head hurt more. I tried standing up but a voice stopped me.

“Rest.” It said,

It’s Lorenzo, he was standing near the window, staring outside but didn’t look at me. I got up but couldn’t stand due to the throbbing in my head.

“I told you to rest,” he ordered, making his way over to me.

“What happened? Why is my head aching so much?” I implored in pain.

“You slipped,” he responded, still not looking at me.

What happened? Everything was alright but now why is he behaving like this?

I hate his bipolar personality.

“I want to go back to my dorm,” I announced. I wasn’t going to be with him just to bear with this attitude of his.

“Okay, I’ll drop you there,” He answered.

‘See, he also does not wish to be with you,’ My subconscious yelled.

Sighing, I tried standing up again but couldn’t due to the pain in my head.

“Aww, my head hurts!” I cried, clutching my hair as if it would help.

The minute I said it, strong arms quickly lifted me in bridal style as though I was a light doll.

“I can walk,” I argued.

Why is he now becoming so concerned? A minute back he was not even looking at me.

“Yea...I saw,” he taunted making me roll my eyes,

Oh no! Again this bipolar attitude…

On our way to the parking garage, I realized that he lived in a penthouse apartment in one of the most luxurious buildings in the city.

As we were waiting for the elevator that was still on the 12th floor, I decided to burrow my head into Lorenzo’s chest due to the amount of throbbing in it.

The elevator finally stopped at our floor and the person who came out from within had me completely baffled.

It was Professor Steel!

He lifted a brow at Lorenzo and Lorenzo just shrugged.

If one would ask me what was the most embarrassing moment of your life, I would have given this one as my answer.

My own history Professor watching me in Lorenzo’s arms. I felt so embarrassed that I wanted to either kill myself or ‘Mr. Obvious’.

“I’m gonna kill you Lorenzo!” I muttered under my breath.

Lorenzo ignored the professor, he didn’t even greet him and now we both are in the elevator ‘alone’.

“LORENZO HOW DARE YOU! HE IS OUR PROFESSOR, but…...what is he doing here?” I inquired confused

He just rolled his eyes and replied, “He is my uncle.”

What? He’s Lorenzo’s uncle. Now I know why he introduced him on day one.

“You can put me down now, I’m fine,”

I told him, not knowing who else would see me in his arms and make me feel embarrassed.

“Why? Are you not enjoying Senõrita?” He teased, making me blush the darkest shade of red. I tried to cover my face in his chest taking in his heavenly scent.

It was my heaven...

“Sembri caldo nella mia camicia signorina” (Translation: You look hot in my shirt Senõrita) he says.

I turned my head to take a look at his face so that I could understand what he was saying but his eyes were focused on my lips.

There’s a ‘Ting’ again and the elevator opens revealing a short old woman carrying a paper bag in her hands whose eyes grew bigger like an owl when she saw us. But my ‘Mr. Obvious’ ignored her and came out of the elevator making his way to his Lamborghini.

Today is gonna be the most embarrassing day of my life.

“Everyone is staring!” I whispered in his chest, not looking at the people staring at us.

“Let them enjoy, Bella,” he asserted sarcastically. As soon as we were near his car, with one of his arms he unlocked the car door and swiftly slid me inside it and I muttered a quiet “Thank you.”

As soon as he gets inside, switching on his engine, it was my turn to ask the questions.

“First, how is the professor your uncle? Please clarify,” I asked, confused. There are so many questions I want to ask him but I know he will be irritated by them.

“He is my uncle, then what’s a big deal in it? Why can’t I have a Professor as my uncle?” he questioned, raising his brow, irritation clear in his voice.

After a long silent drive from his house we were close to the NYU campus but he didn’t halt the car there, instead drove further away.

“Where are you taking me now?” I asked softly not to irritate him anymore and luckily he replied,

“To feed you.”

That reminds me I’ve not had anything since morning and my stomach is damn hungry.

“What do you mean by feeding me, I’m not going anywhere wearing your clothes.”

“You can wear them, you look sexy in them,” he said smirking and I blushed.

He halts the car outside a downward U-shaped mirror building, the sunlight passing through the mirror makes it glisten beautifully. It seems like a mall, on top of the mirror building was a boarding ‘Brookfield Place’. I’ve observed mostly buildings here are mirror buildings.

While I was busy admiring the mall in front of me, Lorenzo comes to my side and asked,

“Is your head hurting still?”

“NO!” I replied quickly afraid that he will again carry me in his arms and roam around the whole mall with people gawking at us.

He opened the car door for me, reaching my level he said,

“Today you’ll be wearing clothes of my choice Senõrita.” grabbing my wrist, he doesn’t let me think much further and strode inside the mall.

It was a cute little place not so crowded but full of shops and excitement. My eyes wander around getting amazed by this shopping mall. There are lot of street performers and different places to eat. I loved seeing the sea lions flopped over the docks relaxing.

“What do you want to do? Eat first or change your clothes,” Lorenzo asked and my stomach grumbled a reply,


“Okay then.”

We stroll towards a restaurant. Inside the restaurant there’s a little crowd, keeping my eyes on the floor. I quickly grab a seat to the corner, so that no one catches me wearing ‘men’s’ clothes. Lorenzo followed behind me not taking off his hand from mine at all. He sits in front of me, when the waiter arrives near us Lorenzo asked,

“What will you eat?”

“I want a burger!” I let out like a baby, pouting. I don’t know why I did such a stupid thing. He laughed at my behavior, his laughter filling my essence with happiness.

“And what about you sir?” the waiter questions,

“No, I’m fine,” Lorenzo replied.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat anything?” I quizzed, he hasn’t eaten anything from morning, or has he?

“No, I eat only Italian food,” he admitted.

He is obsessed with Italian!

“How many languages do you know?” I asked curiously,

“Many,” he replied.

“What does Senõrita mean?” I questioned eager to know why he calls me that,

“Senõrita means miss, in Spanish,” he answered, but not giving much information about why he calls me so.

“I thought Senõrita is an Italian word,” I muttered,

“No, in Italian it’s Signorina” he states, making me wonder why he calls me miss, Doesn’t that sound old-fashioned?

Don’t you like the way he calls you Senõrita?

I rolled my eyes at my subconscious but wait didn’t she just say the lyrics of Senõrita by Shawn Mendes?

“Then why do you use it?”

“I like playing with words,” he chuckles,

Okay, so ‘Mr. Obvious’ is playing with words, my subconscious rolls her eyes at him.

By the time my question and answer session was over, the waiter arrived with my burger. It’s smell quickly fills my nostrils making me crave it. I quickly attacked my burger, forgetting that Lorenzo was sitting in front of me.

As soon as I’m over with my food I look up and saw Lorenzo observing all my moves, his mouth twitches into a smile,

“Sei adorabile mentre mangi” (Translation: You look adorable while eating) he says,

Did I eat so horrible? What does this mean?

“What?” I asked, his remarks always make me feel so confused.

“Nothing” he shrugged and stood up, removing his wallet. That made me realize that I no longer had my purse on me.

I'll make sure to pay him when I get back.

Quickly paying the bill he goes outside the restaurant on which I follow him.

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