His only beloved

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Chapter 12


A wide variety of shops lined the mall, jewelry and accessory shops, souvenir kiosks and stores selling leather goods, luxury boutiques all showcasing an array of finest wears.

Lorenzo took me to a very expensive boutique. An old lady greeted us with a pleasant warm smile at the entrance. The boutique was gleaming inside and out, there were chimes of bells that tinkled instantly as we sauntered inside.

“What would you like to have, sir?” the assistant asked,

Lorenzo replied something in Italian and they both chatted for a while in Italian, which was followed by an employee showing us a variety of dresses. Lorenzo didn’t approve of any of those dresses which was an adorable sight for me. The employees had to show almost half of the dresses in the boutique to impress him.

“Try this!” he beams, making me turn over to see what he has chosen. My eyes widened at his choice. He was holding a knee-length, mulberry shade, A-line backless dress with a beautiful deep neckline beaded with pearls.

“It’s stunning!” I replied, dazed by its appearance.

He extended his hand to offer me the dress. Accepting it from him, the first thing I did was to peek at its price tag. It was a $2000 dress!! That dress was so much more expensive than anything I had ever seen, especially coming from a middle-class family.

“Lorenzo, I cannot buy this,” I stated, giving him the dress back.

“Why? What’s wrong, you don’t like it?” Lorenzo asked but then added, “You just said that you like it!”

“It’s too expensive.” I asserted, making him frown.

“This is my boutique and you can buy whatever you want. If you don’t like my choice then just tell me. You can buy something else that you prefer,” he says, making me wonder- how at such an early age he owns a boutique and that to such an expensive one.

“No! I already like it,” I confessed, but then asked, “How do you own a boutique?”

“So curious about me, Senõrita. I will give you the answers one day, but for now, go and change,” he tells me in his playful tone. Failing to get any explanation, I quietly grabbed the dress from him and made my way to the trail room.

Getting inside the trial room I undressed, taking his shirt off. I lifted it to my nose to take in his scent. It reminds me of our little moments spent together, those little junctures of him teasing me, annoying me, embarrassing me. God knows what he wants from me.

Being with Lorenzo feels like I’m living a fantasy. A fantasy that may end anytime soon. I know exactly how this will end, either he will be bored of me or he will get someone as good as him.

Keeping my thoughts aside, I put on the dress only to realize that there was no zip on it. It had a belt to be tied in a knot at the back. All my attempts to tie it failed miserably, it was too stubborn!

“What happened? What's taking you so long? do you need help?” Lorenzo asked from outside,

What shall I do? Shall I let him in?

It’s just a knot, he will not eat you.

After considering my subconscious I answered,

“I cannot tie the knot, can you help?”

The door slowly opened, making me hold the dress tight to my chest and I then saw Lorenzo coming in. His feet barely making a sound as he padded in

Coming close to me he takes the belt from my right side, his hands brushing the bare skin of my back, then he takes the left one, his hands still sending tingles on my back. Abruptly he pulls the belt in his direction, making me stumble back onto him. Our bodies collide into each other, staring at him from the mirror, I could see him grinning. Of course, due to the effect he has on me.

His index finger draws a circle on my back playing with my sensitive skin - round and round. Just a touch of his finger was enough to send goosebumps on my neck. He noticed the straightening of the hairs on my neck, on which he smirks and whispers,

“Why are you fighting it? Let yourself flow into me.” he ties the knot, his fingers still teasing my bare skin.

“I like it opened,” he states, loosening my hair tie, with all my wild curls falling onto my shoulder dancing in their own way.

Turning around to face him, my eyes get caught into the captivating emeralds.

“You don’t even know my name,” I mumbled confused,

Why am I having these feelings for him?

“Your name is Roseline Fernandez,” he states, surprising me.

Holy shit, he knows my full name. Of course, his uncle is the professor. Maybe he informed him.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, at last to know his aim.

“Why are you fighting it?” He fired back, ignoring my question.

Pushing a strand of my curl behind my ears, his cold skin touched my cheeks, making me yearn for his touch even more. Closing my eyes I loosened up into his touch.

“Do you want me to continue, Senõrita?” he questioned, I could feel his lips just millimeters away from mine. His slow breath touching my lips, keeping me on the edge to give in.

“Yes,” I whispered, opening my eyes and releasing myself onto him.

Abruptly his hand drifted to my hips, making me inhale sharply. He pulled me closer so that I was against his perfectly chiseled chest. When the thought crosses my mind,

How does he look so perfect?

“Don’t you like it?” he grins, I placed my hands on his chest, intending to push him away but instead left them there. His breathing quickened and so did mine, nuzzling into my neck he planted a delicate kiss, so faint like it was a whisper which was followed by a play with his tongue, sending shivery tingles down my body.

There was a desire growing inside me, which was all for Lorenzo.

His head was slightly angled to the side, as his lips came closer and closer to mine. I was surprised to find my own lips parted. The next thing that I knew was that our breaths mingled and he kissed me!

His lips moulded into mine, not innocently like a tease but in a hot, fiery, passionate and demanding way. I want to pull away before losing myself but can’t seem to….at this minty moment I was hooked into Lorenzo, my senses are seduced by him and my mind cannot think straight anymore.

As his lips crushed mine, I feel like I'm in paradise. It was magic, the way his lips connected to mine. His mouth was cold- it tasted like a drink that I would love to have every day. The caress of his lips sweeter than I could have imagined making me open my mouth with a low moan.

“Roseline,” he whispers softly, elongating each letter as if to taste them. I smiled, my heart fluttered at his raspy voice, as I clasp my hands on either side of his face.

My name was never before pronounced with such devotion. As if he was praying while chanting it a thousand times, with love.

Once again he slammed his lips onto mine nearly knocking the wind out from my lungs. I hardly had a moment to react before his tongue entangled with mine,fighting for dominance with mine. As his tongue roamed the inside of my mouth I felt the sensation of it go straight to the pit of my stomach. And when he sucked on my tongue, all coherent thoughts flew out of my mind and all I could do was moan out loud.

My arms tangled themselves into his thick locks at the nape of his neck as my body arched into his, seeking contact everywhere. This right here was something so different yet so familiar. And my cravings for Lorenzo heightened to a different level in this moment.

He moved his lips down to my neck and I tilted my head to give him more access as he washed my neck with his tongue in round circles which makes me want more of him. I couldn’t help but grab his hair tightly,

The sensation in me was immense, the desire in me is endless, I want Lorenzo more and more of him.

Suddenly, sharp pain lanced through my neck like someone had poked a thick needle inside it. The pain crushed me, it left me incapable of doing anything. Tears started rolling down my eyes.

I want to scream but scream won’t escape past my quivering lips.

“You’re not a human,” he mumbles, leaving me crumpled down on the floor.

Those eyes which were an emerald forest a moment earlier are now blood red- thick zig zags crawling across his eyes like worms. It carried confusion, regret, and sorrow, these emotions were crystal clear. He didn’t look like a normal human- he looked like a monster. With bloodshot eyes, his skin became paler- paler than before, his face as pale as snow. There was blood on his mouth.

It was my blood.

We looked at each other. I’ve never seen someone like this before, he was just staring at me and I too did the same. Only the difference was my eyes were brimming with tears.

What is he? Why did he say I’m not a human?

“What are you?” I hiccupped, tears rolling down with the same quietness.

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