His only beloved

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Chapter 13


“What are you?” I hiccupped, tears rolling down with the same quietness.

Lorenzo didn't look like Lorenzo anymore and it seems like my life has just turned upside down. He is still staring at me with those bloodshot eyes that can haunt anyone in their nightmares for ages. His presence itself hung like a threatening hail-cloud over the sprouting harvest of my peace of mind.

I closed my eyes in pain that kept on increasing with every passing second, my breathing slowly decreasing but when I opened them, he was sitting right in front of me. His eyes bore into mine, never looking away as if they were looking at my soul.

Adrenaline floods my system, it pumps and beats like it’s trying to escape. My heart may explode and my eyes wide with fear. My body wants to run fast away from him but my body feels paralyzed with fear.

“Please, don’t kill me,” I begged with chattering teeth due to a quivering jaw, my voice barely coming out. Rather than leaving me, he came closer, filling my nerves with fear. My mind was starting to fail, like an engine that turns out over and over, never kicking into action. I couldn't formulate any thoughts. Every passing moment the pain in my neck kept on increasing. It felt like today was the last day of my life, I closed my eyes, surrendering to the inevitable.

One second, two seconds, three seconds, but nothing happened. Opening my eyes I saw that Lorenzo was no more in the trial room and the pain in my neck seemed to have vanished. Bringing my hand to my throat I awaited a gory sight but was shocked to see no blood. Turning towards the mirror, I saw my reflection in it. My hair was a mess, my lips were swollen but there was no blood or puncture wounds on my neck, as though nothing happened just now. Coming out of the trial room, I was greeted by the staff,

“Ma’am, sir has asked me to drop you to your place,” the assistant informed me. It means he was all real, but what was he?

“But, where did he go?” I asked,

“I don’t know,” he replied,

The assistant took me in his car and dropped me to my dorm. I couldn't understand anything. The fear in me was clear on my face which was also noticed by the assistant,

“Are you alright, ma’am?” he asked, glancing at me through the mirror.

“Yea,” I croaked,

What does he want from me?

Why did he bite me?

Does he want to kill me?

Why did he say I’m not a human?

With the many questions still swirling through my mind, I got inside my room locking it tightly. Finding no one inside I shed all my tears and scream. Fear was still curling up inside me and it clung to my ribs, settling uncomfortably in my chest. I don't doubt that this feeling will always stay, always reminding me of his existence every time I breathe.

For the first time in my life I’d let someone come so close to me.

First time in my life I’d kissed someone. First time in my life I started liking someone. But it turns out he is not even human.


The unknown voice never leaves my ears, he keeps calling me. It is more haunting than before, I cannot help but close my ears trying to block his voice.

There's a knock on the door making me jump in fear, Grace never knocks. Gulping loudly, my hands tremble and my eyes water as I reach out towards the doorknob. My body feels hot and sweat starts trickling down my neck. I grip it tightly and twist it. With every move I make, I get more and more terrified. My breath quickens as I hear the cracking of the door.

My eyes caught a glimpse of boots, looking up I was greeted by a concerned Adrien.

“Hey, Angel...are you okay? why are you crying?”

As much as I tried to hold it inside me, it came out like an uproar from my throat in the form of a silent scream. Thick beads of water started pouring out from my eyes, one after another with no signs of stopping. I couldn't reply anymore and crumpled down to the ground. As I sat there trying to pull myself together and wipe my tears away, he pulled me to his chest where I stayed until my crying subsided.

I sobbed into his chest unceasingly, my hands clutching his jacket. He held me in silence, rocking me slowly as my tears soaked his chest. A tiny lapse let me pull away, blinking my lashes heavy with tears.

“Shh, it’s okay,” he says, keeping his index finger on my lips.

“He will kill me,” I sputtered, he looks at me with suspicious eyes and asked, “Who?”

Not knowing what to say further, I buried my head into his chest again. We were in the same position for almost an hour not saying anything, like he knew something bad had happened to me.

Removing a handkerchief from his left pocket, he hands it to me and says, “An angel never cries.”

Grabbing the handkerchief from him, I wipe my tears and give him a faint smile.

“So, what about having some Chinese food with me?” he asked and I replied, “I don't have any appetite.”

“Oh, come on, I’m hungry!” he insisted,

“Okay, I’ll come,” I agreed.

Adrien took me to the same restaurant where we met the first time and we sat in the same place at the corner.

“You want to tell me what exactly happened?” he asked nicely,

What shall I say to him? That I met someone a week ago and kissed him, and that it turns out he is not a human?

“I don't know what to say, just drop it,” I replied rather than telling him the truth.

“Yeah, I understand,” he gives me a genuine smile. The waiter comes near our table to take our orders,

“Two noodles, one for the lady and one for me,” Adrien orders for both of us,

“I forgot to ask you, why did you come over today?” I asked as we waited for our food to arrive.

“Actually, I was waiting for you yesterday to arrive for dinner but you didn't and your friend told me that you didn't come back the whole night so I was just worried.”

“Were you stalking me?” I questioned suspiciously,

“This dress really suits you, beautiful choice,” he compliments, trying to change the topic, obviously and I muttered a small ‘thank you’ because the word ‘choice’ reminded me of Lorenzo.

The waiter came back with our meals, the smell of noodles filling my nostrils but not helping with my appetite. My stomach is not hungry anymore and my heart still feels lonely. There's an undescribed sadness inside me, which is killing me.

Taking two to three bites, I stop. Keeping my fork down.

“What happened? You don't like it?” Adrien asked, seemingly concerned about me. I wonder why?

“Nothing, I just don't have an appetite to eat anymore,” I exclaimed,

“Okay,” he mumbles, chewing his food.

After his meal was over, Adrien paid for both of us. Obviously, he didn't let me pay and I didn't have the strength to fight him. When we came outside the restaurant Adrien said, “I’m having some business work around, so I’ll leave,” and then added “Please don’t cry, whenever you need me, you just need to give a call.” taking my hand, he kisses my knuckles and hands me a black-square card.

The card was square in shape, it looked old. In the middle of it, Adrien was written in calligraphy, and at the bottom of it was his phone number

A small smile crept my lips, amused by his uniqueness.

“Okay... thank you for being there, and for the lunch too,” I said, and

“Anything for the lady,” he answers and I watch as he gets inside his matte black BMW.

Walking back to my room, I’m again greeted by the painful hearings. I cannot understand why this is happening to me. It makes me cry more and more. A week ago, I wouldn't be able to understand why someone would want to cry. But now, alone here, it’s easy. Like his pain will come out from my eyes.

Now red, tear rimmed eyes stared back at me, he was here standing in front of me, the person in the black cloak. I could see his face now, he was Lorenzo. With watery streaks falling down my freckled face, I smoothened my now chaotic hair and wiped the tears from my cheeks which were now blotchy and mottled. My whole face is now washed with a dull red, including the very end of my nose.

“Please come back, beloved,” he whispers,

My eyes flew open, my limbs flex in shock. Why did Lorenzo come to my dream? The man with a black cloak, who was always there with me in each and every dream is none other than Lorenzo?

Why does he keep calling me ‘Beloved’?

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