His only beloved

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Chapter 14


I walked up to where Rose sat near the door of her room, “Hey, angel...are you okay? Why are you crying?” I idiotically blurted out. She was clearly NOT okay. She tried wiping her tears but they just won’t stop flowing from her eyes. I pulled her to my chest where she stayed until her crying subsided.

Thinking of it now, the storm in me grows. I know very well who is the culprit behind this, it’s Lorenzo. Grace had informed me about him. I would have arrived earlier if I knew he would find her here. Hope so he has not revealed the truth of our world.

There’s a buzzing sound in my pocket and I know who must be calling,

“Hello.” I greeted in a small voice.

“Adrien, Rose hasn’t called me yet, what happened? Is she okay,” my mother asked, worry clear in her melodious voice.

“Yes mum, she is alright but Lorenzo…” she doesn’t let me finish my sentence and asked,

“What Lorenzo? Didn’t I tell you to keep her away from him?”

“I know, it’s just I was late by the time he joined the University. Grace wasn’t sure that he was the same person, so it took time. As soon as she confirmed to me that he’s back I came rushing to New York.” I explained. My mum is really protective of Rose because she is our responsibility now.

“Okay. Why don’t you join NYU as well? It will be easy for you to keep a watch on Lorenzo if you do.” she insisted,

“Fine, then I’ll try. Talk to you later, I need to go somewhere,” I answered. Keeping my cell phone in my pocket, I got inside my car and drove back to NYU.

After a long time, I’ve met her- my only childhood love. Last time I couldn’t protect her but this time, she herself is enough for everyone. She will be turning twenty-one soon, and it will be the right time for revealing the truth.

Author's note: I know it's a short chapter but it's an important part(;

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