His only beloved

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Chapter 15


It’s been two weeks since the unforgettable encounter with Lorenzo. Neither he came to NYU nor tried to communicate with me. My heart feels empty without him, it's like he was the only one to cherish it. I’m just left with his memories.

My routine these days has been the same: first, go to NYU, attend all the lectures, come back- complete all the assignments, and at last have dinner with Adrien. Not even one day he has left me alone from that incident, he has even joined NYU. He clearly states he hates studies, but due to his parents’ pressure he is here.

“Don’t you get bored of eating Chinese always?” Adrien asked, bringing me back from my clouds of thoughts.

“Don’t you get bored of breathing?” I mocked him, on which he chuckles, these days we both have become very close to each, he cares for me, I don't know why. Sometimes, it feels like he likes me.

I’ve called Sahara a week before, she was too worried about me not calling her for more than a week. I had to explain everything to her, but at last, she understood.

When both of our plates were empty, Adrien paid our bills and we both drove off to NYU.

“Well, do you have any girlfriend?” I asked Adrien out of blue. Most of the time he hangs out with me or has some ‘business’ around, which just made me curious.

“No,” he laughed,

“Why? I mean you look cool and you’re nice,” I inquired and then smacked myself internally for admitting that he looks cool,

By the way, he looks awesome!

The crazy one says in my head.

“Then why don’t you be one?” he asked, making my eyes grow big. All my words caught inside my throat, there was no sound coming from me but then he chuckles again,

“You thought I was proposing to you, didn't you?” he smirked and I blushed to the darkest shade of red.

We both came out of his car and when I was about to get inside the gate he yells, “Rose, what if that was real”

“What?” I asked,

“Nothing,” he says, walking back to his car.

Getting inside my room I'm greeted by my interrogative friend,

“Woah, lovey-dovey,” she comments on which I just rolled my eyes

“Hey, are you joining us tomorrow for the camp?” she questions happily. I've been thinking about it for a while, it seems a nice opportunity to divert my attention.

“Yes, I'm coming,” I informed her and she squealed.

We both packed our bags, getting ready for our trip. I've just packed a pair of jeans and a top because I don't want it too heavy. We have to leave at 8 a.m. I'm packing everything now so that I don't get late.

By the time I was done with everything there's a notification on my cell phone which took my attention,

Unknown: Are you sure you want to come tomorrow?

Me: Who are you?

Unknown: Adrien, you haven't saved my number yet? ):

Me: Sorry, I forgot to save it. And yes I'm sure, I will come tomorrow.

Adrien: Okay, then meet me soon.

Me: Okay.

As soon I'm done replying Adrien, guess who comes next to me?

It's Brownie.

He licks my cheeks with his rough tongue- showing his affection. I grabbed him tightly like a teddy bear against my chest and cuddled him,

“Where have you been today?” I asked, on which he just keeps licking my cheeks,

“Mmm, someone seems in a mood today,” I mused, taking him in my hands and scratching his neck. He balled next to my arm when he was tired whereas, in no time, he was fast asleep.

Looking at him sleeping so soundly makes me wonder how I've grown attached to a mere cat, though Brownie wasn't a mere cat according to me, he...he seems different- unique. Sighing I caressed his brown furs, closing my eyes as the sleep downs me.


“Yes, I'm ready, just give me five minutes,” I almost yelled, Adrien was waiting for me outside the dorm, as decided we were all leaving together, but Zain had already kept Grace occupied, so I was left with Adrien which I would never mind because of his so friendly nature.

Picking up my bag and one last time I rechecked, if anything I've forgotten, when the thought of Lorenzo appears in my mind, I want to forget him and his haunting memories but some were beautiful and mesmerizing too, I shrugged at the mere thought. The only way is to go somewhere out and maybe this trip would help.

“Ah! You're here and I was wondering that we might have to go alone,” Adrien playfully winks at me, as soon as I'm outside the room.

“Let's go!! We cannot be late anymore. It's past 8:00 a.m.”

“Says the one who made me wait for nearly half an hour outside her room and didn't even invite me inside,” Adrien rolls his eyes at me, giving him a short glare, I quickly stride towards the University campus, our bus was already here and students were seated inside.

A hand came in contact with my right hand and grasped it delicately, a beautiful feeling of warmth caressed my soul,

“Walk quickly, or else the bus will leave,” Adrien brought me out of my daze, tightening his grip in my hands. We both ran to reach the bus and hastily entered inside, he burst into laughter with me, we were breathing heavily due to the running, his hand still in mine. I don't know what happened but it felt wrong to have my hand in someone else's. It reminds me of him, as my loyalty lies to someone else…

We sat on a seat and Adrien was quiet for the whole trip may be due to my sudden reaction to our hands entwined together, I too didn't want to do it, but it just felt wrong…

The trip was way longer than I had presumed it to be, Grace was busy with Zain on the other hand Renee and Violet were talking about their business, I sighed, looking outside the bus feeling the breeze brushing my skin, we were now in a thick forest and it was almost evening.

The trees felt uncomfortably good to my soul, the breeze when met with my skin it was like they were saying hi. My heart felt more at home, nature has always been my love since a child I would love going into the forest for camping and trips. I closed my eyes and didn't know when I drifted to sleep.

“Rose! Get up we are here!” Someone called out. Rubbing my eyes I tried fixing my gaze when I noticed that my head was resting on a strong shoulder and instantly I was met with beautiful brown eyes. He looked so adorable, just like a child, he was grinning widely like a boy.

“You snore while sleeping,” Adrien teased, making me groan, I smacked his arm slightly and we both chuckled.

“Rose, come let's go. Everyone's out except you both, what are you doing?” it was Grace this time, so at last she left Zain for a while. They both got close in a really small period, I wondered.

I hastily stood up from my seat and Adrien took my hand guiding me outside. When we were out of the bus, students had already started with preparing their tents- blue, yellow, pink, different colors of tents could be seen, it was dark here and the only lighting was due to the fire outside the tents. The sparkling fire outside looked so beautiful in the night with the moon shining its grace upon the fire, beautiful would be a small word to describe the scene in front of me, it was mesmerizing.

“Hey! There you're!! Rose, come we will be in the same tent- you, me, Violet and Grace,” Renee yelled from the entrance of a green tent, I wondered how long I was asleep that they've already done with all the preparations.

I went to the tent and kept my bag inside it, taking in the small space inside it that was not too big but not too small also, just perfect for four of us. My friends had already kept their bags and things inside so we headed for a short dinner which was followed by the instructions given by our Professor.

Everyone seemed busy listening to the instructions when I heard it, after two weeks,


This time I knew the owner of the voice, I knew it was calling me. All I could think was how he was and where he was, I quietly went behind the voice to meet him. What was going in my mind and how my body was reacting was all different, it just wanted to meet him. My eyes scanned through the trees, they were humming softly making my heart warm but my legs were just wandering their way to the voice, it kept calling me again and again,


My eyes were teary, my legs felt weak, my breathing was rushed and my heart was pounding inside my chest- it was when I saw him. He looked the same when I had seen him that day inside the trail room- red bloodshot eyes, pale skin, and a little bit of his fangs peeking from pink lips.

My eyes blinked once and when it blinked twice, he was in front of me. I wasn't afraid of him this time but I was more craving for him like his touch could fill the craving.

And now when the third time I blinked he was here, right here in front of me, as his large form hugged me.

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