His only beloved

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Chapter 16


I was in his dominant arms, but it wasn't like the last time, this time it was different like he was scared of departing from me…

My heartbeat was the only sound that I could hear in his arms, my hands were limp beside me. I didn't have the might to wrap them around him. There were so many questions swirling around my head, but the only answer that I wanted to know now was,

Why me?

As soon as that thought left my mind, he loosened his grip around me, not fully letting me go, and looked directly into my eyes, finding something in them, when I noticed that his eyes had changed its color back to the emerald forest. His gaze traveled from my eyes to down my neck- on my locket.

“This is the reason…” Lorenzo’s voice was just a murmur, his eyes staring at my locket.

“How?” I croaked, he removed his hands from my waist, and taking a deep breath he replied, “It belongs to my Beloved.”

“No, this locket is mine. It belongs to my mom.” my voice was echoing in the silent forest, but my mind was so confused. My hand traveled to the locket and I remembered the last memory of my mom- warning me, not to give this locket to anyone.

Lorenzo gives out a mysterious laugh, sending chills on my body.
“So this is the story she told you.”

Did he once again hear my thoughts?

“Yes, Roseline, I can hear your thoughts,” his statement left me off guard, I was always suspicious about it, but when he admitted it...it was just too much for me.

“I won't give you my locket,” I asserted because this was the only thing that I had belonging to my mom,

“It will keep calling me, Rose, give me the locket and I shall leave,” Lorenzo said with gritted teeth, I'd never seen him so furious or eager?

“Do whatever you want to do Lorenzo, I won't give you my mom's locket,” I replied in the same tone, he's behaving differently, at once he wants to hug me then he wants my locket and now he's furious.

I was busy in my thoughts when he came closer to me, and pinned me against the tree, everything was so fast that it took a moment for me to understand, my heart started hammering loudly, “Lorenzo…” said my quiring lips, his eyes were focused on my lips, he parts his lips to say something and then stops.

Looking at those pink lips, having him so close to me, I had to fight an urge to kiss them but then there were his eyes, whose color which kept changing from green to red,

Maybe he's hungry for blood or me?

“I’m hungry for you, every bit of you, your scent itself is enough to drive the vampire in me crazy, those flickering eyes keep calling me, I cannot stay away from you anymore. I don't want to end up killing you…” at this point, his voice carried sorrow, “give me the locket and I shall leave, Roseline.” Lorenzo’s words fell onto my lips, his head resting on mine, our nose touching each other's,

How can he want me to decide by having him so close?

He releases me and takes two steps backward making sure to keep sufficient space between us, “Now, think.”

I bite my bottom lip trying to think straight, my eyes becoming teary already, just at the thought of him leaving me…

Why? Why do I have these feelings for him?

“I cannot give you the locket.” my voice was barely a whisper, but audible enough for him to hear, he raised a brow and asked, “Why are you so stubborn, Senõrita?”

At last when the word Senõrita met my ears, I..I felt like its been ages he hasn't called me that and now it just melted me.

Smirking in his own thoughts Lorenzo once again came closer to me and pecks my lips softly brushing with his, he licks my bottom lips and says, “Senõrita.”

I parted my lips to say something, but within a second he was not there and I was left alone in the jungle. Looking at my surroundings I could see our camp lights. Maybe that would help, I thought.

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