His only beloved

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Chapter 1


At last! I’m in New York- my dream city. Not knowing what is in store, I hear voices beckoning me. I can feel it! I was never one, who would do anything with no purpose, so my plan was to get a degree making the people back home proud.

Staring outside the plane window, takes me back to when I was 10 years of age when my mom passed away. She and granny were all I had.

My mom died of cancer- stage 3. A woman with breathtaking beauty and a heart of gold; she didn’t deserve to die so soon. On her deathbed, she gave me her pendant. It was a beautiful silver heart-shaped pendant, ornamented with a rose on top. My mom used to tell me that the heart is her and the rose is me. Whenever I touched it I’d get power, that helped me to face my difficulties. This breathtaking pendant had an unexplainable feeling. All I can say is that it makes me feel like my mother is always protecting me.

My mom also used to tell me that dad gave her that pendant as a symbol of his love for her. Now hanging on my neck, I’d always feel as though my parents’ spirit was alive in my heart. However, I still am left to wonder why she never told me why dad left her so soon? At that time I was just 5 years when he disappeared and didn’t return, even when my mom was no more.

This left my granny to raise me alone, she worked hard to make me who I am today. Sahara was my grandmother’s name; old-fashioned was something she wasn’t, like other Indian grandparents. She supported me through every hardship.

So now, I am here to achieve my dreams...

Arriving at the airport, I check out and take a cab to reach New York University. Reaching there, I did the necessary admission requirement and headed to find my dorm, hoping it’s clean. Since a child, I was very protective of my clothes and books. I just hope that my roommate is too.

Opening the door, what I see is a small but cute room with pink color walls. There are two small beds placed in the room and a study table at the side, there are books on it and I get curious to check them, so my roommate’s name is Grace.

Oh, it’s a different name I believe and now I have the urge to meet her!

Soon the room door swings open and there is a girl wearing jeans top and her hair tied in braids and of course, she looks beautiful. With a cute smile on her face, she greeted me.

“Well, well, well, you are my new roomie,” she said and looked up and down to my attire. I was wearing Kurti and leggings as I am an Indian we are very possessive about our culture and clothes.

“Hey, I am Rose, as you said your new Roomie,” I tell her “Nice to see you, Grace.”

She takes a while and then smiles after acknowledging that I read her name from her book. “Me too”

“Are you an Indian?” she asked pointing her index finger towards me,

“Yes, I’m!” I replied with a smile.

“OMG! I’m a big fan of SRK (Shahrukh Khan), have you ever seen him face to face? Does he look the same in real life?” she threw all her questions on me.

“Of course! My school was just next to his bungalow, so it was common for me,” I informed her, on which her eyes grew bigger.

“You have seen THE SRK in real life and you feel it’s common, I don’t believe it!” at this she made me chuckle, it was very common for me because I’ve seen him many times but people who lived outside Mumbai come to his place and wait for almost an entire day, just to get one glimpse of him.

We both chat about ourselves for a while and she tells me everything I need to know about NYU.

We have dinner together at a nearby restaurant since it is our first day so we decide to celebrate there. It is a small restaurant and affordable too, so I don’t mind.

Coming back, we head towards our beds. However, it happens again, that feeling reappears ...this time the voice calls me, not by my name it called me ‘beloved…’


Thank you.

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