His only beloved

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Chapter 2


“CHIRP CHIRP!” rolling over I saw that it was 6 a.m., putting off my alarm, I left my bed. It was the first day of University, and being late was the last thing on my mind. Glancing towards the bed beside mine, I notice my “roomie” still fast asleep.

My closet was modest, made from old oaken but sufficient enough for my clothes to fit in. I hadn’t brought many clothes here, since shopping in New York seemed like a better option. The culture here was totally different from India, people’s clothing here depended on their comforts whereas we Indian’s think ‘what will others think’ before we ever did anything. I had never complained about it because according to me the more we covered ourselves the safer we were.

Sliding my hands across the dresses in my closet, my eyes caught a glimpse of a black Kurti, that granny had given me as a token of her love on my last birthday. It was black, with black roses embroidered on its sleeves. ‘It’s perfect for today!’ I thought to myself.

The shower room here was spacious enough with the same cute pink colour on its walls, hanging my clothes on the hook behind the door, I entered the shower and switched the hot water on.

The hot beads of water dripping down my tanned skin allowed me to escape and drift towards the beckoning voice. I couldn’t help but wonder- was it just a trick that my imagination had been playing on me?

Once I was outside the shower room and back in my room, I found Grace awake, once she had recognized that she was late, she hurriedly grabbed her towel and rushed towards the shower room.

Whilst she had taken her shower, I dried my hair and pinned it into a bun, but due to the dark messy curls that they were, I wasn’t able to pin them in place properly. Becoming tired, I decided to just set them free and allow them to flow gracefully down my back.

By 8 a.m., I was ready, now it was time to leave for the University.

“Shall we?” I questioned Grace.

“Yeah, sure!” She responded.

Once we had arrived, Grace seemed to know her way around the campus, so I just decided to let her guide me to go where I needed to be.

“See, that’s our class,” Grace informed me pointing towards the classroom on our right.

“You’re also coming?” I asked her, a bit confused.

“Yes, since we have same subjects, we are in the same class,” she chirped.

As I was about to enter the class, I ended up colliding into someone. All my books fell to the floor, with a loud ‘thud’, and were now scattered across the floor, some of the pages flying around the hallway due to wind. I quickly bent down and started collecting my books. When I finally stood up, my eyes landed on the stranger with whom I had collided. She was lean, wearing shorts that barely covered anything with a tank top. All the time when I was busy collecting my books she had a disgusted look on her face, ‘she didn’t even help me to get up’ I thought to myself.

Maybe she might not like me due to my appearance, because I, of course unlike everyone else that was here, had worn a traditional dress that sounded odd in NYU. Not uttering a word to her, I decided to ignore her, but her voice stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Hey you bitch, don’t you even have the courtesy to say sorry to ME!” She yelled. Trying my best to ignore her rude comment, I walked away from her and went to my seat. She was still waiting by the doorway, shooting daggers at me but I don’t want to get in trouble on the very first day, so it’s better to stay away from such trouble makers.

“You handled her very well, did you see her face? how she was waiting for you to answer, yet you just ignored her? It was so worth it!” Grace exclaimed, making both of us giggle.

Grace led me to a pair of friends chatting and introduced me to them.

“Violet, Renee, this is Rose. Rose, this is Violet, my high school friend, and Renee, my college friend.”

“Nice to meet you both,” I greeted them.

Violet was a little taller than me, she was lean wearing a yellow top and black tight jeans, her hair tied in a ponytail. While Renee was the opposite of her, she was healthy and wore tracks with a black t-shirt, her hair were straight and blonde which looked really cool.

Being bored of waiting for the professor to come, I decided to initiate a conversation with my new friends,

“Violet, Renee how do you both know each other?” I questioned curiously.

Violet and Renee glanced at each other, smiling. Renee was the one to answer my question,

“Long story short, we were high school enemies, but eventually ended up becoming BFF’s in NYU.”

“Oh, I see,” I replied.

Finally, the professor entered the class while everyone greeted him. He quickly started,

“My name is Marcus Steel. I'll be teaching you history.”

During the lecture his eyes had landed on me, he stopped teaching for a while looking shocked, but within seconds he regained his composure and continued the lecture.

The lecture ended after two long hours, by the time I was already exhausted and was now sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, sipping my coffee while my friends were busy chit-chatting amongst themselves.

“I’m excited to explore some nearby places, would anyone be interested in joining me?” I asked my friends.

They all smiled genuinely at me and replied together with a chorus of ‘of courses’.

“Yay! Let’s start with the club here!” Renee squealed happily.

“Okay, I’m in!” I told her joyfully.

My first day at the university was almost over, and I planned on going to the club with my friends. I’m glad that they were ready to help me here.

Grace eyed my clothes skeptically and asked:

“Are you planning on wearing these to go to the club?” I slowly nodded, not knowing what was wrong.

“No! You’re absolutely not,” she said dramatically.

“I don’t have anything else to wear besides Kurtis,” I replied, feeling guilty that I wouldn’t be going to the club.

“Don’t be sad, you can come to my place, and try something comfortable,” Renee spurred.

“I...I cannot wear your clothes,” I tell her with a small smile.

“Of course, you can!” She said and grabbed my hand, taking me away from Grace and Violet, who were enjoying the sight of me struggling against her grip.

Renee took me to her apartment, it was truly a beautiful sight. She had decorated everything in attractive colours. While taking in the luxurious view of the apartment my eyes landed on her bed, on the queen size bed, there was a king sitting on it, which I just couldn’t help but comment on,

“Renee, you like pooh so much that you’ve kept him on your bed?”

“Yeah, it holds a lot of memories,” she responded, remembering something, her voice revealed the sad story behind it.

She didn’t let me continue the topic, but instead grabbed my hand firmly and took me to her closet. My jaw instantly dropped upon seeing how big it was, with different types of dresses hanging neatly on each side.

“OMG! You have such a beautiful collection of dresses, one could wear them for a year, without repeating even once,” I exclaimed in amazement.

“You can wear anything that pleases you. Choose something spicy,” she winked at me and left to take a shower while I was busy ‘choosing’ my dress.

We are standing in front of a gigantic club, with loads of people inside it, I guess most of them were teenagers. Renee and I were now waiting for Grace and Violet to arrive.

Grace was the first to get out of a car, accompanied by Violet. Grace was wearing a royal blue dress, with her straight black hair flowing graciously, making her look adorable.

On the other hand, Violet was wearing a pair of grey tight jeans, and a yellow top, as always her hair was locked in a ponytail, but that didn’t take her beauty away, she was a confident, silent being.

“You look stunning!!” Grace beamed at me.

“Not as good as you though!” I commented.

“Oh please, we all know you look better, you should wear these regularly, your makeover is so worth it,” she complimented, making me blush.

Grace was right, I’ve never worn such a dress before. It was a red, thigh-length dress with layers at the bottom and a rose on my right shoulder, the dress fitted my hourglass figure flawlessly, and Renee had tied my hair into a messy bun making my curls look as though it was meant to be that way.

“All thanks to my amazing makeup artist, RENEE!” I teased.

Violet and Renee made their way onto the dance floor, while I decided to sit in a corner with Grace. We were deep in our girly conversation when I heard the beckoning voice again.


Spinning around abruptly, I tried to find who it was, but the drunk teenagers enjoying themselves were the only thing that could be seen.

“Did you hear that?” I questioned Grace.

“Hear what?” she asked, confused.

“That voice....” I replied.

“What voice?” She questioned suspiciously.

“Oh no! Am I going crazy? I need to go to the washroom. Where is it?” I asked her.

“It’s there! To the right,” she pointed towards the direction, bamboozled by my strange behavior.

On my way there, the voice came again,


The unknown voice held pain, pain which I could feel...

Drifting towards the voice, I exited the club, following the voice, determined beyond my own understanding. My legs were not in my control, everything in me craved to meet the owner of the voice, I didn’t know where I was wandering around, but by now the voice faded away.

“Are you alright, little flower?” A husky, yet velvet voice called out to me.

I was about to turn around but stumbled upon something. Before I could fall face-first onto the ground, a muscular arm, covered with intricate designs of tattoos of roses on it, held me as my world went black.

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