His only beloved

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Chapter 3

Unknown P.O.V.

Holding her warm hands made me feel loved, she loved me, despite knowing the monster that I was, she was my only beloved!

Once, those rosy red cheeks blushed making her look like a tomato but now, they’re sunken and pale, her strawberry lips have turned blue.

“Why did you leave me, beloved?” I asked but she didn’t utter a word. She hadn’t uttered a word in what seemed like forever.

A hand came down on my shoulder bringing me back to reality,

“She is dead! Stop being a Romeo. Why are you underestimating your power just because of an ordinary girl? You are the most powerful amongst our kind, you are well aware, of what you are capable of,” said my uncle, Marcus Steel.

“SHE .IS.NOT.DEAD. I will find IT at any cost,” I retorted,

“Son you’ve been looking for IT for more than 50 years, the witches are smart enough and they’ve hidden IT someplace so secure that you cannot even sense it. So tell me, HOW WILL YOU FIND IT?” Marcus questioned, anger rising in his voice with each word.

Becoming infuriated at his penetrating words, after locking the coffin carefully I left the room and went out to the streets. Why doesn’t he understand, she was everything to me, how can I just forget her? She had made a promise to me that she would never leave me, she will come back. I WILL BRING HER BACK!

On my way, my eyes caught the glimpse of a girl, her voluminous champagne curls cascading over her tanned shoulder. Perched atop a chair in the restaurant, her forest green orbs shone whenever she spoke.

How is it possible? How was she outside the coffin? Is she even real?

All of these thoughts and questions instantly plagued my mind.

To confirm my suspicion, I went inside the restaurant, but she however was nowhere to be found.


I was seated in my study room, hunting through every book I owned, trying to get some answers, when someone walked into the room, distracting me from my mission.

“Did you see her?” Marcus asked me, his face sported a look of complete shock, as though he’d seen a ghost himself.

“Who?” I inquired.

He pointed his index finger towards the coffin on my right. Now I understood, yesterday the girl I saw was for real. She was real, and she was here, alive.

“Where did you see her?” I asked. Hope now shining in my otherwise dull eyes at the thought of finally being united with my beloved.

“At NYU, where I was giving my lecture, she had curly hair,” he said with an amused expression.

“I want to take admission there! Do it as soon as possible,” I ordered, springing up from my seat in excitement at the mere thought of being with my beloved again.

“Okay,” Marcus replied.

Her rebirth was impossible, who is she? If she is real, why didn’t she come to me sooner?

Thousands of questions swirled around my mind, I needed to find answers, maybe the city library could be of help.

When I was walking towards the library, the same black curls made their way into my sight. She was wearing a red dress, the sound of her high heels echoed in the silent street. ‘Click. Clack. Click. Clack’

She seemed lost or in search of something. I couldn’t control myself anymore, so I put my hoodie on and made my way towards her.

“Are you alright, little flower?” I asked and she turned around almost instantly, revealing her elegant beauty. Her black orbs flickering in confusion. My eyes widened in recognition of the locket hanging around her neck, it was the one I had found years ago.

She stumbled upon a rock and was about to fall, but I held her in my arms.

It was the same warmth, the same feeling I always had…

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