His only beloved

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Chapter 5


He left me at the gym, alone. Tracing my fingers on my neck, I could still feel the chill of his lips on my skin.

He's so hot!

My subconscious confessed. Just pipe down! I've not come here to throw myself at a stranger and become his so-called ‘girlfriend’. I came here to achieve my dreams, I try to remind myself.

Going back to my friends, I found them chatting with each other at the canteen,

“Renee seems occupied today” I mused when I saw her busy typing away on her cell phone.

“Yeah, she’s always busy with her boyfriend.” Violet retorted, grinning widely whilst chewing her hamburger.

“Renee has a boyfriend?, I’m shocked!!” I quizzed, covering my mouth dramatically and took a seat beside Grace.

“He’s just a friend” Renee struggled to cover and quickly keep her cellphone on the table.

“I don't understand what’s there in accepting that you love someone.” I asserted teasingly I've observed this a lot, when someone's asked about their supposed romances they say he's just a friend but on the wedding, guess what! The beloved groom is the same, so-called ‘good friend’.

“Oh, then you need to tell me where you were for so long, no one goes to the restroom for so long” said Grace this time.

“I...I went to the library” I lied, I couldn’t tell them that I was 'having a steamy session' with a stranger.

“Oh. You know our university takes us to hike at Breakneck Ridge every winter. Are you coming?” She asked and without waiting for my reply, she added, “Come on, it will be fun.”

“Umm, I'll think about it.” I said and got back to my food.

While everyone was busy with their businesses, my mind was fixed on Lorenzo. Why is he doing this? he doesn't even know me.

“Hey I'm feeling too sleepy, I'll get back to the dorm,” I informed my friends.

“Okay, you want me to join?” Grace asked. I really liked this girl, always ready to be there for me.

“No, no I'll get there by myself, it’s okay” I answered and made my way towards the dorm room.

Going inside the room I kept my keys on the study table, took my sandals off, and hopped on to my bed. Suddenly the sound of a soft mewl reached my ears. I ignored it at first, trying to get some sleep but then it came again.

“Who’s there?” I inquired in a low voice while getting up from my bed, but received no answers.

“Who’s there?” I repeated again, a little louder.

As I reached the window, what I saw made me feel relieved. It was a cat, an adorable Persian cat with a beautiful thick brown fur, staring at me with those big brown eyes. But the question was, how did it come inside? Were pets even allowed at NYU?

“Where did you come from, kitty?” I asked the cat-like he was going to answer me. Then I noticed from the corner of my eyes that the window was open. Of course, it would have come from the window.

I chose to keep him inside, intending to give him back if someone came looking. Getting back into my bed I patted on the space beside me, signaling him to come, but he instantly made his way onto my lap.

“Aren't you a smart cat?” I asked, delighted by his actions. I scratched around his ears and chin as he plopped his head on my lap, enjoying the scratch. His soft long hair tempted me to cuddle with him more and he rubbed against my arm purring contentedly. After our short petting session we both grew tired, the cat curled up into a ball cuddling up to me, ready to sleep while I lay on my pillow. A while later, this was how I ended up sleeping with a cat.

I woke up in the evening and saw that the cat had already left, 'he might have gone out from the window, it was a cute cat though' I thought.

After freshening up I decided to complete my homework and sat on my study table. My literature professor Mrs. James loved giving assignments. My assignment being writing about nature. I was actually glad about it, since I'm a nature lover, so it's a piece of cake for me to write about.

By the time I finished my assignment, it was dinner time but Grace hadn't returned yet, we always ate dinner together but she was late today. I tried calling her but she wouldn’t pick up, so I ended up going to the nearby restaurant on my own, hoping that they served Chinese there. I was craving for some Chinese food. I know I’m an Indian so why do I love Chinese food more? I really don't have an answer.

Locking my room, I made my way to the restaurant. Arriving there I noticed that it's already crowded. Taking a seat at the corner table I waited for someone to come take my order and started surfing on Facebook while I was at it. That's when someone took a seat beside me.

“Hey Angel, the restaurant is full, so may I sit here?” The voice asked.

“You’ve already taken a seat you know.” I said, my voice laced with irritation but when I turned my face towards him, I instantly regretted my rudeness. I noticed a charming boy who's dimples made my anger disappear and made me feel sorry. He was about to leave when I said,

“I..... I'm sorry I was just in a bad mood”

His face lit up at my apology.

“It's okay angel, don’t be sorry.” he said in a gentle voice while I was busy taking in his appearance, he was wearing a white shirt with the top two buttons open so that his perfect build could easily be seen through it, his eyes a warm brown shade and hair too.

When the waiter finally approached our table and stood beside us with his pad and pen, I snapped out of checking the stranger out and quickly placed my order.

“I’ll have the Chinese fried rice and a chicken soup to go with.”

He noted down my order and shifted his attention towards the guy beside me.

“I’ll have a chicken pizza,” he stated, the waiter took our orders and went back.

“So you are Chinese?” he inquired.

“No, I’m an Indian”

“Then why Chinese food?” he asked, raising his right brow while I couldn't stop myself gawking at his angelic features.

“Because I like it!” I replied, trying to concentrate on our conversation rather than drooling over the intruder sitting beside me.

For a moment he seemed to be occupied in his thoughts and then changed the topic, continuing our conversation.

“By the way my name is Adrien” he introduced himself and then added, “What's yours?”

“I’m Rose, nice to meet you, Adrien.” I replied, giving him a friendly smile.

“It’s a beautiful name just like you,” he said and then gave me a genuinely sweet smile with a touch of shyness that sent an unexpected rush of warmth through me. The waiter brought our meals out and we started eating. From the corner of my eye, I could see him eat his food in a way that royalty eats, one piece at a time, chewing it slowly and carefully.

After our dinner was finished he took his wallet to pay for both of us.

“Excuse me, I'll pay” I offered.

“Angel you can pay another time when we meet” he grinned and turned towards the waiter and paid our bills while I was just standing there with my hands folded over my chest.

“If you pay, I'm not meeting you next time” I threatened, but he didn't listen, instead mumbled something to himself, not knowing that I heard it.

“We will see” and made his way outside the restaurant

Did he just challenge me?

Yes indeed!!

The thought made me frown.

“Where do you live angel, I'll drop you,” he asked,

“No it's nearby, I stay at my dorm”

“Ohh and which University you're from?” He inquired.

“NYU,” I replied.

We ended up chatting a bit about New York City. I informed him that I was new here and came for study purposes. He was very curious about where I came from, how my childhood was, and many more questions. I answered all his questions honestly, feeling comfortable giving him the answers.

“I can show you around” he offered once I told him I hadn't been sightseeing.

“No, my friends already offered me first, sorry” I replied sheepishly.

“Yes sure, but if you change your mind then let me know” he winked at me, making me blush slightly.

We were now standing in front to my dorm gate, he took my hand and planted a soft kiss on my knuckles and said,

“Meet you soon angel”

Aww, he is such a gentleman,

my subconscious whispered, shut up!

I didn’t give him any reply, but went inside the dorm. Opening the door I saw Grace sitting on her bed with a wide grin on her face.

“Hmm, I guess someone went on a date” she teased.

“And....what makes you think so?” I asked, raising my brow while taking my sandals off.

“I saw you both standing outside the gate” she grinned cheekily like she had caught me doing something wrong.

“He is nobody, we just had dinner together” I shrugged.

“Then why did you go with him for dinner? spill!!” she interrogated like an interviewer.

“The restaurant was full so he didn’t have a place to sit, he asked me whether he could sit beside me....” I explained to her the whole situation, cutting the part where he kissed me on my knuckles.

I don't understand what it is with people kissing me without my permission, urggghhh!

“So you're going to meet him again?” One more question.

“I don't know” I replied and I really didn’t know.

Changing into my night pajamas I went off to bed. It had been a long day, firstly my encounter with Lorenzo, I wondered why was he doing this, what was his motive? Secondly Adrien. Could I trust Adrien? What if he meets me again? Throwing my questions into a mental dustbin I closed my eyes growing frustrated at the ever growing mysteries surrounding my life. Not wanting to think about anyone now, I drifted off to sleep.

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