His only beloved

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Chapter 6


I'm in a room full of roses, it’s ambrosial scent filled my nostrils. Their pinkish-red petals were striking against the stone walls, in an adorably beautiful way. A stone-cold hand grasped my wrist delicately and took me to the mirror, gazing on my reflection I noticed my straight long black hair was kept open and I'm wearing a sleeveless red gown, he trails his fingers on my bare skin and says,

“You're only MINE BELOVED” and I repeated his words softly,

“I’m only yours.”

My dream ended hastily and I was brought back to my senses. Opening my eyes, my eyelashes vaguely batting, heart-pounding fast, my brain felt like an empty battery. Why did this dream leave me with this lonely feeling of detachment? I couldn't comprehend why these void emotions made their way in my heart. So today will pass as if I'm suffering from a hangover not from drinks but from the nightmares that demand solutions….

“Rose, it’s just a dream” I frowned at myself, when I was about to get up from bed, my eyes saw that next to me was the same cat that came yesterday, curled into a ball sleeping sound.

“Baby you came, again,” I asked, expecting an answer from him but he was busy sleeping.

Not wanting to disturb the sleeping beauty beside me, I leisurely got up from my bed and took a quick shower. While coming out of the shower room, I slipped.

“Owww! Mommy” I cried.

“What happened? How did you slip?” Grace inquired while rushing to help me.

“I don’t know, but I’m okay,” I tell her, trying to get up.

“Are you sure?” she asked concern flowing in her eyes.

“I’m fine” assuring her I tried walking to my closet carefully not putting more pressure on my sprained leg.

“What shall I wear today,” I hummed, busy choosing my dress but something caught my bare legs.

“Meow,” the owner says, of course, your guess is right, it's the cat.

“What happened dear, What’s your name kitty? ummmmm...what shall I call you Brooks? Nah, What about Brownie? it matches your color, what do you say Brownie?” like accepting his name, he purrs and mutters a “Meow”.

I’m in love with this cat!

Keeping Brownie aside, I chose to wear a pair of blue jeans with butter yellow Kurti. Grace was nowhere to be found but she was here a while ago, where did she go? maybe she left early, debating on whether to wait for her or not for a while, at last I decide to leave.

On my way I saw a couple holding hands together, wait was she Violet? I went further and confirmed, yes she is Violet!

Man her boyfriend is hot, stop drooling, all boys are hot for you. I rolled my eyes over my subconscious.

He was wearing a scarlet color t-shirt and Violet too was wearing the same, they both are twinning,

aww, how romantic!!

They look so adorable together but why is she keeping her relationship a secret. I didn't want to invade her privacy so decided to ignore them and go to my class and sat next to Grace.

“Where did you go today?” I asked.

“Actually Zain needed some notes, so he asked me to help him that’s why I was in the library from 7 a.m. with him” she reasoned,

“Hmm, make-outs in the library, awesome” I teased playing with the pen in my fingers.

“Nothing happened, we just studied together” she reasoned, becoming a slight shade of red.

“But I didn’t say that anything happened,” I said smirking at her but suddenly remembered something which drained the color of my face.

“Grace if you were with Zain from 7 a.m, then who helped me when I slipped” I inquired.

“No, I was not in the room” she replied, then who was she? Why did she help me?

“Hey Rosie, how are you today, feeling better?” Renee asked loudly from the door and everyone stared at her.

“I’m fine but where's Violet?” I asked suspiciously when she came next to me.

“I don't know, she said, she’ll join after lunch break” she replied and sat on the bench behind me.

“Okay,” I said.

Professor Steel begins the class,

“I’ll be teaching about museums today.” In the middle of his speech, the class door opens and ‘Mr. Lorenzo the obvious’ enters.

“Mr. Mat, you're late today!” the professor said, but Lorenzo just ignored him and comes inside the class, today he's wearing a black shirt and grey jeans,

Whatever he wears looks amazing on him,

I agreed with my crazy subconscious, he sat on the last bench alone, he seems to be in a bad mood.

“So I was informing about museums today.....” The professor explained everything about his topic and at last announced,

“I have an assignment for everyone today, all your names are written on the folded paper inside the jar, you have to come here one by one and choose your partner's for assignment” with that everyone beams into excitement.

“Miss Shyla, let’s begin with you.” Shyla went to the professor and picked up a paper from the jar. I couldn't help noticing the hideous pink nail polish on her manicured nails, she gave her paper to the professor. He opens it and reads the name,

“Luke, you'll be doing your assignment with Shyla” Luke was not a very popular guy but was very good in behavior, he seems to be very happy about them pairing up but Shyla was not so happy she ignored him and sat on her place.

“Miss Rose, please proceed,” Professor said with a smile on his face, I picked up a paper and handed it to him, he read it and said,


Okay, so karma is really a bitch!

Lorenzo didn't look at me but kept his gaze on the desk, the corners of his lips lifting slightly and he bloody smirked, feeling frustrated I went to my seat. Everyone went one by one and got their partners, Grace was paired with Zain, he's a real cutie, I think so they both will make a really cute couple.

“Your assignment is to visit any museum and inquire about any 5 historical monuments in it and take pictures with your partner during the visit,” the Professor said in a happy tone and then added, “That's all for today, I'll leave.”

Growing excitement made students burst into chatting and discussing different museums, some exchanged phone numbers, addresses while some didn’t care at all. I on the other hand didn’t make any move, since I have no idea how to face Lorenzo, after our last encounter. He makes me feel nervous.

Quickly grabbing my bag I rushed over my escape plan when someone stood beside me, his presence itself was something I could make out even without seeing who it was. I didn’t turn to face him because I knew he would be smirking.

“Ciao Signorina” (Translation: Hello Senorita) Lorenzo says, I ignored him.

“Are you upset?” he whispered hoarsely in my ears from back, I could feel his hot breath on my neck, the butterflies making their way in my stomach and my bag slipped from my hands. He picked up my bag, any normal person will think that he will return it to me but no, we are talking about ‘Mr. Lorenzo the obvious’ he took it and ran outside with it. I tried chasing him but he was too fast, I tried my best to pick up his pace but as he reached the garage he stopped.


“If you want your bag then come with me,” he says making his way towards me, watching him coming closer, quickens my heartbeat with each step at a time.

“I am not going anywhere with you, who are you? I don't even know you!” I managed to retort. He comes closer and within a second

he pinned me on the back of the car and said,

“You have no option”

“You don’t know me,” I complained.

“Ti conosco più di quanto tu conosca te stesso” ( Translation: I know you more than you know yourself) he said in a husky Italian tone,

“I don't know what you are saying” I sigh, our lips just inches apart, trying my best to make some space between us but he didn't budge.

“Come with me” he orders while clutching his cold hands to mine, this time I didn't protest, he opens the door of his grey Lamborghini and I sit inside.

“Are you kidnapping me?” I questioned worried all the possibilities that he could do to me zigzagging my mind,

“You'll see,” he stated while getting inside the car and sits on the driver seat.

I didn’t utter anything, because somewhere I knew he's not going to give a straight answer. So I decide to adore the stranger beside me whose touch feels to be known. I watch the way his eyes flicker when he drives, his delicate lips curved into a small smile on noticing me staring.

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