His only beloved

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Chapter 7


“Is someone staring at me?” He said in a teasing tone making me quickly avert my gaze away from him and his perfect face. I scrunch my nose at his cheekiness, cursing myself for being caught checking him out. After an hour of sitting silently, I finally decided to switch on the radio and was pleasantly surprised to hear it playing my favorite song. As the melodious voice of Ellie Goulding fills the car, I started to hum along.

You're the light, you're the night

You're the color of my blood

You're the cure, you're the pain

You're the only thing I wanna touch

Never knew that it could mean so much, so much

I started singing the song by this point, and enjoying it thoroughly.

You're the fear, I don't care

'Cause I've never been so high

Follow me through the dark

Let me take you past our


You can see the world you

brought to life, to life

So love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Touch me like you do, to-to-touch me as you do

What are you waiting for?

I kept humming and singing along, my eyes closed, the warm breeze caressing my skin.

I was brought out of my trance when the car came to a stop. Opening my eyes I noticed that we were in front of a glass building with ‘MoMA’ written at the top, and its full form written in front of us at the entrance gate ‘The Museum of Modern Art’.

Okay, so all the possibilities in my mind were useless and definitely didn't involve my history assignment.

Lorenzo stepped out and came around the car to open the door for me, making me blush at his ‘perfect gentleman’ gesture.

Climbing out of the car I began walking towards the building without saying anything to him.

“So…. you’re a fifty shades of grey fan huh? Didn’t take you as a Christian Grey fan.” he broke the silence by teasing me, again.

“Yes I am, any problem?” I snapped.

“Ahaaa, so you're of those kinky types” he mused, making me groan in frustration. I felt so embarrassed by his sudden remark, I mean what the hell did he think of me?

“What makes you think so? Only boys can watch kinky movies” I ask, stressing on the word ‘Kinky’. Before I could give him a little more piece of mind, my eyes widened at the scenario that had caught my attention.

“It's beautiful.” I said, mesmerized by the interior of the museum. One would assume a museum to be an old building full of the old fashioned interior, and boring display cases, but no this was the complete opposite. The museum was beautiful, modern and absolutely elegant. And to top it all off, it was huge, with alabyrinth-like system to walk through.

“Come, I'll show you around. This is one of my favorite Art Museums” Lorenzo grasped my relatively small and warm hand in his huge and cold hand, holding it tight and I couldn't help but smile and blush like a schoolgirl.

Holding Lorenzo’s hand seemed like a dream of a life, a life that I wanted to be all mine.

He looked at me suspiciously and asked “What did you just say?”

Can he hear my thoughts?

Maybe I blurted out loud. I thought to myself and made a note to be even more careful with my thoughts around him.

“Nothing,” I replied.

The very first painting that caught my attention was Starry night. I never thought that I would be able to see it up close. There were stunning, diverse collections of art from a ton of different people of different eras, and walks of life. Very rarely did I encounter two works from the same artist unless it was a Picasso or any other special exhibit.

It was a surreal experience exploring an Art museum hand in hand with Lorenzo. We took our time to read over the messages behind each piece of artwork we came across, calming yet eye-opening. It was as though we were seeing a different world altogether, one that differed from person to person, no one interpreting it the same.

It was a six-floor building and exploring each and every section took us almost three hours. By the time we were done, I was totally exhausted, my legs felt like jell-o but Lorenzo, he was moving as if he'd just woken up and could continue going on and on with the same enthusiasm as he had at the beginning of our trip. He just didn't seem to get tired.

“May I have your attention please, we are holding an Art competition in our garden area, please do take out some time and take part. Have fun!” A host announced.

Painting was something I would stay away from. Never in my life had I drawn anything except the simple designs like an Apple, Mango, Indian flag, etc, and that too just to get myself through the school year.

“Let's go!” Lorenzo said.

I just stood there looking at him not being able to say anything. Was he honestly planning on taking part in an art competition? That too in a museum filled with brilliant art? Gosh, I didn't want to make a fool out of myself by displaying my own art capabilities.

“No! I'm not good at paintings” I blurted out in a whisper.

“Then you can just sit and watch me,” he said with a wink, making me blush.

We went outside the building and came across the outdoor garden. There were many sculptures in the garden, some people were already busy with their paintings. Some were drawing the sculptures while some were drawing sceneries, different art could be seen in the surrounding.

Lorenzo went to a bald person, who seemed to be the host. He gave Lorenzo access to canvas and paints. Taking the canvas he took a spot in the corner of the garden and began his work.

I couldn't help but gawk at the handsome man in front of me.

Yes, he was Lorenzo.

One could actually keep him as a monument in a museum for his beauty to be admired. He was just so manly and his jawline was the most chiseled one I had ever seen. When under the sun, his eyes shimmered, the deep green was almost emerald. His hands moved over the canvas so elegantly, as if they had a mind of their own, odd perhaps but truly captivating.

“And done! ” He announced after an hour of painting. The people who came before us were still going on with their works but he was already done with it. It made me curious as to what he could have painted in such a short while.

I stood up from my seat and went over to Lorenzo and what I saw made my heart flutter, gave me not just butterflies, but a whole zoo in my stomach. He had done a portrait of a girl, a beautiful girl.

The girl in front of me was like a mirror image of mine. The face of the girl dominated the canvas, every color bold and painted with such precise lines that it almost looked real. Each curve and dip swirled around so beautifully, yet sharply defined. They seemed stable but tumbled at the same time. Just like me, so stable but always in a free-fall deep inside. The eyes in the painting so mischievous, just like my own, moving from place to place unable to decide where to focus.

“Lorenzo” I croaked out, my voice barely coming out.

“I...is it me?” I asked, not able to comprehend words after seeing the picture in front of me.

“Yes, Señorita” he whispered his voice now right behind me.

“How, did you make it?” my curls perfectly shown, the glimmer in my eyes, the blush on my cheeks, everything perfectly carved.

“With my own hand,” he said.

I couldn't help but wonder what this man was- an artist?

“It's absolutely breathtaking.” At last, I whispered.

By the time it was evening the judgment was ready. The bald man and two judges- one in an Armani suit while the other in casual wear were standing on the stage.

“Today's best art made our judges wonder. Although we have seen many paintings in our life but this one was something our eyes never saw. Even though it was a painting of a mere girl sitting across the window sill, the way the artist has breathed liveliness in it made us admire her beauty even more so.” the bald man said.

“I would be honored to keep such beauty in our museum, in case Mr. Mat grants us permission” the one in Armani continued.

Wow, Lorenzo won. I couldn't believe it, my eyes were brimming with unshed tears. Tears that I couldn't comprehend. Why was I feeling such immense happiness?

When I turned to face him, his perfect lips hugged a sweet smile that spread warmth in my heart. The next thing I did was something I never thought I would ever do of my own free will.

I hugged him! Tight.

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