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The Siren and The Angel

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The beginning of how love turns her into the cruelest creature.

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The Siren and The Angel

Once upon a time, when there were no human walk on earth and only the magical beings ever existed roaming the world; the holiest, the deadliest, the darkest, the tricksters, the unspoken, and many more... Every being lived side by side.

Then there was a pack that rarely seen but their voices echoed to be heard for almost like an eternity. They were called The Siren. There were six sisters of The Siren who lived in the sea surrounded by corals, sharp rocks, and murderous cliffs around. The Siren sisters were beautiful maidens with body half human half fish and the infamous of the enchanting and alluring singing voice. Other creatures sometimes would sit by the beach to listen to The Siren. They wouldn't dare to lay eyes of the forbidden beauty of The Siren.

One day, one of the sisters sang her favorite song and sit by the coral reef, while splashed water playfully with her sisters. Little thing she knew, one of the holly creatures called The Angel accidentally heard her singing. The Angel was starstruck and stunned by her voice. He tried to take a peek through the clouds. And The Angel gazed upon her beautiful face, though he fell in love and his golden wings flaps open pierced the sky.

The Angel flew down as The Lady Siren stared at him in awe. She never saw such majestic and gallant as him. She sang a love song in glee and smile brightly like summer. The Angel sang his heart out in admiration as they both held hands like destiny has blessed them. They serenade their love as the other Siren sisters looked upon them in genuine bliss.

Suddenly the sky turned gray, lightning strikes, waves swirls amongst the thunderstorm, and the other Angels cried their anger in fury.

"They are one of the descendants of Lord of The Morning Star! They are the demons! Father wouldn't permit it! Your love is wrong and forbidden!"

The other Siren sisters swam around their sister to protect them. They hissed and shrieks, they felt wronged and insulted.

"She is not your lover. You shouldn't love another as your love should be equal to others! She will be punished for seducing the holiest creature! And we will bring you back to The Kingdom."

As another lighting strikes, the other Angles cursed all the Sirens into the terrible scary creatures; sharp and pointy canines, sharp-edged nails, pale skin with scales, and hair like the Gorgon sisters. The Sirens cried in agony for their monstrous cursed from The Angels.

"They are the seducer and tricksters as they should be!"

The Angel bawled as he embraced his beloved Siren. He bargains his wishes to the Angels.

"Don't you steal their voice. Have mercy for their beauty as they are as well our Fallen Brother's descendants. And take the golden marvel of my wings in return. For Father is merciful and thus we should become."

The Angels blew their miracles through the wind as The Kingdom's sky gate swing open. The golden marvel on his wings slowly faded at the time he was about to fly back to where he belongs. He took one of his still-golden feathers as a token of separation then kissed her in desperation. He chants their separation as she cried in a shattered broken heart. Her sisters cried and sang in sorrow both for their sister and grief for their cursed beauty.

The Siren couldn't contain their anger and they called upon the other creatures for The Oath. In rage, they swore to destroy whoever crosses the sea to defy where The Siren dwells would wash away in false love by their singing and lured to death. And may the so-called Holiest would watch in blue for the maiden monsters they have created.

The End

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