The Renarian Prophecy

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Aria had just finished college and was looking to settle. Haunted by her past she just wanted something safe. One evening of playing Good Samaritan gets her mixed with the world of the paranormal. As definitions change between good and evil will Aria be able to hold on to her sanity. Put into the mix a best friend who is a were-wolf's mate and an ancient creature out to claim her fiancé as her own. This was definitely not the settled life Aria imagined for herself. David is an Noravian Fae, an extremely rare hybrid and a royal. Royals are supposed to be non-existent. When he witnessed a vampire attack in front of his eyes he is forced to take action. In the process he finds the woman who he wants more than a creature could want a soulmate. But an ancient prophecy prevents her from being his. Who is Aria and what is she to him?

Fantasy / Thriller
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Year 700 BCE Kingdom of Noravia

Deep in the Ural mountains lies a wide valley, surrounded by the enclosing peaks, open on only one end. With an area of only 55 square kilometre it is one of the smallest nations in the world and yet it is the most powerful. It had been centuries after the last alien settlement to take place on earth and things were returning to normal. Humans were forgetting about the space-ships and the magic of the god-like species they worshipped. The occasional visitations had become less frequent over the years. Noravia relied on an uneasy alliance between two species and some hybrids, all vying for dominance and yet controlled by the staff of Sia, granting sovereignty to only one ruler in their midst, a ruler belonging to none of the species and yet all of them.

“Is this really necessary son?” the man wearing the silver mask asked the man wearing the gold one. All men wore masks. The metal differentiated them according to their class. It was said that the face of a Royal was sacred. No one could see the face of a Royal and live. So they wore masks that were designed with specifications unique to its owner. The metal, though gold and silver in appearance was Noravian Steel, an alloy obtained from the mantle of the spaceship in which the race once arrived. It had the unique property of amalgamating to the skin of the wearer, becoming a second skin, animated to life, taking the hue according to the position of the wearer. The position was not determined by earthly standards, but rather according to the rank determined by the power as was prevalent in original Noravia, the planet from which the parent species hailed.

The son, not a full Noravian, and yet enjoying the golden seal of the Supreme, lowered his head and shook it. “Humans have suffered enough in the war. They need to let go of this horrible experience, or rather chalk it up to folk lore. Noravians and Faeruvians need to become myths for humans to let us leave in peace.” he declared in his deep baritone. There was a sorrow in his eyes. But the steel in them was stronger than the pain.

A woman wearing a purple cloak stepped towards the two men. “The colonies of the north have set up a separate refuge for themselves. They are yet unwilling to cohabit the same borders as the Royals.” she informed them.

It was not a new information for the Noravian King. Faeruvians or Fae as they preferred to be called, never trusted the Noravians. Most of it stems from the arrogance of the Noravians who liked to call themselves Royals. They had enjoyed royalty on earth for centuries before the Faeruvian space craft landed. It was an arrival of truce which soured by the Noravian sense of superiority turned into a thousand years’ war. The entire Faeruvia was destroyed, with a few retreating to Greenland. Those that refused to surrender to the Royals diminished in number till they were forced to interbreed with the local people, the humans, giving rise to the first hybrids, the Wicca. Then they further tried to upgrade those hybrids with magic, creating several sub species of were-animals which seemed to be anomalies of nature. The distance between the Fae and the Royals was a welcome one.

“Thank you mother. I am sure that they will be better for it. As it is the Fae have always believed in the purity of their bloodlines and racial segregation. It is better that the separation be physical rather than social. Do you know what the witches have decided?” the son asked his mother.

“The witches are mostly human. We can’t force them to go into hiding with us. But laws have been placed that prevents them from performing any spells or display any powers in front of the non-magical creatures. The same thing goes for the were-tribes.” she informed.

“Hail thee King Belshazzar!” a high pitched voiced behind them. The three turned to find a woman clothes in a beige cloak that had been pulled back to show a pale face with blonde hair and stunning peridot eyes. In general women of Noravia only pulled back their hood in the presence of family. This woman was not family but she was close to it.

“Fae Priestess Renaria, how may I help you?” the man wearing the golden mask asked.

“Your Highness, not all Fae wish to confine themselves to the Northern Colonies. I would be highly obliged if free pass could be provided for our kind to Noravia and vice versa.” she stated. The upward tilt in her face, the dare in her eyes and the pout of her lips gave an air of demand rather than request. Belshazzar knew that Renaria was used to getting her way in most things. Over the last few centuries, even he had indulged her, after the fae decided to participate in the war.

Belshazzar nodded. “Your wish is not unreasonable. The Fae Queen and the Royal Monarch need to deliberate on it though. The Royal Monarch may feel that the same rights could be extend to Noravia by the Northern Colonies as well. It would be a fair exchange. However we also need to think of secure transport routes.” he stated to which the Fae Priestess conceded.

King Belshazzar turned towards the construction of the high walls around the valley that was to become the permanent home to the Kingdom of Noravia. The Kingdom was not a small one, especially as it included thousands of human guards who had lost their humanity in the Ancient Wars. They too were citizens of Noravia now.

The Fae Priestess did not move on being dismissed. The Fae Queen knew exactly what she wanted and she was reluctant to accept her demands. However it was not hers to grant in the first place. The Queen and the Monarch left, leaving Belshazzar and Renaria in the alcove of the Royal castle.

“You can speak your mind, Priestess.” Belshazzar spoke, not bothering to look at her.

“I wish to resign from my post as the Fae Priestess.” she requested.

“Do you have a strong enough reason to do so?” Belshazzar asked her, half knowing the answer.

“The reason is my strong allegiance to the Royal household. I know the Fae Queen intimately during the years that I attained adulthood and have a soft corner for her Fae born son and wish to take him as my mate. However as far as I know he joined the Royal army along with his human father, who is now a convert. Hence my desire to remain in the Royal household beside my chosen mate.” Renaria spoke.

Belshazzar was afraid of this. Renaria was always an outspoken girl. Yet he wasn’t prepared with an answer. “Fae Priestess, you must realize that what you ask is not possible. The son of Jesse Bellini is no more. You cannot desire to be with someone who ceased to exist.” he warned.

“He is buried inside that stone heart somewhere,” Renaria exclaimed.

“Even if he were, the curse of a Royal prevents even a hybrid from taking a chosen mate.” he explained, glancing towards the broken expression on her pale face.

“Immortals do not need to think about procreation. We can be Gods of this world together Belshazzar. I, the most powerful Fae and you the most powerful Royal.” she spoke, raising her voice.

“You forget your place, Renaria. Even though your magic is the strongest, Myrna is stronger, being mated to a Noravian and enjoying full control over Noravian powers. Also I shall not attain my full strength till I meet my destined and complete the four bonds of a Royal. I owe it to my people to do so. When I left Greenland you were a mere babe, fascinated with tales of my expulsion. It has led to an infatuation in you which you need to overcome. Otherwise I would be forced to do the same as your people had once done to me.” Belshazzar reminded.

“You are the only Royal who controls all the elements of nature. You do not need the Royal element when you have them all. Also, I am not asking for monogamy. We are bound to get bored in the eternity to come and seek temporary pleasure. But a strong king needs a powerful queen and who is a better fit, your highness?”

Belshazzar took a deep breath and looked skywards. He strongly believed in the creators looking after them from the heavens. “I am sorry Renaria. But I cannot grant you this. The position of my queen is not for me to give. The creators have appointed someone, and I do not know when I will find her or where, but I want to wait for destiny to lead me to her.”

“And how will you know her? You already control all elements. So you cannot verify it through the blood bond. You have to undergo the soul bond with every potential female out there. So why not start with me? I could be her too.” Renaria challenged.

“Renaria, if the soul bond does not hold will you be satisfied in being a royal concubine?” Belshazzar asked with a high voice.

“I am too powerful for that, you know?” Renaria countered.

“That is why Renaria, I will have to take my chances with not forming any bond with you. Anyone willing to try with me has to accept the possibility that they will remain nothing more than a Royal concubine.” Belshazzar stated.

“I am your mate, Belshazzar. When you will find out, it will be too late, for I will have taken another.” she threatened.

Belshazzar nodded. “Go ahead.” he offered, not moved by her threats. “I am sure my parents will have more sons and one of them will one day inherit my throne.” he explained.

Renaria’s pale skin had by now taken a flushed expression. “You, Belshazzar, King of all Mages are hereby cursed by Renaria, the Fae Priestess that your destined mate will be a creature robbed of power whom you will never recognize, a descendent of my blood, who will hate you for your very nature and being. You will be unable to know her by touch or smell. You will not know her if she were before your eyes and you will lose her to your blindness.” she bellowed, storming out towards the North Gate and towards the Northern Colonies.

All the people nearby heard the curse. The Monarch and the Fae Queen rushed forward. “Son, why did you not stop it?” the Monarch asked.

“I will not allow a power-hungry Fae to rule over my subjects. You will give me a brother to inherit the throne after me. Won’t you Abba?”

“But Son, the curse will deprive you of a mate bond.” the Monarch exclaimed.

“No, it will not.” The Queen disagreed. “The next Queen will be born in the house of Renaria and she will be born from an impure mating. We can garner that much from the curse. We have a starting place to look. All girls born in the House of Renaria shall be ordered to present themselves as offerings to the King. I, the Fae Queen, decree that. This just narrows our search to one blood line. All we need to do is wait.

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