The Search

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Chapter 6

Finally, the school day came to an end and Unda and Alasdair met up and walked around the school for a bit. Screams erupted in the main entrance of the school. Both exchanged looks and sprinted for the noise, Unda beginning to pull water from a nearby water fountain. A large being, dressed in head-to-toe armor, with three heads - a lion, dragon, and a strange-looking goat, blew out fire at the students who were rushing away and into the miscellaneous halls, tripping over each other and yelling.

“Please tell me that isn’t the last of the four.”

Alasdair shook his head. “Definitely not. Only humans can harbor your type of power. However, I’m not sure what this creature is. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“That’s comforting,” Unda responded.

The students escaped the premises. The monster growled at the Elementians who readied their powers to fight. It then jumped overhead, revealing a serpent tail, and scrambled down the hallway.

They swiveled around and ran after it.

“Murus!” Alasdair yelled, lengthening his arms in front of him and opening his hands wide. A crunching noise started and a wall pushed up from the ground and closed the passage to the next hallway.

The creature slammed into it.

Tony strolled out of a classroom in the hallway and was passing in front of his two new friends with a perplexed look on his face. “What’s going on out here? I heard some weird noi-“

A bizarre shadow passed over him and snarling began to shake the entire room. Unda and Alasdair looked up reluctantly.

“Wha…?” Tony dropped all of his belongings and made a run for it. The beast followed after him and, again, the two ran after it. Unda started swinging the water around, forming a lasso and aiming it to fall around the monster’s necks. She missed and cursed. She tried again and succeeded. Her eyes glowed as she froze the lasso. The monster struggled, then blew fire and the lasso began to glow orange around its necks and when it reached Unda, she yelped as she was pushed back against a wall. Tony was now in a corner, and the monster was nearing him. Alasdair was slapped against the floor by the serpent tail that looped around his body.

He winced then yelled. “TONY! USE YOUR GIFTS!”

Beads of sweat ran down Tony’s face as the monster breathed and started exhaling fire. He crossed his arms over his head and felt heat but the fire didn’t touch his body. He realized he had formed a ball of rock around himself. Surprised that he had survived the blast, he starting rolling the ball, tripping the monster on its left feet and then broke out of the ball, causing rocks to pile on top of the beast and bring it down the rest of the way. It whimpered, lying on the ground in defeat. Tony looked at his hands, laughing. Alasdair gave an approving smile and Unda finally managed to get up, steadying herself against the brick wall she had slammed against. She had terrible brush burn on her arms and her neck was still sore from the impact.

“What the hell was that thing?” Tony asked them.

Unda eyed the monster, then noticed it getting up and beginning to blow fire at Tony. She threw a hand out, encasing the entire beast in ice. Tony’s eyes widened as the fire had only been a few inches from his face. The ice crackled.

Tony wiped the sweat off of his face. “Uh, really…what the hell was that?” He stammered.

“I didn’t think of it at first because I had never faced such a beast before. I didn’t even know they still existed… It’s a chimera.”

Chimera? I didn’t know they ever existed…Wait, what kind of other beasts have you fought before? Who are you?” Tony scratched his head.

“Friends…We’re here to help you learn to control your abilities.”

“Seriously, who are you?”

“Truly our names are Alasdair and Unda, but we aren’t from the UK.”

“…Where are you fr-“

“That’s not important right now.”

“Are you aliens or something? Does that mean I’m like Clark Kent or something?”

Both gave him weird looks. “I guess in this land we may be thought of as aliens, but we are no different from you in species. Well, besides me being a wizard. And excuse me, but who is Clark Kent?”

“Comic book character…You’re a wizard?! And you,” he gestured towards Unda, “You can control water with your mind like me with earth?” She nodded.

“Indeed,” Alasdair answered.

“Wait…this has to be some dream. None of this can be real. And why come now? Why do I need to learn how to control these powers?”

“It’s a long story for another time.”

“Well, who sent this monster after me?”

“I’m not sure it was just after you. The rest we will tell you in due time. For now, I think you should sleep on it. All the information at once can be a bit overwhelming.”

Tony nodded. He turned back to the chimera. “What do we do with this?”

“We’ll take care of it,” Alasdair said.

“Alright. I guess I’ll go home then. Thank you for saving me,” he smiled at Unda.

“It was mutual,” she responded.

“Anyway, we should probably exchange contact information so my phone number is -“

“Phone?” They said simultaneously.

“Um…never mind. We can figure it out later I guess.”

Sirens approached the school. “What is that noise?!” She shrieked.


Her eyes widened. “Earth has mermaids?”

He chuckled. “No, sirens are from fire engines, police cars, ambulances…” By her blank expression, Tony stopped talking. “They are the good guys, but you should probably deal with this mess before they come inside.”

Alasdair snapped his fingers and everything in the room was back to normal. “There. Now they will simply think the kids were imagining things,” he told Tony who stared at the blink-of-the-eye repairs.


“Oh right, wizards don’t age as quickly as humans. I’m actually in my 30s.”

“Wow…Okay. I mean, you do look kind of old for a high schooler.”

“We should probably get out of here,” Unda said.

“Right, follow me,” Tony turned down the hallway and they exited out the back of the school.

Just then, a boy’s jaw was stuck in an open position as he had been there the whole time the people were fighting the beast, unnoticed because he was hiding in the front office looking in through a window in the door. He hadn’t heard what they were saying, but he saw nearly everything that happened. There’s others like me? He gasped. The whole time he wanted to help them but they seemed to handle it fine on their own so he stayed put, plus he didn’t want to expose himself for who or what he really was.

~ ~ ~

“Yeah, I can drive you back to your motel. And on that drive, you can tell me everything you know. I want details and answers,” he hopped into the car and the other two got into the back. He started to back out of his parking space and drive.

“You’re sure you want to know everything?” Alasdair asked.

“This is my life. These powers - I’ve never known where they came from. My parents never mentioned anything about them so I never told them because I was afraid they wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about. Did I inherit these powers, maybe there was some lab accident that happened to me as a child, sent down from some obscure planet that hasn’t been discovered yet, bitten by a radioactive Venus flytrap -“

“Stop this nonsensical rambling, boy. None of those things are anywhere near what happened to you. It all started when Cornelia’s amulet shattered and Amethyst took over Elementi Del Mondo, the place where we are from, and the place where your powers originated. The powers you have are now, in this day and age, one of a kind.”

“That sounds like something out of a fairy tale book."

“Maybe to you, but it is every day life to us. Anyway, it’s yours, Unda’s, Aly’s, and one other person’s destiny to save Elementi’s future because right now, our universe is falling apart because of the evil witch Amethyst who took over, trying to gain the powers that you now have. I stopped her from completing that and now it is my duty to train you and everyone else to fight back and save the world.”

“You mean your world.”

“Well, yes, but, when you think about it, it is your world too.”

“Aly is like me too? God, this is crazy. And I have to comply? I don’t get any say in it?”

“It’s your destiny.”

“This is insane. Another universe? How did you even get here?”

“A portal.”

Tony scoffed. “A portal.”

“I told you it’s a bit overwhelming.”

“So now this evil witch is trying to kill me?”

“She definitely knows where you preside now. Which is a problem.”

“Will she hurt my family?”

“She might.”

Tony breathed in and out deeply. “How can I protect them?”

Alasdair sighed hesitantly. “I’m…I’m not sure. We don’t even know how much she knows.”

“But we can’t be too sure!” Tony pulled into his driveway and parked.

“Wait, this isn’t the motel,” He peered out the window.

“It’s my house. I realized that I have practice in less than a half hour so I needed to come back and get some things. I can’t bring you back right now, sorry.”

“It’s fine…You know, maybe we could stay with you and guard your house,” Unda suggested.

“I guess I can tell my dad that you are homeless students who needed a home and, out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to let you stay with me or something like that… He will be angry with me, but he won’t make you leave to fend for yourselves.”

“Okay, good. What about the others?” Unda turned to Alasdair.

“We haven’t even met the last one…You stay with Tony tonight and I will keep watch over Aly,” while saying this, Alasdair closed his eyes. “She doesn’t live too far from here, so, if we must, we can call out for each other for help.”

“And there are always cell phones and stuff like that…” Tony said.

They gave him blank expressions.

“I guess while you are at practice we can try to get better acquainted with Alyson.”

“I think she prefers to be called Aly,” Tony pointed out.

“Very well,” Alasdair sighed.

“Later you guys!” He said as they got out of his car and started down the block.

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