Stronger as One

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Aurelie has always been a pretty average girl. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened in the 27 years of her life. Well, aside from her family dying in a car crash when she was little and her getting adopted, plus having a kick ass job in London as a security and protection expert. For the rest of it, her life was pretty normal. Until one day she realised that it was anything but that….. A world full of magic, shapeshifters, soulmates, and impending threats is awaiting her. A world that was completely unfamiliar to her but that she was now a part of nevertheless. Can her badass attitude help her this time or will she crumble?

Fantasy / Erotica
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1. Just an ordinary day

“You are kidding me, right?” I slammed shut the file that I was holding in my hands.“I am one of your top people, John, and you are giving me this guy, again, as my next assignment. Do I look like a glorified babysitter to you?“.

I am not sure if John could sense how pissed off I was about this but I would make it clear to him if he didn’t. I was a goddamn security and protection expert, one of the best in the business. I had taken down all sorts of dangerous people and had crushed a number of threats in the last four years. I had competitors trying to poach me for their companies. Hell, even the MI5 had tried to recruit me! Not to brag but I have mad fighting skills, sniper precious with guns, and I am a master in strategy. It’s like I was born to fight danger and protect people, like an animal guarding its pack members. And then my boss tries to turn me into a guarding dog for a rich fat guy who is probably receiving threats from his lovers and ex-wives again? Didn’t he learn his lesson last time that we had to protect him?

“Look, I get that you are pissed off, Riley, but Adam is considered as an up-and-coming tech genius. He has a lot of money and a lot of influence, so I cannot turn him down and I cannot be perceived as offering him anything else than our best! Come on, it will be an easy job! You just need to accompany him to this meet and greet this afternoon and make sure that no man lays a hand on him. Deal?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“No!” Ugh, I wanted to wipe that smug smile off John’s face. But I knew he was right.

“Fine. But if he even as much as looks at my butt again, someone will need to protect him from me next time!”

“That’s my girl. Go say Hi next door, Boswell- he is waiting there!“. Here we go.....Zen, Riley, zen!

As I walked into our meeting room, I saw Adam sitting there waiting for me, stuffing his face with doughnuts in the meantime. Seriously, how was this guy a genius? At the rate he was going, he was probably going to die of diabetes before he even made it big in the tech world.

He was a typical nouveau riche example- always covered in designer accessories, owned a red Lamborghini with a licence plate PL4Y B8Y and posted religiously on social media all of his whereabouts in London, as if the world cared. The last part was a big pain in the arse for me though, as someone who needed to keep him safe from supposed perpetrators. He was also so “clever” that he would regularly end up posting photos with his latest lover. Sometimes I wondered if this was just his way of divorcing quicker his ever younger-looking new wives. Not that they ever complained- you could see what they were all really after. Genius my arse!

“Riley, baby! I had missed you. Life is no fun without you by my side.”

“Hi, Adam. I see that not much has changed since I saw you 6 months ago.”

“No, baby, I need you in my life. Sure you don’t want to become the next Mrs. Adam Smith?“. Ha, over my dead body!

“Actually, Adam, I think I am more interested in women, so I will pass!”

“Oh, baby, we could have so much fun together. Maybe I was sent into your life to help you come back to the better side?” Chauvinistic pig. It really would take all of my strength not to punch him myself.

“Hey, Adam, ever heard of Krav Maga?” He looked at me with a confused face, as I started walking towards him. “You know, the world’s most effective and dangerous martial art, developed for the Israel defense and security forces. No? Hmmm... Do you really think you want to piss off someone who holds a black belt in it?“, I practically whispered the last part as I got very close to him. I could see the beads of sweat emerging on his forehead and he gulped loudly. “How about your stop pulling your sleazy moves on me and all other girls when I am around and you will never have to experience what exactly Krav Maga entails.”

Adam nodded in agreement but- let’s be honest- it wouldn’t really be him if he didn’t try to get the last word in. “Crikey, I am happy to have you on my side then!”

Two hours later we arrived at the office of the start-up in Shoreditch where the meet and greet was taking place. Adam had recently developed a new coding software and tech geeks seemed to be all over it, so the room was full mainly with young boys, and some girls, hoping to be the next Steve Jobs or rather the next Adam Smith. Nearly an hour into the event we had already moved onto the networking over drinks part, when I saw a tall young woman head our way. She had beautiful long blonde hair and a face full of rage. I contemplated whether to stop her but I knew what was coming.

“You fucking prick! You fucked my sister while I was at the spa! I left my fiance for you!” and with that I heard the sound of her hand landing heavily on his cheek, just as she kneed him in the groin. Before Adam could even realise what happened, the girl turned around and walked out of the room.

“What the fuck, Riley? You are supposed to protect me!” He could barely speak as he was rolling on the floor, holding his crotch defensively. I knew that the tears in his eyes were just his body’s natural reaction to the pain- I had seen it plenty of times in the guys that have had to face me in combat- but it still made me smile on the inside. I know- I was evil right now but hell, he deserved it.

“From actual threat to your life or well-being!” I clarified.

“What the fuck do you call this then?”

“Your own stupidity...” I smirked. “...and I am not paid to protect you from that. Next time maybe don’t post on Instagram where you are for all of your girlfriends to see.”

“Some bodyguard you are!”

“Hey, I promised John that no man would lay a hand on you. No man did. So I think I am still good on my promise.” I stretched my arm out Adam and offered him my hand to help him stand up. As I I did that though, my whole body went into combat mode, sensing danger around before I heard him. “You bastard! You stole my idea and now you will pay for it!”

I didn’t even have the time to think who said that and what exactly he wanted. All I knew was that I had to protect my client and that the threat was behind me. I heard him release the safety of his gun and my mind went into autopilot. As he was coming from right behind me, I quickly turned around, and stepped in and under his arm before I ripped the gun out of his hand. I then used my hips and my weight to torque his wrist and bring him down to the floor.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! That hurts! I surrender!” I heard him say as I looked up and scanned the scene for other attackers. All I could see though were the shocked attendees who started clapping and whistling as if we were at some boxing game and I had just won the match. A tall blonde guy stood out at the back of the room though. He was looking straight at me and showed no signs of surprise like all the others but rather pride. As if I had made him proud but I had never seen the guy before in my life, even though he felt kind of familiar. Must be yet another creep that I’ve come across. Before I could think about it further, I heard Adam’s groans behind me as he was finally getting up- yeah....I might have pushed him to the ground as I tried to save his life.

“And I thought that tech was a safe field! Thank you for saving me, Riley!” I nodded in return and looked again for the blonde creep but he was gone.

Once the police came and took Adam’s attacker away, I got him checked out by the paramedics and took him home, where I gladly passed him on to the gorillas guarding his house. Next time he should really get one of them to protect him- at least they were used to all the stupidities coming out of his mouth.

My watch showed 9pm as I was finally making my way home. It was a fresh, calm evening and the full moon was shining brightly in the sky, so I decided to get off two tube stops before my usual one and walk the rest of the way home. The full moon illuminated beautiful the road that was leading to my house in Putney. I loved the area ever since I moved here as it had plenty of greenery to make me feel free despite being in the city. It also reminded me of my parents house in Berkshire, which was just a stone throw away from various great parks.

As I walked down the street, my body tensed up again. I knew by now what that meant- someone was following me. Strangely, when this usually happened I also would have this sense of impending danger but this was not the case now. As if whoever or whatever was following me was no threat. I turned around to scan the perimeter but there was no one around. That didn’t stop me from locking all the extra locks on my front door when I finally got inside my house though.

Happy to finally be home, I made my way to my bedroom and quickly changed into my PJs before I got ready for bed. Then I heard it- a howl that sounded like a wolf and yet so quiet like it was only meant for my ears. I knew I must be imagining it. After all, there have not been any wolves in the UK since the 1700s when they were all hunted. I felt drawn to go and check from my window though.

When I looked outside, I gasped- standing on the other side of the street was the creepy blonde guy, who was once again starting at me. I blinked, and he had changed to a beautiful black wolf. Impossible! I blinked again and there was nothing. Was my mind just playing tricks on me?


I can’t believe I just published my first chapter ever! :D So exciting and so scary at the same time!

What do you think so far though?

I kind of have a feeling that there is more to Riley than we’ve seen so far. What could be her story?

And who is the mysterious blonde outside of her house? Did she really see him and the wolf?

If you are wondering how I imagine my girl Riley, she is based on the beautiful Barbara Palvin. Stunning, isn’t she? 😍😍😍

Thank you so much for reading the chapter and making it this far. I really hope you enjoyed it and that you will be back for more once Chapter 2 is out!

Please leave me some comments with your feedback and vote if you enjoyed it up to now.

See you soon,

Iveto xxx

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