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Andrew, Evelyn, Penelope, Valerie, and Zane are all best friends. And they just finished seventh grade! They all decide to do something special for their ‘graduation’ to eighth grade, and they agreed to go to the new Jewel museum opening on the seventeenth of June. While they are on the tour Zane notices a unusual and out of place rainbow jewel. Zane decides to take it so he could research it with Penelope. After days of researching they found nothing which was very disappointing. But, While Penelope and her friends were in her room having a meeting, the jewel started a portal and it sucked in all of them. They entered a alternate dimension called: Ancestral.

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Penelope didn’t feel all “OMG!!!OMG!!!” That school was ending like everyone else at school. She was more like “Cool, schools over” instead.

That was because she wanted to get into Harvard to make her parents - actually parent. Because her mother died when Penelope was about three years old. So she wanted to make her parents proud and to get int0 Harvard, she absolutely had to study hard. Even if it means to study all summer long. Valerie says to have fun this summer and not worry about the future - but there was no way she was gonna listen to Valerie, the C- average student who does not work hard at all.

And Penelope was going to have fun, while thinking about her grades and her future. And it’s not like she was going to spend time with her friends 24/7. She needed just P time too.

It was the last period at school before the bell rang for “SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!” as her friends liked to call it. Though, Penelope doesn’t call it that because her family doesn’t go on vacations every summer. She only goes on her family’s traditional fishing trip - that was her summer vacation. Which was very disappointing, but she got used to it.

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