Part Man, Part Beast

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In a world where it's abnormal for humans and werewolves to coexist, Vincent a werewolf, has many secrets to keep. And not only that but he also has a fulfilling desire of wanting to fit in a world where he's not very much wanted. Jackie, a stubborn but yet loving teen, first encounters Vincent with hopes of never coming across paths again, but that soon changes when she can't seem to avoid him any longer. Two total opposites, a human and a werewolf, but with very similar personalities. What will happen when these two slowly starts to get to know one another? Will Vincent let her in on his secret? Or will that be too much for her to handle? ~A story that will leave the reader begging for more and rooting for these two in every step of the way~

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Jackie's POV 🥀

Honk honkk

He's here, finally !

"Jackie, your boyfriends here!!" I hear my little brother say from the kitchen.

I roll my eyes at the title, not happy at the fact he and my mom thinks Mark and I dating. We're literally just friends and I've told them this plenty of times. He's like a big brother to me.

I grab my bag, before quickly running out the room. Today I'm dressed bummy, I'm in grey sweats and a white long shirt. I'm practically running out now like my little brother, when's he's caught stealing something.

"Buenas Dias mommy." I say, planting a kiss on her cheek, "Thanks for the breakfast."

I notice Dylan, my little brother happily eating away, ignoring my existence. I don't get why he wakes up during my school time when he could be enjoying the next three hours sleeping.

I grab a apple before taking my lunch bag in hand. I hate missing a good portion of breakfast but it's not my fault I like staying up late.

"Goodbye sweetie." She smiles, hugging me. "Tell Mark I said hi."

"Kk bye you two."

"Bye loser." Dylan says, not looking up once from his phone.

I flick him on the head and he glares at me.

"Watch it little boy."

He gets up like he's about to do something but ends up sticking his tongue out at me. For a 12 year old he so immature, I wander how he's going to survive middle school.

Mark honks again and my mother glares at me.

"Okay I'm leaving now." I laugh.

I head out the door, noticing Mark, My Asian friend looking out the window of his black Toyota. Once he sees me he smiles.

"You know you don't have to honk so much." I say, getting in. "I could hear you all the way from my bedroom."

"Sorry." He says, sarcastically. "Next time be quicker, we don't get all the time in the world."

"Yeah yeah"

He turns on the radio, and some rock song starts playing. I gag, at his music choice. Im not the biggest fan of rock music but just for him I'll let it slide.

By the time we arrive at school, the bell rings. I groan, hitting myself on the head. This is going to be my second tardy for the year, if I get another one, my mom is going to flip out.

"Omigosh were late." I say.

Mark shrugs, "It's not a big deal, consider this is as.. a break from your perfect attendance record."

I shove him to the side, playfully. "Not funny Mark."

He throws his arms around me, "Ah you know I'm kidding. I don't mind loving you and your nerdy self."

I roll my eyes, giggling to myself.

We enter the school, going straight to the check out area since we don't use our lockers first thing. It's in a little corner with one of the administrators behind a computer desk. The line is short today, which is great cause we don't have to wait so long.


I step up, taking out my student ID to show proof that I'm a student at this school. I hate my photo, it's so ugly. I planned on getting a retake but I just never gave myself time to. I am the ceo of procrastination.

"Name, and number please."

"Jackie Rivera Montez." I say, "And my ID's 17389B7."

"Thank you now , step beside."

I do as he says, waiting for Mark to finish. Once he does we decide to walk to class. Unfortunately we do not have first class together, but I see him during lunch so that's always fun.

We say our goodbyes, before parting ways to class.

"Morning Mr Einstein." I say, noting the stares I'm receiving.

Everyone's in their lab stations, most of them chatting rather than doing their experiments. I look at the time realizing that Im 25 minutes late. Shooot. I also missed the chance to pick a partner for our senior project. Aw man now I'm going to be with a random person!

"Morning, Montez." Mr Einstein says, looking up from his computer. "Your awfully late, why is that?"

"Sorry." I apologize, "I woke up on the wrong side of bed today.. but is it too late for me to pick a partner for the fair project?"

He sighs. "Yeah, unfortunately that's about right. Everyone chose partners the first thing after the bell.. looks like your going to have to find someone else."

I look at Bethany, who's frowning at me. We were supposed to work together but she's with Melinda. Omigosh what am I going to do now...!! Bethany and Melinda are the only two I'm friends with in this class.

"Can I Please join Melinda and Bethany?" I frown, "Pretty pleaseee."

I'm pouting at him at this point, hoping it's enough to work. But he's just glaring at me.

"No, Montez .. I only want two people working together."

I stomp, "But this isn't fair!" I whine, "Who am I going to work with now?!"

He glances at his clip board, perhaps.. searching for someone who doesn't have a partner. Before he could utter a word, the door opens and some kid enters the class. I don't quiet remember his name, but he's sorta new here. He's always in his little bubble, not talking to anybody. Honestly he kinda creeps everyone out .. even me.

"Ah Vincent." Einstein says, removing his glasses. "Your late.. again, that's not what you promised me the last time now was it?"

He replies in a husky voice, "I guess not, sorry."

He heads to his desk, settling down. I don't get why he's so quiet, perhaps it's because he has some kind of social issue? I doubt anyone knows why either..

I turn back to Einstein, waiting for a response.

"Well it looks like everyone has a partner, Montez." He says, scratching his imaginary beard. "Uhh.. "

"So I have to work on it alone?" I gasp, "T-that's unbearable-

"Hold on, hold on." He says, turning the sheet around. "There is hope after all.. Vincent did just enter late as well, you two can work together."

My lips parts as my eyes widens in horror. This was a joke right?


"I said you two can work together." He repeats. "As in you have somebody to work with now."

"No, no I can't work with him?" I say, crossing my arms."Anybody but him please."

"And why not?"

"B-because he scares me." I whisper

He rolls his eyes, "Montez my solution to that is you either get over that, or you can take a zero on this assignment."

I scoff, "I will gladly be more than happy to work by myself, Mr-

"It's a partner assignment." He intrudes, "That means your going to have to work with someone besides yourself."


"No buts Montez." He says, rubbing his eyes, "Get going now, you have the whole class to plan, it's due next weekend."

I groan in annoyance. I can not believe this, out of all people I had to work with HIM. I turn my heels around, already finding him looking at me. I'm staring at him back, a bit startled if I'm honest.

He has on a emotionless look on his face, perhaps clueless to why I'm approaching him in the first place. I could feel my heart beat escalate quickly at each daring step. Once I reach his desk, I pull up a chair.

"We're partners." I say, suddenly getting stares from everyone.

I know one thing they had to be thinking about for sure. Shes doomed. They go from watching to whispering. I notice Bethany and Melinda looking at me with shock and sympathy.

'im so sorry ' Bethany mouths

I look at Vincent again, and he's still looking at me with piercing set of pretty green eyes, something I didn't know he had. I've never quiet payed attention to him until well.. now. He's pretty decent looking actually, now that I'm actually noticing him.

"Well are you not going to speak?" I say, crossing my arms. "This requires both people speaking and negotiating ideas .. if you didn't know."

He doesn't say a word, but continues to look at me. You've got to be kidding me.. Seriously!? I sigh, looking at my friends for help, but they both are already doing their work.

"Okay you know what forget this." I say.

I get up to head to Mr Einstein who's busy typing away on his computer.

"What is it Montez."

"He doesn't speak." I say, annoyed. "I don't think I can work with him or anyone who can't speak to me."

He sighs, glancing at Vincent.

"He is new here Montez." He says, feeling pity for him. "Maybe go easy on the guy."

My jaw drops, "Are you really taking his side on this?"

"Work it out. " he says, "Or take a zero, your choice."

I roll my eyes, "This is so unfair."

I approach him once again, settling down in front of him. I take out the assignment paper, to get a head start on it myself. If he isn't going to talk fine, I'll just do it myself. I hate that I'll have to give him credit too but hey it's better than taking a zero.

"I'm Vincent." He says, taking me by surprise.

Oh so now he finally decided to speak.

"I already know your name." I say, still annoyed.

"I was excepting to hear you name in return." He says, making me look up.

Okay sure I'm not famous in the school, but I'm not completely invisible either. And I'm not exactly quiet in this class, Mr Einstein calls on me every time.

"You don't know my name?" I say, sarcastically.

"No." He replies, boredom striking his face."What? am I supposed to?"

"Uh yeah kinda." I say, "Are you like deaf too in this class?"

He smirks, somehow finding my annoyance amusing.

"Oh trust me ." He says, "I'm not."

I glance back at the sheet, rereading the instructions. I don't have time for his silly games. The quicker I get this started the better it is for the both of us. I don't think I can stand him any longer.

Your goal- Figure out if hybrid cars really are more energy-efficient than gas or diesel-powered car?

"Well, whats your name?" He asks again.

Ohfortheloveofbrownies he is so annnoying!

"Jackie." I say, "My name is Jackie"

"..I figured." He replies.

I glance at him, noticing he's amused? Okay that's a super strange look on him. Don't get me wrong I like seeing people happy and all but with him it's weird.

"Then why ask?" I say, raising a brow

"Did you not recall saying we had to speak?" He asks, resting his head on his hand"Or are you suffering from amnesia?"

Okay I see what he's clearly trying to do here. That's right, he's trying to piss me off. It's a rough Monday morning and he's already starting my day off with getting me angry.

I squint my eyes at him.

"Lets just get this project over with ."

Sadly not too long after that, the bell rings, initiating that the class was over. Everyone starts cleaning up their lab spaces, some rushing to run out.

"Work on your project guys!" Einstein shouts."That'll be your homework."

How Great! I Spend forty minutes in this class and I've got nothing done. Nothing at all. I can't believe I have to spend another waste of my time with this freak.

"Where do you wanna meet after school?" I ask.

He throws his bag over his shoulder,before rising from his seat. He's perhaps 8 inches taller than I can ever be in my lifetime. And I'm pretty tall myself.. at least for my age.

"Im busy." He replies, "I'll just see you in class."

He scoots in his chair, about to walk away but I grab him. I don't know where I get the confidence to do that, but with one glance from him I'm quickly removing my hand.

"It's not like I wanna spend time with you either." I say, crossing my arms. "It's homework so just name the time and place."

He exhales sharply, "Court-creek Plaza, be there by 3 pm."

He walks past me, heading out to who knows where. I don't know who he thinks he is, it's not like I want to be anywhere near him. There's just something about him that irks my soul.

Melinda and Bethany arrive by my side, with questionable faces.

"How did it go?" Melinda asks, touching my shoulder. "And I can't believe you grabbed his arm like that."

"Yeah, girl you looked horrified the whole time?"Bethany agrees. "I was secretly praying for you."

"Don't worry about it guys." I say, taking my bag now. "Lets just.. get out of here."

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