Part Man, Part Beast

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Jackie's POV 🥀

I'm looking into his pretty green eyes, trying to figure out how he can dislike pickles so much. I've noticed every time he'd pick up a burger, he'll check to make sure there's no sign of pickles and when he finds them he'll take them out. He's really missing out, their delicious.

I look at his fingers, noticing that there's some weird looking rings on almost every single finger. I remember the first time he entered class on his first day and I saw them. It was the very first thing I noticed about him, besides his emo clothing of course. Bethany and Melinda noticed it too but they didn't pay much attention to it, they just thought it was 'hot'.

"What's up with the rings?" I ask, out loud

"What?" He asks.

I lean forward, touching his warm manly fingers. The rings felt very realistic and they looked like they were made out of medal. Theres also swirls designed into some of them and also there's one in particular that has a black circle in the center of the ring.

"These rings." I say, fazed by them. "Why do you wear rings? This isn't the first time I've seen them on you neither."

I look back at him, to find him staring at me. I lean back, noticing I was being weird. I have no idea why I thought it was okay to touch him in the first place. I think I'm getting way too comfortable around him.

"I like jewelry." He answers.

I freeze for a moment to see if he was kidding. When he doesn't say anything else, I can't help but burst into laughter. Omgosh he's actually being so serious..

"Are you gay or something?" I ask, stopping in midway laughter.

Maybe he is and I'm being rude.. omgosh maybe that explains why he doesn't talk to anyone. Maybe he thinks we'll make fun of him or something once we know.

"No." He replies, going for another bite.

"Wait really?" I ask, shocked. "But.. but that's like so weird for guys to wear rings. I mean I get wearing one ring but that's like so strange to have 10 of them."

"I'm not gay." He repeats, calmly.

"Well okay." I say. "But I mean if you ever were I wouldn't judge, I love gay people."

He rolls his eyes, finishing the last portion of his burger in one bite. I look at him with wide eyes, he actually ate all of the 4 big burgers. He's.. fatter than Dylan.

"What? Do you want me to kiss you to prove to you I'm not gay?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.

"What no?" I say, "Are you crazy?"

He shrugs, "It's just a suggestion." He replies, smirking.

Why would he even think of something like that? I'd rather kiss a donkeys butt than to kiss someone like him.

"I'd never want to kiss you." I say, cringing.

He snickers, "I bet your friends would though."

He so wishes.. okay well maybe Jenny or Michelle would be delighted to but not Bethany nor Melinda.

"Whatever, lets just get back to work." I say, sitting up. "It's getting late."

We finish with what we can for the day approximately 2 hours later. I'm actually impressed with the progress that we made. We've finish researching for the most part on my computer and then also got started on copying and pasting our notes on the pink sheets that I brought. Now all we need now is to put everything on a bigger piece of poster paper for the fair and of course include his drawings.

"Nice work." I say to him, after I pack my stuff."Your actually hardworking after all, who'd ever guess?"

He rolls his eyes, "Not you."

We step outside the plaza, him going to his motorcycle to get going. I on the other hand, didn't come with a car nor a bike. I took a 15 minute walk to get here. At the time I didn't care much because it was bright and safe and I didn't want to waste my money calling an Uber to come here.. ugh but now I'm starting to wander if I should've done that.

"What are you standing there for?" Vincent asks, putting on his helmet.

"Nothing." I reply.

He starts the motor, which somehow scares the mess out of me. I hate the sounds of motorcycles, they're so loud.

I should just call my mom to take me home. I take out my phone to dial her number. She picks up on the first ring.

"Hola mommy." I say.

"Hey, honey what do you need?"

She sounded like she was asleep. Gosh I feel so horrible. Especially since she was saying how tired she was feeling from work. This is such a bad idea. I should've never called her.

"Sorry, never mind." I say, "I'll see you at home."

"Oh okay." She replies."Bye."

I hang up, noticing Vincent's still over there watching me.. like a creep that he is. I sigh, debating whether if I should ask him for a ride? It's not like he would toss me on the side of the rode during the ride right??

"You need a ride don't you?" He asks, chuckling softly.

"Like that's any of your business." I snap

He shrugs, pulling out of the parking spot. I hate the fact that I'm so desperate and I also hate the fact that I'm scared to walk by myself. This wasn't part of the plan anyway, if he came earlier I would've gotten home with the sun out.

-"Wait, Vincent."

He stops the motor, turning to look at me. I can't believe I'm saying this but I have to get home safe.. and alive so yes that means I have to ask him. I go to where his motorcycle is, stopping in my tracks.

"Do you have space for one more?"I ask. "It turns out I do need a ride."

"Yeah, sure, it's just not going to be free though." He replies. "Do you got money?"

My mouth hangs in shock.

"Are you seriously going to charge me?"

"Yeah, I need some way to make money."

Wow, I mean I'm not even surprised. He is a jerk after all. I take out my purse, searching for a 20$ bill. Once I get it, I hand it to him. I don't even live that far away but, it's whatever. He's desperate so why not.

He takes it, shoving it in his pocket.

"K Get in." He says.

One thing I hadn't mentioned yet is, I haven't exactly been on a motorcycle before. And one of my biggest fears is falling from one of them and having the driver leave me without realizing I've fallen off.

"Are you going to get in or not?" He asks, impatiently.

"I..I'm scared." I admit.

He chuckles, "You won't fall, just hold onto me with your dear life." He says, throwing a wink at me.

I cringe, "Don't ever wink at me ever again."

"Just get behind me damn it!" He snaps, scaring me. "I do not have all day."

"Okay, Okay." I say.

I get on the loud motorcycle, tossing my other leg to the side. I make sure both of my feet are on the foot rest. Ugh now here goes the most uncomfortable part, touching him. I wrap my arms around him, awkwardly.

"You might wanna hold on tighter." He says, "I drive fast."

He was right, he sure did. During the whole ride I was trying my best to stay calm despite the fact that my heart was beating so darn fast. I'd hold onto him even when we'd stop at a traffic light cuz I was so scared of letting go. He even thought it would be funny to purposely move the motor back and forth during one of the traffic lights, just to make me feel even more uncomfortable. I ended up whacking him on the shoulder to make him stop.

I also hated that he knew I was scared but didn't bother to change the speed just for my own sake. And I'm also angry he took my 20$!If I knew he wasn't going to be picky I'd given him a dollar.

Overall, I'll admit that although it was a very scary experience, i have to say it was also thrilling in a exciting way. The wind hitting my face was the best part of the whole ride.. it felt so good.

I'm home now and all the lights are turned off. That means Dylan and mom were in their rooms by now. I go up the steps to go to my lonely bedroom. I free fall on my bed, opening my eyes to look at the ceiling. Now that I've gotten home safely, It's safe to say, Vincent isn't so much of a serial killer. He's.. actually sorta nice. All he needs know is to fix his moody personality.

A knock sounds from my door, getting me out of my thoughts.

"Who is it?"

My mom appears with a small smile on her face. She's already dressed in her blue silky night gown.

"Your home." She says.

I sit up, "Yeahhh, I just got in here actually." I reply, "And I'm sorry for calling you earlier.. I totally forgot you were trying to rest."

She sits next to me, "It's okay baby, you know I care more about your safety than my own though right?"

I nod, forcing a smile. Her saying that makes this moment the perfect opportunity to tell her what happened to me the other night,but I refuse to say so. I can't imagine how she'll handle it.

"Of course I know." I remind her."You kinda tell me this almost everyday."

"That's right." She replies, taking off my backpack from my back." Oh and how did your meeting with your friend go?"

"He's not my friend mom." I laugh, staring at my bitten nails."He's just my science fair partner."

"Okay well that's what I meant." She corrects.

"It was fine." I say, "We started off, like the usual.. kinda rough but we finished strong at the end."

"Aw look at you being the good girl I always taught you to be." She says, "I'm proud of you chica. And I know I always push you to the max but you know I want what's best for you."

She pokes my nose, like she's does with Dylan.

"I know mommy." I smile. "And because you love me."

She pats my head, "Exactly."

"Well I should hop in the shower before going to sleep." I tell her, hoping she gets the que to go bed.

"Yeah that's what I was coming to tell you." She snickers. "Make sure you turn your lights off honey too, your making the light bills go higher Jackie."

"Okayyy." I say. "I'll do it this time, don't worry."

I seriously do have a bad habit of turning off my lights right before I sleep. I'll tell myself right when I'm sleepy that I'll turn it off but then I never do it.I get so comfy in bed that I don't make the effort to get up. It's not completely my fault though, the light switch is so far from my bed!

I follow her to my door to shut it, after her.

"Buenas noches, mommy." I say.

"Buenas noches, Jackie." She replies.

I close the door after her, before going to grab my towel to hop in the shower. Before I can the into the bathtub, my cramps suddenly kick in, and I groan. Crap, not now. I touch my belly, as if touching it would make it go away.

After it gets a bit better, I move to turn on the water. I wait as I let the water run, finally stepping in once it's become super hot.

Hot water always helps me cope in times like these.

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