Part Man, Part Beast

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Chapter 2

Jackie’s POV🥀

"Jackie now!!" Mr Bush, my gym teacher says.

At the sound of that, I jumped from first position, and smacked the volleyball across the other side, unfortunately .. smacking Taylor's head.

Everyone gasps, including myself. Omigosh,I didn't mean to..

Mr Bush rushes to the other side to check on Taylor, who's currently passed out on the floor. I cover my mouth, shocked that I just did that. Me and her never got along but I have a heart, and I don’t enjoy hurting to please myself. Everyone murmurs, a few laughing.

"Yooo way to go, Montez!" Diego says, reaching to high five me.

"Seriously, Diego. I just hit her." I say, alarmed. "Not cool."

"Okay but she low-key deserved it." He grins, blowing a bubble out of his gum.

She opens her eyes, and I approach her, bending down to her level. I notice a red mark appearing on her forehead.

"Taylor, are you alright?" Mr Bush asks, his eyebrows coming together.

"No, she just hit me the freaking ball!"

"I'm so sorry." I apologize, "Here lemme help yo-

"No, I got it." She says, shoving my hands away. "I'm fine."

Mr Bush helps her up, "Do you need to visit the clinic?"

"Yes." She says, rubbing her head. "My head hurts ."

"Here, uh Jackie would you mind walking Taylor to the Clinic?"

"No, I don't need her help." Taylor intrudes, "I'll go by myself."

She takes the pass from Mr Bushes hand, before walking her out of the field and into the building. She's so rude, it was clearly an accident I would never hit her or anyone with it on purpose.

"Jackie can you sit out for me?"

"What?" I say, shocked. "it was an accident."

"I know it's just, with Taylor gone the other team doesn't have a fair chance."

Oh for the love of Pete. Why is everything going so bad today!! He could've chosen anyone to substitute but nooo, it had to be me. So not fair!

"Okay Whatever."

I make my way to one of the dirty benches, crossing my arms as I watch everyone play my favorite sport. Today is such a awful day. It being Monday makes it even worse.

It's not my fault , she wasn't paying attention anyways. Her and Bridgette were rambling the whole time, if anything she should've brought a helmet if she was going to chat the whole time.

Gee now I'm going to be so bored-the whole remainder of class. I did leave my phone in my locker, but maybeee I could sneak and go get it. It's open by now and Coach is super distracted.

I get up from the bench, walking off from the field. On my way, I make sure to look back every so often, In case someone watching me.

I take the shortcut, going to the back door of the girls locker room. On my way over there I notice, some guy heading out to skip as well. Whoever that is, he surely isnt smart. There are cameras every where, and they catch everything.

He gets on a motor, revealing his side of his face. I suddenly realize who it is.. it's Vincent. Where in the world was he going?? Okay forget that, it's not like I even care. If he wants to ruin his future be my guest.

He puts on his helmet, not before drifting away. I hope he gets caught and gets some punishment for what he's doing. I don't know why I dislike him so much but I do. I guess I'm so irritated with the fact that we're even partners.

I get through the locker room, opening my locker to grab my phone. Oh shucks! It's on 10 percent. Uck I can't believe it, I came here for nothing! I might as well leave it and go back.

-"Hey who's there?"

Before I can make a run for it, Mrs Jules comes from the corner, watching me with a disappointed look.

"Where are you supposed to be Jackie?" She asks.

"Outside." I say, "But I came by to use the bathroom."

"Oh really? than why are you on your phone?"

"It was an accident" I say, "I'm sorry."

"This better be the last time I see you sneaking in here you got it ?"

"Yes ma'am." I frown.

"Good, now get going before I tell Mr Bush."

I get feeling of relief, as I leave the locker room. That was too close. What in the world was I thinking?? If Bush found out, I'll be in so much trouble. Perhaps he'd call my mother or something silly like that. And that's something I can't let happen.

Once I return, I notice that everyone is still in place and so is Mr Bush.

Lunch flies by, and I'm walking with Bethany to sit outside with a few of our main friends.

"Are you going to come to cheer practice today?" She asks, pushing the door with her back.

As much as I would love to show up for cheer like the usual after schools, todays different and I know she knew that. Grades comes before any other school activities.

"Um no." I say, "You know we have to start the science project for homework."

"Ugh could you stop being such a goody goody, just ditch the creep and come hang with your besties."

I laugh, "I'd love to ditch him trust me on that, but I care about my grade and this project so no I can't leave him."

"You know for a brief second it sounded like you rather hang out with him than us." She teases

I roll my eyes, "No way, I'd do anything to switch partners, and you should know that."

We get to everyone else, sitting in or normal spots. I sit next to Michelle, the genius in the group.. well besides me. And in front of me was Mark, to my left, Melinda and on her left, Jenny.

"Hey guys for spring break I came up with something cool I figured we could do."Melinda says, looking at her phone.

"I thought we made up our minds that we're going to 6 flags?" I say, throwing a small portion popcorn into my mouth.

"No, lets go to the circus." She says, "I havent been to one in a while and it's so much fun, plus I get super sick on the rides."

"Nah." Mark says, "6 flags is way funner, the circus are always lame, believe me I'd know."

"Yeah." Bethany agrees, "Sorry Melinda."

"Ugh, you guys are no fun."

"Says the one who spends her free time reading." Jenny retorts. "Talk about boringgg."

"Oh shut your mouth, at least I don't eat pineapple on my pizza-

"FART BOMB!!" Mark yells, letting out the nastiest loudest fart I've heard from him in a while.

"Dude!-"Whats the matter with you!-"Yuck!!"

We all get out of our seats, me grabbing my popcorn so it doesn't get contaminated. He's so despicable I can't believe he'd- er I mean of course he would do something nasty like this during lunch but still he's so gross.

"Omgosh Mark!" Michelle yells, hitting him by the neck." I can't believe you'd do that."

"Ouch chill out." He laughs, "Sorry Guys I've been gassy from that peanut butter sandwich I had this morning."

I fan my popcorn, glaring at Mark as I do so.

"Come on ladies, it can't possibly smell that horrible!"

"it does. " I say, "Dang, thanks a lot. Because of you I can't finish my ham sandwich my mom made me."

"Oh bettt!" He says, grabbing My lunch bag."Does that mean I can have it!?"

I roll my eyes, "You might as well."

He pulls it out the bag, munching into it. Sometimes I wander how in the world we became this close as friends.

We all pretty much stare at him, angrily for the reminder of lunch time.

After lunch, school is practically over.. at least for the seniors. Hahaha. That's one of the coolest parts about being a senior at Lake-ridge High School.

"Where do you guys wanna hang after in a couple hours?" Marks asks, once we arrive outside.

"We can go to the park." Jenny says, "5pm like the usual or bowling?"

"Bowling does sound like fun." Melinda says.

"Nah lets just chill at the park." Marks says. "Is five cool for everybody?"

"Yeah." They say.

"Erm I dunno if I'll be there on time." I say, "I have to meet up with someone to do an Assignment."

"Oh." Mark says, "We can move it to 7 then, is that cool?"

"Yeah I guess that's fine then."

"Okay so 7." Mark says, "Be there you guys, I'm inviting some of the football team too."

At the sound of that, I suddenly get anxious. That meant I was most likely going to see Nicholas too, carp I'm not sure if I wanna see him. I've had the biggest crush on him and everyone practically knows, I'm even positive he knows. I get all tingly inside when he's near me and I'm not myself.

I get in Marks Car, leaning into the seat.

"Is Nick gonna be there?" I ask, first thing when he gets in.

He pauses, "Oh shoot I almost forgot about your lil mushy feelings for him, yeah I think so."


"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he'll be more than happy to see you." He winks.

I punch his shoulder. "Shut up."

"What?" He says, rubbing his arm. "I thought you'd be happy to hear that."

My cheeks warm up, and I sigh. "Just be quiet."

He starts the car, and loud rock music escapes from it. I quickly cover my ears, to avoid the screaming noise. He lowers it, chuckling softly.

"Sorry, I forgot to tone it down before leaving the car."

"Put it on a different station, I'm tired of hearing people screaming in my ear all the time."

"Dude, that's like the whole point." He says, moving the car, "Yelling is the definition of rock, that's a shame you don't like it."

I put it on the r&b station, and their playing barking by Ramz. That's my sonnnng!!!

"7 am in the morning! She's calling I'm yawning no stalling I might link my ting from barking !!" I sing along, getting a weird look from Mark.

"Ew, this is what you like?"

"Many many guys hate me and it's true too bad I just stunt on you too bad I don't look like youuu!!"I continue.

I arrive home around 2:15 pm, giving me about almost an hour to relax before changing to go meet up with Vincent. I really wish I didn't have to work with him. He's weird, creepy and also arrogant, aka my least favorite kind of people.

I shut the door, "I'm home!!!"

It suddenly hit me that nobody gets home until after three. I smack my head, feeling so slow. How in the world did I forget that? I'm starting to believe that I might have amnesia after all.

I go up my room to change into something more homey-like. I come up with blue shorts and a black tank top. I could really use some food right now, it's not like I had much of a real food anyway. Mark wanted to be trifling and fart right during lunch.

I open the fridge, pouring myself a glass of milk. I gulp it all down under minute before going for another round, this time with cookies.

I plop on the couch, turning on Netflix to watch some Asian show or movie. I come across Ashes of love, clicking on that one instead. I started it last weekend, and I'm on the second episode now. It's so good, including the graphics and everything else. At first it was cringe because of how the characters acted but I gradually got used to it.

I rest my feet on the couch, changing the captions back to English. I'm not in the biggest mood to read it in Spanish. I take turns chewing my cookies ahoy .. and gulping it down with cold whole milk. These two combos never seems to disappoints my belly.

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