Part Man, Part Beast

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Chapter 3

Vincent’s POV 🥀

The sound of toads croaking, wakes me up from my sleep. I turn to the other side of my bed to try to sleep again, this time pulling my pillow to my ears. It doesn't help the slightest. I end up opening my eyes, forcing myself to stay that way.

I got home right after third period was about to end, cuz i didn't feel like staying much longer so I left. Ever since then, I've been sleeping for some good hours. That school bores the mess out of me so sometimes I have to skip.

I reach for my phone, clicking it to check the time. It's 3:27. Aw man, I forget all about that dumb meeting I have with what's her name.. Jackie was it? I sit up, rubbing my temple. I don't get why she needed my help with this assignment anyway she made it clear she didn't need me.

"It's not like I wanna spend time with you either." She said, angrily "It's homework so just name the time and place."

Ugh, she's such a goody goody.

I put on my shoes, before grabbing my Grey jacket. I don't know if she's still there waiting for me, but I can't say I'll be surprised when I find her there.

I get on my motorcycle, right after slipping on my helmet. The birds in my path, quickly vanishes, as I speed past them. The forest never seems to end, it like each time I'd pass the trees, they'd be repeating. I'm sorta grateful the schizophrenia I have falls in the hearing voices category and not my visual. I don't know how I'd manage to drive, nevertheless live my life.

I finally get out the deep forest, entering the rode. I should feel slightly bad that I didn't get there on time, but my emotions are choosing not care so much about it at the moment. She could've taken my advice and stuck to doing the work at school.

I arrive at the plaza at 3:50. When I enter I notice there's about two familiar people here. One particularly is from school, Shanley.. were in the same history class the other just works here. Shanley notices me and quickly looks away, finding the floor much interesting.

Such a shy boy

I look around, wandering where that chic could be. Maybe she got sick of waiting for me and decided to leave. I don't blame her, I'd done the same thing if I were her. I go to the other corner, not seeing her seated any where either.

"Hey I'm over here." She says, her voice coming from behind me actually.

I turn around noticing she's coming from the restroom. I note she also had a change of attire, blue jeans and a white dress top and long shiny earrings. She's a very small girl perhaps 5 what 4? And petite as well. Her dream job must be some kind of runway model, at least that's what I think suits her.

"Why in the world are you so late?" She asks, doing the same action with her arms,crossing them. "Do you have any idea how long I've been sitting here waiting for you? "

I don't reply to her, watching as her eyebrows clench together in anger. Sometimes I wait again just for clarification to make sure I heard what I heard. People like her mistake it all the time that I'm just rude but most of the time I'm just waiting for them to repeat themselves.

"Well are you going to answer me?"

"Which part do you want an answer for ?" I ask, sighing in annoyance. "I'm here now aren't I?"

I take a random seat, next to the water fountain, waiting for her to do the same. I'm confused when I see her still standing there with her arms crossed.

"My stuff is sitting in the front." She corrects me, pointing to the back. "Not here."

"So bring your things here then." I suggest.

"Did you not hear me, I said I'm sitting in the front." She says, "So you have to get up"

I roam my hand though my hair, already getting frustrated. I do not have the time for this back and forth commotion.

" Why can't you bring your stuff and sit here." I say,"What's so hard about that?"

She sighs in annoyance before storming off. I watch her from a distance, and I see she's packing everything into her backpack. She's about to leave. I groan in annoyance, getting on my feet. What is her problem ??

"What do you think your doing?"

"Leaving obviously." She replies, "You can forget about the homework assignment I'll do the planning at home."

I could care less about the work part in all of this. But what I do care about is the gas I wasted to get here. It legit took me almost twenty minutes to get here, I'm not leaving here for nothing.

"Are you playing with me right now?" I say, angrily." I wasted twenty minutes driving from my house to here and you want to leave all of a sudden?"

"Oh great at least now you how I felt like waiting an hour for you." She throws her bag over her shoulder, walking away.

I stop her, taking her by the arm like she did to me. I can hear her heartbeat, escalating quickly, perhaps terrified of how I grabbed her out of no where. I release my grip on her, her eyes parting sightly.

"Look, I apologize for my actions." I say, "But I'm not letting you waste my time like that. We came here for a reason, so let's get on with it."

She walks back to her seat, settling her bag pack back down. I join her, sitting across from her.

"Where's your stuff?" She asks me, pausing to look at me.

"I figured I wouldn't need it." I say.

"You've got to be kidding me." She mutters. "So how are you supposed to take notes when we plan whatever we talk about here?"

I take out my phone. "I got my phone, it's good enough."

She looks at me weirdly. "Okay?"

Is that not what she asked?

"Here." She says, giving me a piece of paper and a pencil. "Use this instead."

I take the pencil and the paper, keeping it to the side. I need to get my head together right now. This isn't the best time to be mishearing her. I guess I'll have to be staring at her lips for the remainder of the time in case I miss something important.

That ended quicker than I expected. We spent maybe 30 minutes discussing. One thing we agreed on is that I'll be the one doing the drawing, since I'm better at it. What can I say, Art is something I grew up loving. Despite the tough challenges I faced throughout my childhood, drawing was the only thing that ever stuck by me.

People I knew that told me they loved me, that they'd never leave me eventually turned away when life started getting rough for me. Especially when I got diagnosed with schizophrenia. They'd made fun of me , called me names. I just didn't want to deal with it no more.Gradually I stopped opening up to people and I ended up moving schools.

But drawing been there. It always made me feel better about myself and as sad it may sound it's been my only companion. It's the only thing that's kept me sane in all this and what I am.

I park my motorcycle by my door, entering my quiet house. As soon as I stepped in, I realized something felt off. Someone was in here. I could hear faint footsteps from upstairs, coming from my room if I had to be precise.

In a blink of an eye, I've had reached my bedroom. And on my bed, sat.. Amber, my sister. She's looked the same since the last time I seen her, well I mean yes it hasn't been that long, It was a year ago.

"Vinceee!!!!" She smiles, suddenly hugging me.

She squeezes me tight, not budging to let me go. I awkwardly stand there, unsure of what I should do.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, satisfied once she's let me go.

"That's what your going to say?" She says,"How about I missed you?! And I'm glad your here?!"

"You could've told me your coming over." I said, "I thought someone random came in here."

She rolls her eyes, "I wanted it to be a surprise silly ." She says, looking around." How have you been? This place must get so lonely."

I put my drawing collection on the shelf.

"I've been fine." I say, laying down. "And its perfect, I don't get lonely."

She bursts into laughter. "That's the biggest lie I've heard you say all year. This place is lonelier than I'll ever be, I mean your living in the middle of a forest .. not living with anyone.. I doubt you have friends and, you don't even have tv."

I roll my eyes, "Is this what you came 30 miles to tell me?"

"Well No." She says, "Newton told me to tell you to come home. We do miss you, ya know or at least visit the Mega house sometime, they haven't seen you in years."

I glare at the ceiling, annoyed once I heard the mention of Newton. He's our 'father' to be precise, more like a guardian. He's the father figure we never had growing up and we've lived with him since we both were young. We've been under his wing ever since he found out about us and our abnormal abilities.

The mega house is filled with people just like us, some half human, some not. We're basically a family over there, but I wanted to move out and reconnect with my human qualities. I missed being 'normal' and I wanted to feel that way again. Over there I felt like I was some kind of 'animal' but when I'm here on my own I felt entirely .. normal.

"I'll think about it." I say.

"Good." She says, "Maybe come during spring break, I mean I still don't know why you bother attending high school, it's as if you want to be some kind of slave to society."

"That's not why I go to school, you know that."

"Sure it's not." She says, sarcastically."Anyway I'm hungry, let's eat."

I sigh, "Go ahead, I'm not."

"Um you will be once it hits 12, come on now show me around the house." She says. "Haven't been here in a while."

I sigh, getting up. If I knew she was going to come, I'd made sure to lock the doors with wolfsbane. Now that's she's here I doubt she won't leave until the next morning, especially since tonights going to be a very special moment for us both. The sound of pot clacking together, is enough to make me get down.

"Do you not have any food in here?" She asks, checking the fridge.

I lean my head against the wall, crossing my arms as I do so.

"Not really." I say.

"What?" She gasps, "How do you survive?"

I roll my eyes. I prefer eating outside food, I'm not much of a cook myself. I only make take time to cook once every weekend, mostly on Saturday's. Besides that I don't make meals. There should be some leftover of pasta in there though, I'm sure I didn't finish all of that.

"You don't want pasta?" I ask her.

"Uh no." She replies, "Why don't you have any other options? This can't be all you eat this week?"

"You should have told me you were coming." I sigh, "I could've made something for you."

She rolls her eyes, "I told you I wanted to surprise you." She says, "You know what? I'm going to go do some grocery shopping. Then I'll cook and we'll get to eat together like a real family."

"Great." I say sarcastically.

" Awesome." She replies, hitting my shoulder."I'll be back."

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