Part Man, Part Beast

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Chapter 4

Jackie's POV 🥀

I open my green bomber jacket, glancing in the mirror once I'm done dressing up for the third time. Okay this outfit is perfect. It's not out of my comfort zone since I'm not over dressed. Right now it's 7 pm already and Marks coming to pick me up.

It took a while to look this good, I mean I spent thirty minutes trying to find the perfect outfit. I'm super nervous that Nicholas is going to be at the park and excited at the same time. I've had a crush on his since last year, we've only talked maybe three or four times in school and twice at parties.

The guy is so cute, at least in my opinion. Melinda thinks his hair looks like a porcupine but to me it's more like a cute spiky hairstyle. Let's not even get started with Beth, she's not into white dudes. I find that hilarious considering the big fact that well.. shes white. Michelle however thinks he's cute.

A knock sounds from my door, and I see Dylan with his headphones plugged in and his controller in hand.

"Marks here." He replies, " where you two going huh? A date?"

I gag, grabbing my phone. "Ew, stop being gross Dyls, he's my friend for the hundredth time!"

"Sure." He says. "More like friends with benefits?"

I push him out my room, closing the door behind me. Gosh what goes in that little brain of his.

"I don't know how you know about that, but I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear you say that." I say, following him down the steps.

"Lets just say I know things." He replies.

I spot Mark waiting patiently in the living room, watching Dylan's game screen in boredom. He's sorta matching with me, we both have black pants and white shoes.

"Hey are you ready to go?" I ask, getting his attention.

He scans my outfit, suddenly making a puff fish face. "Ouuu, I see your dressed a little too fancy for Nicholas huh?"

I rolll my eyes, "I have good style." I say, defending myself. "But maybe I am, maybe I'm not."

He chuckles, making Dylan turn around.

"Who is Nicholas?"Dylan asks, raising a concerned brow.

"Aw You didn't tell your lil bro?" Mark teases,"Welll I'll tell him, Dylan.. Nicholas is your sisters-

I quickly cover his mouth, from saying anything else"Don't you dare finish that sentence."

"What? her boyfriend?" He asks, "You have a boyfriend?!!"

"Were leaving" I say, pushing Mark out. "Come lock the door."

"I'm so telling mom you got a boyfriend." He sings, as if he's doing something. "Jackie's got a boyfriendddd!"

"I do not have a boyfriend." I say, "Stop saying that."

He puts the controller down to follow us to shut the door. It's not that my mother despises the idea of me dating boys, she's actually all for it. The problem is, once she gets comfortable with the whole idea she'll start doing the most, setting up rules and weird stuff that I'll have to follow.

"I'll be home soon." I say, "Don't let strangers in."

He rolls his eyes. "I'm not five."

After he says that he shuts the door,leaving us alone. Mark bursts into laughter, smacking his knee dramatically.

"Lets Go." I say grumpily.

By the time we arrive at the park, everyone's there. Five of the football members are also present, throwing each other a football. Nick was also one of them, looking dashing, shirtless.

Mark nudges me, reminding me that I've zoned out. I avert my eyes to the girls who are waving over to us, and I approach them. Mark goes to greet the boys.

"Hey guyssss!!" I squeal

"Hey." They say. "You look good."

I take a seat next to the delicious pizza, not wasting a second to grab two slices of pepperoni. After that I take a can of sprite.

"Did you see Nicholas, girl." Michelle grins,"Go say hi to him or something, he totally checked you out just now."

"Yeah, come on this is your chance." Melinda agrees, swiping on her phone.

"Guys no." I say, taking another bite. "He's with the boys, let him have his moment."

Bethany laughs, "You're so shy."She replies,"You've talked with him before, so what's the matter?"

"Okay I will." I say, taking a sip, "Later though."

I burp out loud, quickly cover my mouth once I realize it's too late. The girls laugh at me, and I almost freak out once I notice Nicholas looking.

"Omigosh I think he heard that." I whisper.

"Nooo." Jenny replies sarcastically. "But he's smiling though, so ouuu."

I giggle, "I'm so embarrassing."

-"Hey do you girls wanna play soccer with us?" David asks, "I mean unless you guys are scared your going to trip on a lace or something."

Jenny cringes, "Nobody is scared of anything." She replies, "As a matter of fact, we'll be down to play."

We glance at each other, awkwardly. This was not discussed JENNY.

"Okay, then." He says, "lets go, it's boys vs girls."

David goes back to the boys to let them know what's going to happen.

"Uh I am so not playing soccer." Bethany replies. "I just got these toe nails done, if I fall it's game over."

"Well okay, what about you guys?"

I take my last bite of pizza, finishing my sprite without seconds. I am pretty good at soccer, and I don't mind showing off in front of Nick. I big smile appears on my face as I get up.

"I'm down." I say.

"Yay." Jenny says, "What about you two Melinda and Michelle?"

"Sure." Michelle says, "I was getting bored anyway."


"Um." She says, staring at her phone.

I snatch the phone out of her hand, annoyed with her behavior. She's been on her phone entire time, she's practically avoiding us.

"Give it back." She whines, "I'm watching Frankenstein."

"We're playing soccer. " I say, "So get your butt up."

"why do you need me?" She asks, "I'm bad at soccer."

"Because we need more people silly ." Jenny says, picking her up. "hurry ladies, we need to beat their butts."

Bethany laughs, "I'll be rooting for you three from here."

We arrive at the small circle of boys, Mark holding the ball under his feet.

"Okay so the teams aren't even, it's three against five so only three of you guys will have to play." He says to the boys.

"I'll be playing." Nicholas says, winking at me.

My face warms up, totally not expecting that to happen. I show a small smile,and he returns one back.

"Okay, I'm playing too." Mark says, "Now we need one more guy for the boys team, anyone?"

"Me." David says, glaring at Jenny, who's giving him a 'bring it' on face.

"Ok, now all we need is a goalie. Matthew you'll be goalie for both teams."

He nods, "Cool."

That leaves Aidan on the side, so he heads over to Bethany to keep her company. Mark goes over the rules, and then the punishment. I hate his punishments, their always the worse. This one is if a team loses they'll have to put their head into a bucket of cold water for a minute. We'll have to do it at Marks house tomorrow after school. And I for one, can not hold my breath for more than ten seconds under water..

So we can't lose.

I can't believe we really just lost like that. We were doing so great the first couple rounds. But we slowly started to degrade. I sorta blame Matthew at the same time, he wasn't a good goalie at all. I'm so convinced he secretly tried his best to block all of our balls but when it came to the boys he was relaxed.

The boys score 42 goals and us with 20.

"We were so close!!" Jenny whines. "I still can't accept the fact that we lost!"

"Forget that we have to do the dumb punishment now."Michelle reminds us. "That's more horrifying."

"Good thing I didn't play haha." Bethany laughs. "You girls should've listened."

"Okay but it was so much fun though." Jenny says, laying down on her belly. "Maybe if you decided to play we might've won."

I sit down, taking a waterfall from Melindas water bottle. I agree, the more players we had the better. I thought we had a chance because I'm so skilled at soccer, but it turned out I wasn't enough.

The chatter among the girls eventually fade and I'm wandering what it is that made them stop. I stop drinking the water midway, to find them staring in the distance.

"Guys?" I say.

"Man alert, man alert." Melinda whispers.

I turn my head so fast, I think I might've heard something snap. I see Nicholas heading to our direction, walking like he's in some kind of model competition. Maybe it's all in my head and he's walking normal pace, I couldn't tell. I was too busy staring.

"Hi girls." Nick greets, making me snap out of the trance. "You guys mind if I steal, Jackie for a minute?"

"Sure-Go for it"-"No problem love." They say at once.

"Cool." He grins, looking at me now. "Jackie, you got a second?"

"Um sure." I say, rising up from my comfy spot.

I rub my sweaty palms on my jeans, smiling at him.

"Y'all don't stay too long now." Bethany says,"Or we might end up leaving you guys."

I roll my eyes, laughing. "Okay mom."

"I'll bring her back before you know it."Nick replies,"Don't worry."

"Okay, y'all have fun."

I turn around to go to the opposite direction, more like wherever he was going that is. I notice Mark looking at us with a smirk and I roll my eyes at him too.

"where are you two going huh!?" He asks.

"We're walking." Nick chuckles." We'll be right back."

"Oh alright." Mark replies, "We leave in twenty minutes, so y'all gotta be quick."

Nick places an arm around me, smiling as he did so. That alone made my heart skip so many times.

"You were amazing out there." Nick compliments me, "I didn't know you we're skilled at soccer?"

I laugh, grateful it was dark so he couldn't see me face glowing right now. I wanted to be all petty and say 'there's a lot you don't know much about me', but I'll just save that for another day.

"Thanks." I reply, "And yeah I'm pretty good at many things actually, soccer is just one of them."

"Okay." He says, "So.. like what else are you good at?"

I notice we were about ten steps away from entering the deep forest, and from the looks of it, I'm guessing we were going in there. The question is why.

"Where are we going?" I ask, curiously

"I wanna show you something." He grins.

"In the forest?" I laugh.

"Yeah." He replies. "Hey don't laugh."

"okay, okay." I say, "I like surprises."

We enter the forest, walking straight onto a paved path. I know I said I like surprises but I can't help but want to know what it is at the same time. Did he like want to show me a treehouse perhaps? I've never seen those except in movies so I'd be siced if that's what it is.

I dunno how long we've been walking for but it's been long enough. We've been walking so much I'm actually starting to feel tired. I glance at my phone, noticing it's 11:59. Not only that but I also had received several text messages from my worried mom. I text back, so she doesn't worry so much.

"Hey Nick id hate to ruin the surprise but my mom needs me home." I say, "I think we should get back to Mark and them."

I glance up from my phone, suddenly not able to find him. I turn on my flash, kinda startled. Was this part of the surprise maybe? Even still, I don't understand why he'd leave me like that. I Suddenly hear a horrific scream from afar, scaring the mess out of me. I search around with my phone, curious to where that came from. Omigosh I need to get out of here.

"Nicholas?" I say,"Where are you? I'm kinda scared right now."

-"I'm right .. behind you" I hear him say.

An arm goes about my waist, and my heart suddenly jumps. I don't get to turn around, since that's when he decides to rests his chin on my shoulder. Don't get me wrong I like this guy, but this is straight up weird for him to do something like this.

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