Part Man, Part Beast

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Chapter 5

Jackie's POV 🥀

"Nicholas what are you doing?"

His grip on my waist gets tighter, "What I've been trying to do for a while."

I try to release his grip off me, but he doesn't budge. My hearts beats louder and louder, not in the good way. He pulls me closer, planting his lips on my shoulder. A shiver runs up my spine, and just like earlier I'm frozen.. and scared.

"Don't do this Nick." I say, "Lemme go a-nd and I won't tell anyone I promise."

"Do you really think I believe that?" He asks.

I see no point of trying to get him to listen, he's not going to let me go. My only hope is to try to get someone's attention. Anyone!!

"Help!!" I scream, "Somebody hel-

My back suddenly slams against a tree, and my mouth gets covered, pain shooting through my back. It's so dark out, I can barely make out the look on his face. Tears rushes down my face, as I start praying for help. My phone ends up falling on the floor, and Marks contact number appears across the screen.

"I'm sorry, but nobody can help you now."He says, stepping on my phone "Now do whatever I say and this is going to be end up easier for both of us."

I shake my head, crying uncontrollably. He places his hands on my neck, starting to strangle me. I fight with all my might, kicking while engraving my finger nails into his hands but he squeezes even harder.

My vision starts to blur, and my breath starts to become shallow. I can't die not like this, I refuse to. I have to stay alive, no no. I feel my body starts to become weak and my heart beat slowly coming to a stop.

Before my soul could give up on me, something fast and huge swerves past the corner of my eye, bringing Nicholas down to the floor. My knees hit the floor, and I immediately start coughing.

Nicholas lets out an agonizing scream, and starts calling me to help him.

"Jackie Help me please!!" He yells. "Holy mother of.. AHhHhh!!"

I avert my eyes from the floor to look at what just saved my life. It's a brown and white gigantic beast. My vision is still pretty blurry but I'm sure of what I'm seeing. I can't see its face but It's on top of Nick, growling at his face.

It's claws are so freakishly long, longer than a normal size of a wolf or any bear. W-what kind of animal is it?

I back away slowly, terrified.

The animal, continues attacking Nick. And for a brief second, I almost felt bad for leaving him to die.. but honestly he would've raped me. I don't want to save him.. and it's not like I can if I tried. I hope he dies.

Nick continues to scream, as the animal continues harming him. As if the moment could get any worse, another beast appears from the opposite, knocking the brown and white to the side. They roll over, fighting each other now.

I see Nick, struggling to get up. There's blood all over his right leg and by the looks of it I doubt he can walk. And as much as I hate him, I need to go get him some help. I scramble for my phone, finding it near the brown and white beast tail.

They both are distracted so I should be able to do this without getting caught. I successfully grab the phone, but I get noticed by the green eye wolf. It knocks the brown one to the side, paying it's attention to me now. My heart legit stops beating, realizing I'm it's next target. It's eyes are the lightest shade of green I've ever seen on any person or animal. I would've considered it beautiful if it didn't have blood dripping from its mouth. It slowly starts approaching me, but unlike, Nick it doesn't attack me.

Instead, it growls at me, revealing very large yellowish teeth,much similar to a Wolf. Out of no where, the other beast takes him by surprise, giving me the opportunity to make a run for it. I run as fast as I can, fear gripping my heart that I'd be Their next meal if I don't keep running. I look back every so often, to make sure I'm not being chased.

Once I do it again, I trip and fall, hitting my head. My shoulders tremble as I force myself to stand back up. My phone rings again, this time it's Melinda. I pick up.

"Omgosh Jackie where on earth are you guys!!" She yells. "Mark and everyone have been calling you too for almost an hour now?? are you okay!"

"No." I say, getting emotional. "Nick almost raped me."

"What!?" I hear everyone practically yell.

She put my on speaker!!? Omigosh that's so embarrassing. Now everyone knows.

"-Where are you?, me and the boys are coming to get you right now." Mark says.

"No, no it's dangerous." I say, getting back on my feet. "I know this sounds crazy but there's two large beasts, and one of them attacked Nick.. I got away but he's really hurt and-

"We're coming!" I hear David butt in. "Just try to get out of there, the girls will get you home."

"Okay." I say, "Okay."

I keep running unsure of where I'm going. This place is so deep, I doubt I'm every going to get out of here. I text my mum, letting her know I'll be staying with Bethany tonight. I can't go home looking like a freak show. She'll flip out.

I continue running, trying to recall the steps Nicholas and I came from. I finally make it out of the maze after what feels like decades later. Once I see Jenny's pink jacket, I'm so positive I made it to the right side.

"Guys look over there, I think it's Jackie." Michelle says, pointing her flash in my direction.

The girls turn around, racing to me now. I can't describe the amount of joy thats penetrating though my heart, seeing them.

"Omgosh, Jackie!!" They squeal.

I run into their arms, breaking into silent tears. They all hug me tighter than I needed them to, not bothering to let me go. I missed them so much. I thought every haunting moment that I spent in the woods would be my last.

"I thought we lost you for good." Bethany frowns, hugging me again. "And I'm sorry about what happened to you back there."

"Yeah I can't believe Nick would try to do something so disgusting, especially to you. I thought he liked you." Melinda says.

"Same." Jenny agrees, "Once the boys find him, I'm going to kill him myself."

As much as I appreciated them for wanting to give them a piece of their mind, at the moment, I wanted nothing more than to forget about what happened back there and go on home.

"So you said he didn't rape you right?" Michelle asks, touching my shoulder. "By That Do you mean at all, or like was he on top-

"Michelle!" The girls scream.

"What?" Michelle asks, confused. "I just want to know what happened."

"No." I say, remembering every disgusting act he performed "He didn't get that far, but he-he."

I don't manage to finish my sentence, since that when I break into a cry. The girls give me another hug, everyone saying their fair shares of me going to be okay.

"You don't have to talk about it." Bethany says, "Whenever your ready, we'll be ready to listen."

I nod in response, unable to get the words 'thank you' out of my mouth.

I wipe my tears, so thankful to be alive and found. Jenny looks at her phone and I see it's 1:18 am on a Tuesday. I can't believe I'm not sleeping right now, I'm always asleep around this time.

I have to get going.. well all of us and I need to find someway to forget about what Nick almost did to me back there, no matter how impossible that was starting to feel at the moment.

"Guys we should get going home, we have school tomorrow." I remind them.

"What we don't about care that."Jenny says. "Right now we're just worried about you."

"Yeah." Melinda says. "Screw school."

I giggle, "Guys no it's okay, I'll be fine. I don't want you guys missing school or coming late because of me. Let's just go home now."

"Well okay if you say so." Jenny says.

"Bethany can I staying over at yours tonight? I don't think I'll be able to sleep alone today." I say, getting goosebumps thinking about it.

"Yes, of course." She grins.

We hug all together again, before parting ways. I lean my head on Beth's shoulder, as she lead me to her car. As we walked I couldn't help but wander what I ever did to make Nick want to hurt me. I've been so kind to him every time I encountered with him.. so why? Why me?

The next morning, I wake up earlier thanks to Bethany. She's provided me with the one of best hospitality service I could ever expect from her. She's even lended me an outfit to wear just so I don't have to wear yesterday's outfit. I love her so much.

"Thanks." I smile. "I owe you one."

"Don't mention it." She replies, "Oh and here, their not so shiny anymore but hey on the bright side it still matches with the shirt?"

I laugh as I take the white beat up vans to examine them. Oh yes, they so are not white and new like they used to be anymore alright, but she's also right about them being a good look. I put them on, tying the laces quickly.

I already ate breakfast with her, so we're about to head to my house so I can pick up my school things.

"Are they better?" She asks.

I shake my feet in them, glad this one isn't so small like the adidas. I nod, satisfied.

"Yeah." I day. "Much."

"Okay, lets bounce." She says, picking up her bag.

I follow her out of her bedroom and into her small Hyundai hot pink car. I remember her dad getting that for her on her 17 birthday party. She was so happy once she saw it coming a block away. She had a feeling she was going to get a car but not so soon.

I get on the passenger side, buckling my seatbelt. I sometimes forget how small her car really is at times. I'm so use to having Mark drive me off to school and not her.

And speaking of school, I so don't want to go right now. If I had it my way I would've stayed home. I don't think I'm ready to see Nicholas today. Unfortunately, the boys found him yesterday night lying on the floor passed out. He was such in a bad shape so his friends had him taken to the hospital. He's all live and well now so I'm positive he's going to be coming.

"Hey are you okay?" Beth asks, noticing I'm very quiet.

"No." I sigh, looking out the window. "I don't want to see him."

Beth stops at a traffic light, touching my hand. She's giving me a pitiful look, a look I know everyone would start giving me after today.

"I know." She says, "I don't want to see him neither. But I doubt he'll show his face, He's seriously going to have some guts if he actually does show up after what he did to you."

I rest my head by the window, not in the mood to talk. Especially about him. Right now I feel so disgusting. Disgusting about the fact that I use to have feelings for that pig. I fell for his looks and not his personality. I didn't even know him like I thought I did anyway. He was always so kind and flirty around me but then this one time, he shows his true colors.

I'll never forgive him.

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