Part Man, Part Beast

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Chapter 6

Vincent's POV 🥀

*croak *croak*croaak

My eyes open to find three fat frogs seated on my bed. I groan in annoyance, irritated how they got here the first place. I don't waste a second to brush them off of my bed. I can't ever seem to escape from those hideous things. Somedays they'll be in my kitchen, other days on my bathroom floor. They land flat on the floor, seconds later, hopping away.

I turn my head suddenly noticing, there's black bloody prints all across my bedroom floor and red bloody stains plastered on the door and on my wall. It doesn't take a second for me to realize that I turned.

I take off my sheets, noticing there's a towel covered around my waist. That had to be Ambers doing, I'm usually naked after I turn back to my normal self. I sit up, wandering about in frustration, trying to trigger a memory if I caught an animal or a person last night. I hate these moments when I fully turn during the full moon. I can't remember anything that I did or what I ate. All I feel during those stages is hunger and anger.

I get up, glancing at the clock. I'm an hour early before school starts. I might as well clean this mess up and get ready. On the corner of my bed I notice a note from Amber.

Hey sleepy head, by the time you read this I'll be already on the road back to Newport. I'll visit you again soon. Call me muah


I crumble the note, tossing it into the trash, once I'm done reading. By already on the 'road' she's either 'running' to get back to Newport, or she's taking a cab there. Knowing how impatient she is, I highly doubt she's doing the second option, as if she wants to waste a day driving back to get there.

I go down the steps to get a bucket of water and a towel to wipe the mess that I made. I get more annoyed once I realize, it's not just coming from my bedroom floor, rather it's legit everywhere. I groan in frustration.

This is going to take forever

I finish cleaning just in time to get going for school. I only managed to have the time to clean the prints off the floor so I decided that I'm going to buy new paint after school to repaint the wall . It's not like the blood is going to come off so easily if I scrubbed it off. It's already dried up.

I pull up to the parking spot for motors, once I arrive at the school. Im surprisingly not late today, which is a good thing. I hate the detentions, they make us sit there the whole time staring at the wall. Sleeping is not an option neither, but I never care. I do what I want.

I put my helmet in its place, before making my way to the building. I hear chatters from almost every single person around me. They all are talking about pointless things. Girls, money, drugs, their ex. It's so annoying, I wish I can make them all shut up.

As if the day could get any better I notice some guy in shorts with crutches who looks .. like he's in pain. His right leg, is completed wrapped with an ace bandage. And on his right arm there's a long scar.

I chuckle, Did he get in a fight with sharks or something? These kids these days be doing some dumb stuff.

People are following him like he's some celebrity, bombarding him with questions. I slow down my pace to hear what they have to say.

"Nick, what did you say attacked you ?" Some Asian kid with glasses asked him. "what did it look like?"

He has his phone out recording whatever he had to say. So I was right, he did get his leg bitten by a shark. That's funny.

"I dunno what it was." The Nick guy goes on about. "But it had green eyes, and it was big. And It's claws were like twice the size of a bears. It was freakish."

"Wow." Another guy says in shock. "Did you like take a picture of it?"

"No." He replies,rolling his eyes. "I was too busy trying to stay alive, dum arse."

Green eyes? And large claws? There's no way that could've been me. Crap but those descriptions describes me perfectly when I'm a beast. I live in a damn forest though, so why would he be at a forest so late at night anyway?

-"By the way did you hear what Nick did to Jackie?" I hear another person say, this time on my far left.

"What?" Carla asks. "What happened?"

"You seriously don't know?" The guy says, eyes appearing bigger than his forehead.

"Would you just say it?!" The girl screams."What did he do?"

My brows meets one another, a sensation of curiosity hitting me. Jackie? As in the girl in my science class?

"I heard he raped her." He whispers.

My eyes widen in shock, doubt suddenly appearing in my mind. Nah, no I might've just thought that's what he said. My schizophrenia probably just kicked in again. There's no way, he did that to her. That's so sick.

Before I know it, I'm heading over to the two's direction. I grab the guy by the arm, making him look at me. His eyes widens again, and I can hear his heart beat about to explode at any second.

"What did you just say?" I ask.

Before the kid could mention anything more to me, a loud gasp coming from the front of the building makes me turn. I see guy by the name of Mark beating the life out of Nick. People are recording on their phones, some chanting Marks name.

"That's. For. Jackie." He punches him across the face, at each word.

So it was true? It wasn't all just all in my head? I release my arm from the kid shoulder, giving him and his girlfriend a moment to run away. Right then and there, I spot Jackie going inside the school with her head down.She's walking with another girl, I'm assuming is her friend.

Mr Fray, the principle suddenly runs out the school with one of the secretary guards, following after him. They break the two apart, Nicholas ending up more bloodier than he was before.

"You two in my office now." Mr Fray said, "And as for the rest of you, get to class right now!"

Everyone immediately disperses after that, including me.

The first few minutes of class passes and I can't help but look at Jackie the whole time. As much as I tend to not care much, I'll be lying if I said I didn't feel slightly bad for her. To make things even more worse, as soon as she entered class with her friends, everyone was quick to talk about her.

Even till now I can hear some whispers about her. It makes me feel like I'm in elementary school all over again. I roll my eyes, in annoyance.

"I don't know how she managed to come to school today." Another girl whispers. "She's so brave."

"Okay class, we have almost an hour left to work." Mr Einstein says, taking a seat" Take that as an opportunity to make it your main goal to finish your planning today. Next class, I'm hoping to see you guys working on your posters."

As soon as he said go, chairs screech against the floor and everyone gets up to go to their partners. The chatter begins right then and there, irritating me once again.

The only people that haven't moved are me and Jackie. Oddly, today she doesn't feel like being all tough and bossy. I'm not use to that I guess.

"Hey Jackie are you alright?" Einstein smiles at her, stopping by her table. "You seem awfully quiet."

She nods, "I'll be fine, I just wanna be alone right now."

"Well I understand." He sighs, "But you know the rules in the class and doing nothing isn't exactly one of them. "

I roll my eyes, annoyed with the guy. She got assaulted give her a damn break, I wanted to say.

"I just need a minute." She replies, still looking down. "Please."

He nods, "Okay One minute." He replies.

He heads over to his desk, putting on his glasses to read.

I rest my head on my hand, sitting there as I glare at the back of her silky dark hair. I get a feeling that this is gonna take longer than I know it. I tap my fingers on the table, bored as I wait for her.

If that guy from earlier was being honest about seeing me last night, then I'm assuming I must've kind of saved her. I might've not been able to remember what exactly happened that night, but one thing I can control is who I target. And I'd definitely been sure to take him out. I hate guys that do stuff like that.

"Jackie times up." Einstein says.

She scoots back from her seat, grabbing her things to come to me. I eye her outfit unintentionally, noting shes dressed very vibrant today. She's in a yellow Champion shirt and light blue skinny jeans. One thing I can say for sure is her attires never seem to disappoint.

I glance at her angelic face, which looks very sad. She doesn't look at me, which I'm not surprised to why that's so. I still can't believe that guy seriously harmed her like that and got away with it. He couldn't get laid so he decided to what? force him self onto her? How lame could he be?

She pulls up a chair, sitting across from me. I watch her as she pulls out the notes from yesterday. Not so long after that, I sense a weird scent coming from her, which isn't something I can say is exactly pleasant. It smelt more like blood.

Ah someone's on their monthly.

I lean a bit back, unsure of how I was going to get through this. I don't like that smell.

I wait for her to say a word at least, to avoid the awkwardness. When that doesn't work,I make up my mind that,it's going to stay that way if I don't say something first.

"So I heard a rumor about you and Nick." I say. "Is it true?" I ask, trying to bring some kind of light in her darkness.

She doesn't reply to me, scribbling something on her paper instead. Of course this isn't a lovely topic to talk about, yeah I know that. This is me trying to help though, I'm not that cold hearted believe it or not. And I also wanna know if she saw me out there too.

"What rumor?" She asks, unable to look me in the eyes.

I'm left to look at her long lashes, which I find very ..appealing. I'm surprised she even replied to me. I expected a sassy remark, the usual ones she gives me.

Asking her about it, made me feel super uncomfortable. Rape isn't a cool topic to talk about.

"Did he .. rape you?" I ask, only loud enough for her to hear it.

She stops writing, to glare at me. I look at her big brown innocent eyes, reading a look of disgust and hatred plastered across her face. I suddenly feel bad for asking. Maybe it was too personal to talk about.

"Why are you asking me that?" She asks.

"I'm just curious is all." I reply.

She pauses for a moment before shaking her head once. No? Then why were people saying he did? She looks down, perhaps recalling the moments of last night. I notice her eyebrows, clench together, followed by a small tear.

I watch uncomfortably, as she then starts to sob. I'm not exactly an expert in these bubbly situations. Nor do I know much about comforting people. Thankfully I don't have to stress enough. Melinda and Beth appears on time.

"Omgosh, Jackie, are you okay?"

She shakes her head, letting her friend hug her. Mr Einstein appears in the scene, confused as well.

"What's going on here?" He asks, looking at me. "Vincent, did you say something to her?"

"No." I say, "Nothing bad."

"Mr Einstein can we step outside?" Beth asks,"It's kind of personal."

"Yes please go ahead." He agrees.

The three of them leaves the classroom, making everyone start their gossiping again. I sigh in disapointment. There went my one good chance of knowing if she saw me too or not.

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