Part Man, Part Beast

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Chapter 8

Jackie's POV 🥀

"Hey." I say.

He turns his head around, removing his helmet. We lock eyes for a second, and I can't help but notice how pretty his eyes really are. He's strangely attractive, if that makes any bit of sense. His jawline look so defied and his hair is neatly aligned. And for a guy, his brows are really thick.

" Hi." He replies, in a low voice. "What brings you here?"

What brings me here? Did he think I wanted to see him for fun?

"We're partners remember?" I say, "that means we sorta have to see each other at some point in our lives."

He scoffs, "well you tell me." He replies, "I don't think partners ditch each other for a whole what?.. 20 minutes of class?"

I roll my eyes, "Look, I'm not here to deal with whatever it is .. your doing here okay?" I say, referring to his cocky ways.

"So why are you here then?" He asks.

"We need to meet up to finish the project obviously." I say, "what the days are you available?"

He pauses, "Why do we need to meet up again, I thought we're doing the rest at school?"

I sigh, in annoyance.

"We're not going to get enough time to finish the project in class." I tell him.

"Right." He agrees, "Because you like skipping all the time is that it?"

I can't believe he's this annoying. I cross my arms, squinting my eyes at him. It only happened one time and he knows why I left. I purposely wouldn't leave people I'm working with by themselves unless it's for a dang good reason.

"What's your problem?" I ask, "And why are you being so rude?"

"I'm not rude." He chuckles, "If anything your the rude one that left class and never came back."

Okay I had enough of this back and forth debate with him. I know he's trying to make me upset but I refuse to be so.

"Just tell me what days your available and I'll be on my way." I say.

"Not until you apologize." He says, suddenly smirking.

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"Say your sorry for leaving." He repeats. "And I'll tell you."

"And why in the world would I do that?"I ask.

The sound of the bell rings, announcing its time for seniors to go home. I look back at my friends, noticing their still standing there watching. Mark is back now too, watching me with a confused look on his face. I know I'm going to have to explain who he is to him in a moment.

The sound of Vincent's motor moving, makes me turn around. Before I know it, he's already pulled out of the motor spot, and is on his way to getting away. I get in the way.

"What are you ?crazy?" He asks, coming to a stop.

"No." I say, "But what I am is irritated at the fact you won't answer me. Tell me now or I'm not moving"

"Then I'll just run you over." He replies, simply

My eyes widen at the sound of that. He wouldn't.. no he couldn't? Right? he had to be bluffing. Even if he wasn't bluffing, how can he say something like that so calmly. I see that we've brought ourselves an audience. People are watching us like we're crazy.

He moves a bit forward and I take a step back, startled.

"Okay I'm sorry." I admit, feeling pathetic for even admitting it.

"Sorry for what?" He asks, fakely.

"You know what for." I say, not falling for it.

He grins, satisfied. "I guess that’ll do." He says." We can meet any day from 3-9, just say the time and that'll be that."

"Okay." I say, "How about today?the quicker we get it over with, the better chance I don't have to spend any more time with you."

"Sure." He replies, "I'll see you at the plaza at 6."

"Whatever." I say, "And don't be late this time."

I get out of his way, and he speeds away, leaving me to overthink what in the world just happened. Everyone joins my side, confusion, shock and admiration written on their faces.

"Who was that guy?" Marks asks.

"Vincent." I say, "He's my partner for some project."

"That's your partner?" Jenny repeats, alarmed.

"Unfortunately."I say, "And no before you ask if I chose him, the answer is no I did NOT choose."

"Actually that wasn't what I was going to say." She says, "But what I am going to say is he's hot."

The girls and I glance at each other, and Mark is just standing there awkwardly. Bethany suddenly explodes in laughter, finding what she said funny.

"He really isn't." She replies, "If you had him in any of your classes, that wouldn't be what you'd think."

"Why?" Jenny asks. "What's wrong with him?"

"Well for starters, he almost ran Jackie over so if anything, you should be horrified of him." Melinda says.

"What?"Jenny says in disbelief. "He was so totally flirting with Jackie, he was smiling and everything."

"I'll see you in the car." Mark says, walking away. "Bye y'all."

I don't blame him for leaving. Us gushing over boys, isn't something he finds entertaining.

"Bye." We say.

Jenny places an arm around my shoulder.

"You can't tell me he's not cute." She says. "I mean sure he's brings a bad boy kinda vibe but their the best part. "

She's right, I can't deny the fact that I find him oddly good looking. But I'm not interested in him nor am I admitting that out loud. If anything I learned that appearances means nothing when their personality is trash. Nicholas will always be a reminder of that.

"Don't ask her that." Beth says.

"Oh come on." Jenny says, rolling her eyes. "He's super fine, like so what if he could be a serial killer, he can run me over any day and I'll still like him."

I chuckle, shaking my head. "I worry about you Jenny."

"Please don't." She says, "Good Guys are so boring we all know it, but bad boys be mad interesting."

"She's kind of right." Michelle shrugs, "Bad boys are very fascinating."

I for one have never been into a relationship so I have zero experiences of what a good boy is like or what a 'bad' boy is like. But from what I heard, bad boys aren't capable of keeping a relationship for long.. so screw that.

"Can we not talk about Vincent right now?" Beth asks, faking a vomit. "Let's go home, I don't wanna be at this school."

"Yeah, lets go."Melinda agrees, "I need to pee."

We part ways, after we say our goodbyes, and I head to the parking lot to find Mark. As I'm walking I notice I'm not holding my bag. Oh snap! As soon as I turn , I suddenly remember that Mark already grabbed it for me. Oh thank goodness.

"Finally." Mark says, once I get in the car. "I was starting to wander if you were ever going to come back."

"Of course I was." I say, "How else would I get home."

"Wellll, you could've ran after that Vincent guy for one." He jokes, and I glare at him.

"Is he new or something?" He continues, sparking the car. "I've never seen him before."

I sigh, "Sorta, he got here almost a month ago."

"Oh." He replies, "Well.. are you comfortable with him?"

"Well at first no." I reply, "But I am slowly starting to get use to him."

"What's he like?"

I chuckle, "Whats up with all these questions Mark?" I say, buckling my belt. "Seems like your into him man."

"I'm just making sure he's not anything like Nicholas." He says.

At the mention of his name, the smile immediately leaves my face. Okay see this is what I'm talking about. They all do this, trying to pity me and act as if I'm fragile and I need some kind of protection.

"Omigosh can I go a minute without hearing his name?" I ask. "Please."

"I'm sorry." He replies,"I'm just trying to make sure he's cool."

"You don't have to do anything ." I say, "Whatever happened with Nick was unfortunate, but I'll be fine. So please stop worrying all the time gee."

"Okay." He replies, "Okay."

I lean back in the seat in frustration. I so can't wait to leave this school and forget everything about this town. I'll be moving to New York for my dream college too. At least then I won't have to worry about these rumors and I can start of fresh.

"You cheater!!" Dylan yells, falling behind me

We're playing a racing game on the ps4 and I'm clearly winning. I've knocked his car to the side and now he's making a fit because he's a loser.

"Sorry not sorry." I laugh.

I increase my speed, using the special boost button to get me way up even further. Haha If there's one game I can play, Racing games are my number one go to.

"You always do the same moves!" He rambles, "Your pretty much horrible."

"Says the one who's losing." I say, "Beat me then and let's see if you can talk."

He doesn't get much of a chance since that's when I cross the finish line. The credit suddenly start playing, with Player 2 coming across as winner. I get up to dance.

"I'm a winnner!!" I say, "And your a loserrr!"

He throws his controller down, angry.

"Shut up!" He snaps, "I demand a rematch!"

Mum appears from the corner with an apron, worried. We might've disturbed her from cooking.

"Que pasa!?" She says, "What did I tell you guys about inside voices huh, Dylan?"

He rolls his eyes, "I hate, hate, hate this game!" He says, ignoring mom completely.

"Sorry mom." I say, being the mature one. "We were just playing. And you know how Dylan gets when he loses.. badly."

"I don't care about that, you guys are way too loud." She replies, "I do not need to hear you from all the way in the kitchen."

"Right." I say, glaring at Dylan. "It won't happen again, don't worry."

She sighs, "Well, I'm done cooking, you two come eat."

At the sound of cooking, Dylan hops out of the couch, a smile coming across his face. He's so bipolar and fat omgosh. He drops his controller on the floor, walking away to the kitchen.

I decide to be the bigger person and I put the controllers back in place. If I didn't mum would've blamed me and gave me a whole lecture on how I need to be more responsible. That's the common expectation from Hispanic mothers.

I arrive at the dinner table, noticing there's many options today. Papusas, my favorite is among one of them. I sit down to get up again to start putting rice on my plate.

"Thank you mommy." I say.

"Gracias, mommy." Dylan repeats, already adding more food to his already filled plate.

"Hey, What did I tell you about your eating Dylan?" Mommy says, concerned.

Dylan sits back down, "I'll eat it all don't worry." He mutters.

For a single mother, my mother does a lot. Ever since our dad left us three years ago, she's been handling being a mother and a father at the same dang time. And not to mention she works too much. Sometimes I feel like we don't give her enough credit, because she's such an amazing mother.

I dive into my rice and beans, closing my eyes, to emphasize how great the taste is. Once I open them I see Dylan's looking at me like I'm some sort of creep.

"What?" I ask, mouthful.

"Your very abnormal." he replies, making me chuckle.

A small bit of rice comes out and my mom looks at me. Ewww okay that is so disgusting.

"Shut up, Dylan." I reply, brushing the bits in a napkin.

"Guys, enough." Mom says, placing a jar of orange juice on the table. "And please eat."

"Yes ma'am." Dylan says, quickly pouring himself a glass.

She takes a seat next to Dylan, getting herself something too. I then remember that I haven't told her nor Dylan about what happened in the woods nor about anything that happened in school. I wasn't very surprised that she didn't make big fuss about me staying with Bethany nor when she didn't ask me why I was up at 1 am in the morning either. i know she trusts me.

I hate having secrets, especially since we're so close and we always tell everything to each other. But I seriously doubt I can ever tell them something like this.. especially since it's about well.. rape. I know it would be too much for my mom to handle. She already worries enough as it is.

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