Part Man, Part Beast

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Chapter 9

Vincent's POV 🥀

I let the door slam shut behind me, as I enter my cold house with five gallons of grey paint in my hands. I made up my mind that instead of repainting the bloody walls with white paint, I would just repaint everything with a new color. I'm so sick of having white walls anyway, it's time I changed things up.

I put the gallons of paint on the floor first thing before going up to my room to change into something I care less about. I come across an old grey shirt and black pants.

After I get changed, I pull off my precious rings to put them on my table. The last thing I need is getting these babes covered with paint. Their very important to me too, since their the only thing that keep me under control when I'm out in public with people. Once I take them off, I have a lesser chance of self control. When I'm home, I'm at ease.

I transition to my bathroom, to get out my painting gloves and my paint brush.

I decide to start from the front of house first thing. It might be a small house, but there's so much I work I gotta do here.

I sigh, Man this is going to take forever. Yeahh, It's clear that I won't be able to finish painting all the walls today. It should take me a day or two at least. Besides, I have to meet with Jackie once again.

Meeting up with her all the time is slowly starting to get on my nerves.

But then again that gives me an opportunity to find some way to ask if she saw me last night too. I don't care if If that means she'll cry like a baby, like the last time. The lesser people know about what I am, the lesser chance I'll have of getting exposed.

I stand on a ladder to begin painting.

By the time I get the majority of the walls covered with grey paint, it's 5:50 pm. I wipe my sweaty forehead, in exhaustion. I've only done so little in two simple hours, I even sped by quicker but it still didn't do much.

But anyway, I need to get going. I told Jackie to get there by 6, but from the looks of it.. I'm not going to get there until 6:30. She can't blame me, I legit live twenty minutes from that place. Hopefully she doesn't get mad like she did last time.

I get off the ladder to go to the bathroom to take a quick rinse.

When I finish I notice it's 6:15. And not only that but I'm feeling very hungry. I groan in annoyance. Hunger seriously hurts when it first strikes. I guess I'm going to have to order something once I get to the plaza. I haven't eaten much this whole day, the school food disgusts me.

I leave my home, this time making sure I brought a backpack and some money. I dunno how long we're going to even stay there for. I just hope it's going to be like 30 minutes like last time.

I arrive at the Plaza, scanning around to see if Jackie's already there. I eventually find her sitting at the back with her eyes rooted on her notebook. I'm about to go there first but then a jab of hunger shoots from my belly. Ah shucks

I go to the front of the quiet cafe instead to order something to eat. A young dark skinned girl, comes up to take my order.

"Hi, what can I get ya?" She asks, a friendly smile coming to her face.

"Hi, lemme get 4 fried chicken sandwiches and 1 bottle of orange juice." I say, scanning the menu.

"Sure." She replies, jotting it down in her sticky note. "Any thing else?"

"No, that'll be it." I say.

"Okay, your total is $47.25 cents."

Wow this place is actually super expensive. I glance at the menu again to get another look at the prices. One chicken sandwich alone is 11$ dollars and all the drinks are 2 dollars. That's crazy.

I take out a fifty dollar bill out of my wallet and I hand it to her.

"Thanks". She replies, giving my change. "It'll be ready in 15 minutes."

Damn. I gotta wait that long for my food?

"Alright." I mutter.

She hands me a receipt, along with a empty cup so I can go fill it with my drink. After that, I go over to the drink machine, selecting an orange juice. After I'm done, I make my way to Jackie who's still busy reading.

I take a seat in front of her, getting her attention. Her hairs up again, and she's changed from the outfit I last seen her in. This time, she's wearing a pink tank top, blue ripped jeans and white adidas.

"Why are you late.. again?" She asks, noticing me.

"It's nice to see you too." I say, inserting a straw in the cup.

She stares at me, waiting for a proper response perhaps. She's always cranky, It makes me wander if she's ever a normal person. It gotta be cuz she's on her period.

"I was busy" I reply, going for a long sip. "My bad."

"Don't be late again." She says, "Or your gonna have to explain to Mr Einstein why you don't have a partner."

I chuckle, "Sure." I say.

She sighs, taking out three blank pink pieces of paper. I'm not the type to mind colors, but she could've chose any other color but pink. Has she forgotten she's working with me? What guy in their right mind likes pink?

"You seriously couldn't find any other color?" I say, dully.

"What's the problem?" She ask, "You said you didn't care what color I chose, so why are you getting so defensive?"

I sigh, fed up with her. "Never mind."

She pulls out color pencils from her bag, followed by black sharpies. She came more prepared than I did. All I brought were my notes and the assignment sheet. For a moment I almost feel bad, she's doing a lot of the work than I am.

I just study her as she starts writing neatly on the board. Her heart rate is extremely calm, which has to mean she's starting to get use to me. Everyone else I bump right into are always terrified. I can basically hear their heart beat rising when they see me, and I can sense their emotions. It gets tiring being feared all the time.

It hits me right then and there that theres something important I needed to ask her. I doubt she's going to react nicely but I'm dying to know.

"What did you see the other night?" I ask her.

She erases the pencil parts of the engraved words written with sharpie, right before blowing the dust away.

"What are you talking about?" She asks, slowly tracing.

I roll my eyes, 'as if she doesn't knows what I'm talking about'..

"That night you were with Nick." I say, "Did you see some kind of.. I dunno animal by any chance?"

I pick up her heart rate, and it's growing rapidly now. I sense that she's scared. I don't blame her for it, I'm making her think back to the moment she almost got assaulted.

"I'm not talking to you about anything." She replies, "Leave it alone."

"Look I know you don't feel comfortable talking about this, I get it but-

-"No, what you know is nothing." She snaps, looking at me. "So do me a favor and stop acting like you know anything. I am so sick and so tired of you people always trying to make me feel awful and.. and sad and scared. I get it okay, I get that everyone wants to know my business, but honestly it has nothing to do with you! So shut up!"

Her anger level has risen above anything I've ever experienced with her. I notice people giving us a startled look, and I suddenly feel bad. I glance back at Jackie, seeing that she's on the verge of tears again.

I don't know what to say to make her tone it down. I feel like if I say the wrong thing she'll cry, and I can't deal with that right now. I seriously don't want to.

"Let's talk outside." I whisper.

"What? Did you not hear anything that I said?" She asks, "I said there's nothing that I want to talk to you about, so no I will not talk with you outside!"

Out of the blue, one of the waitresses brings me my food. She quietly places the tray of delicious burgers down in front of me, looking rather uncomfortable.

"Thanks." I say.

She leaves the two of us alone, to stare at one another. I eventually break the intense eye contest to grab one of my burgers. Forget this, I'm hungry. Jackie looks away for a brief moment, rolling her eyes.

"You couldn't eat at home?" She asks, calmly.

I glance at her, confused. Did she have a bipolar disorder? She was literally angry a second ago and on the verge of crying her eyeballs out ? And then out of no where she's suddenly fine? Somethings up.

"No." I reply, taking a bite. "Is there a problem?"

"We're supposed to be working, genius." She says, "And from the looks of it, I'm the only person that's doing all the work."

"I'm sorry you feel that way." I reply, taking out the pickles.

She groans, "Out of all people, I just had to be with you huh?" She asks more to herself though.

I ignore her mental state, diving into my second burger. At the moment I feel like I could eat a horse and I'll still be hungry. The first sandwich barely did a thing to me. It was like all I ate was a granola bar.

"Hey!" Jackie shouts, snapping me into reality.

"What?" I ask, mouthful.

"I asked you a question." She replies.

I press my eyebrows together, not recalling her mentioning anything. Crud, I think I must've misheard her when I thought she was talking to herself. I stare at her, confused.

"What did you ask?" I say, pausing.

She sighs, "I said, when are you going to get started?" She says, "We'll need the illustrations by tomorrow so I can glue them on the final poster."

I gulp down the last portion of my sandwich, before going for a sip of my drink. Ah, so that's what she wanted to know?

"I'll do it once I get home." I say.

"You said that the last time we met here." She says, crossing her arms. "Can you just be honest.. please."

I know I said I would but obviously I turned into a beast again didn't I? But of course she doesn't know that.

"I said I will okay?" I repeat, "I'll have it done by tomorrow morning, I promise."

"Okay." She replies, exhaling. "Thank you."

I pick up my final sandwich, quickly examining it for any sign of pickles. I find two, and I take it out. I despise pickles with a passion, it taste too sour for my liking. Im curious to know who thought putting them in sandwiches would be a good idea.

"What's up with the rings?" Jackie asks me.

I look at her curious eyes, noticing she's staring at my rings.

"What?" I ask, to make sure I heard correctly.

She touches my fingers, taking my by surprise. I haven't been touched by her like this before.. well except the one time she grabbed my arm from leaving class. I feel weird, I'm not use to people touching me as a matter of fact.

"These rings." She repeats, "Why do you wear rings? This isn't the first time I've seen them on you neither."

She suddenly removes her hands,perhaps realizing she's invading my personal space.

"I like jewelry." I say, hoping it's believable.

She pauses for a moment before giggling into a soothing laughter. That's probably the first time I've heard her laugh. It's kinda sexy if I have to honest.

"Are you gay or something?" She snickers.

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