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The Alpha's Little Sister// Sample

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Moira has never been the pride and joy of her pack. In fact if it wasn't for her big brother the pack probably wouldn't even acknowledge her. After being almost raped by rogues and saved by the new Luna, little Moira finds her mate in her own home having sex with someone else. How does she win someone over who doesn't even act like she exists? How does she help her pack against the coming rogues when she is nothing but a runt?

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Chapter 1



Today just keeps getting worse. I haven't felt this broken since my parents were ripped from us. Lisa's face says it all; she knows.

"Lisa, don't tell Emmett," I whisper, staring into her eyes.

She nods wordlessly at me. Her eyes are hard and angry.

Lisa is the strongest woman I have ever met. She is the only reason my innocence was not ripped from me today. I smile at her. I need her to think I'm strong too. That having my mate in my own home with another woman won't break me.

"I'm going to go take a shower. You can take one is Emmett's. I will get some more of mom's clothes out," I say, trying to ignore the loud moans and the beautiful deep voice coming from our guest room.

Lisa and I walk to our separate rooms. I immediately rip the oversized shirt off of me and run to my large shower. I can still smell them on my skin. Their lingering filth is making me want to gag.

I grab my apple cinnamon body wash and cover my loofu. The water is still cold, but I don't care. I need to be clean now. I scrub my skin mercilessly. I am probably removing the top five layers of skin, but I don't care. I want them off my skin since I can't get them out of my mind.

Their lifeless eyes are burned into my memory. The sound of my clothes being torn from my body is deafening in my ears still. They looked at me with no real emotion. It was as if they were already dead long before Lisa tore their heads from their bodies. I shiver involuntarily. They would have used me if Lisa hadn't been there.

I sink down to the cold tile floor and sob. I feel so dirty. I am happy my mate is with someone. Now that I am alone, I realize one thing, I don't want another man to ever touch me. I don't ever want to be used to fill a man's desire.

Molly- our mate would love us. Not use us. I'm so sorry I couldn't help Moira.

Moira- it wasn't your fault, molly. If I was stronger, I could have done more. We are so lucky Lisa was with us.

Molly whimpers and lays back down. She is still drained. The only reason she is making herself known at all is because she smells our mate.

Our mate. He must be Lisa's brother. He smelled human and had a similar scent to hers. Wood and warm maple syrup. The other scent was Amanda's. A lovely wolf who was rejected a couple of years ago.

Molly- that omega. We are of Alpha blood. Why would he choose her?

Moira- he is human molly.

Molly-he can't be, Emmett's mate shifted.

I freeze. She did shift, and she mind linked. I will have to ask her about it. After today I feel very close to Lisa. I no longer need to get to know her because no matter what, she is my friend, my ally. I will have her back against anything.

Molly nods her big wolf head in our mind agreeing with me. Lisa was the Luna in title the minute Emmett marked her, but now she is my Luna, far past a title.

Thinking of Lisa reminds me, I still need to get her some clothes. I turn off my shower and grab my towel. I dry off and put on Emmett's old PJs. He wore them when he was 13, and they are still big on me. These are my safest feeling clothes. I lived in them when Mom and dad died.

I hurry to the storage closet and grab some of mom's sweats and a t-shirt. My mom had loved comfortable clothes. She didn't care that a Luna was supposed to look regal and untouchable.

I go to Emmett's room. I forgo knocking; Lisa and I are way past the naked barrier after today. When I enter, Lisa is wrapped in a towel sitting on Emmett's big bed.

"Here you go. Sorry, I didn't think to grab undies, but you probably didn't want those anyway," I say, giving her the best smile I have.

Lisa returns my smile and heads to the bathroom. I decide to wait. I don't want to go downstairs. Emmett is probably home now, and he will want Dr. King to look me over, and I just can't right now. I can't have a man examine my body right now.

Lisa comes out quietly. She inspects my face with a sharp eye. I feel like she can read my soul.

"I'm sorry about Scott," she says lowly, taking a seat next to me on the bed.

Scott. I like it. Simple but strong.

"Honestly, Lisa, I am okay with it. After today. I don't think I could handle a mate. I know that sounds weird..." I start to explain.

"That is not weird, Moira. I know wolves are expected to jump all over their mates the minute they meet them, but you were literally just assaulted," Lisa says harshly with venom in her voice.

I can tell she is replaying what happened to me as she talks.

I smile at her. She is so strong. She saved us. One more moment, and I would have been used. Even Emmett would have been too late. I was useless. I had just cried. I hadn't even tried to fight them.

"Don't you dare," she growls at me, and I whimper at her unexpected growl.

"You think you are weak, don't you? I can see your face, Moira. Don't you ever think that again. I was and am so proud of you," Lisa says with an honest voice.

I drop my eyes to my hands.

"I didn't do anything to be proud of," I whisper.

"Are you kidding me? You were chained to a wall, disconnected from your wolf, and attacked by two huge men, and you didn't beg them for mercy once. You closed your eyes and prepared yourself like a warrior," Lisa says with pride dripping from every word.

She grabs my shoulder, and I meet her intense gaze.

"You are strong, Moira. Yes, your body might be small, but your heart, your soul, and your mind are strong. Don't you dare doubt that for one moment," Lisa says slowly like she needs me to understand every word deeply.

Molly- (howls) listen to our Luna Moira. She is correct. You acted like a true warrior—one who accepted an awful fate.

A smile breaks across my face. A small flame of pride flickers in my chest.

"From now on, you are going to the gym with me. We are going to make your outside match your inside. And you will help me learn how to connect with my new wolf," Lisa says, instantly making a plan for our future.

"I was going to ask you about that. You have always smelled like a human. But..you shifted. I don't understand," I say, truly curious.

"Long story short, my mom was apparently a wolf. So while Scott and I are mostly human, we have dormant wolf traits. Being marked by our mates activates them. The moon goddess gifted me my mother wolf to kind of makeup for my grim future. And before you ask, I don't think Scott will be receiving a wolf, but I don't truly know for sure," Lisa explains in almost a bored tone.

I'm shocked silent—half wolf. Most kids of mixed parents are wolves. Their father must have been a strong human. I nod my head at her explanation as I process the information.

Emmett- Moira, are you going to come down? Dr. King is waiting.

Moira- We are coming. We wanted to get clean first.

Emmett- I figured that, baby sister. I just have to make sure you are okay. Then you can rest, I promise.

Emmett sounds so worried and small, not like a big strong Alpha at all.

"Emmett wants us downstairs. The doctor is here," I say, looking at Lisa. She nods quickly.

"He told me, I just ignored him. Which I plan on ignoring him for a very long time," she says, crossing her toned arms.

"I knew it. What did he do," I ask, remembering her puffy face the night we were kidnapped.

"Let's save that talk for tomorrow. Let's go get you checked, okay," Lisa says, looking me over with concerned, almost motherly eyes.

"I don't want an old guy touching me right now. I would much rather hear you dish about Emmett," I mutter.

"Are there no female physicians," Lisa asks with a creased forehead.

"A couple of nurses," I say, shrugging.

"Don't worry. I will handle it; come on," she says, striding to the door and waiting for me to follow. I sigh and follow her down the stairs.

Emmett, Mike, Clint, Dr. King, Lance, Amanda, and my mate are sitting in the living room as Lisa marches in like she owns the place.

The living room is missing our pictures, and the walls have holes in them, but everything else looks back to normal. I stand close to Lisa after she stops moving and look at the floor. I don't want to see my mate cuddled up next to another female. Even if I don't currently want him, it would still hurt my wolf and I.

"Moira needs a female physician," Lisa says loudly and directly.

"Why? Did they... did they...," Emmett asks, unable to say the words.

"She can discuss the events that took place when she is ready and without an audience," Lisa growls loudly at my big brother, and the room gasps.

Lisa is new to being a full wolf, but she is so natural that she shows no fear when talking to an Alpha.

Emmett meets my eye and gives me an apologetic look. He understands what Lisa is communicating. I was assaulted. I'm different now. I sink into Lisa's side, feeling like I'm ready to faint. He thinks I'm weak. He pities me.

Lisa wraps a strong arm around me.

Lisa- Stand up, Moira. Don't you dare forget what I told you.

I jump when I hear Lisa in my head. But I instantly stand up tall. I meet my brother's eyes with fake confidence. If Lisa believes in me, then that is all I need. She is my new role model. I will push to match her strength, her boldness, and her kindness.

"Brother, I would like a female to examine me. Nothing against Dr. King, but that is what I am currently comfortable with," I say with my chin up. I glance at Lisa out of the corner of my eye. I want to continue to make her proud.

Lisa- that's my girl.

Moira- thank you, Lisa.

"Um, okay, Moira. No problem," Emmet says while his eyes unfocus, linking one of the female nurses.

"Well, I'm going to head out then. Take care," Dr. Kings says with a smile and head nod in my direction.

I did it. I stood up and spoke my feelings. It feels so good. The wait for the nurse is short. She takes me to my room and looks at all my bruises. She asks me if Molly is back and then says I am on the mend.


I watch Moira go up the stairs with a straight back and instantly feel pride. If it were me that was assaulted, I wouldn't have left my room. She doesn't even realize how strong she is.

Emmett breaks my gaze with his massive body. I've missed him so much. But I refuse to be the damsel in distress that needs her mate. He acted like I didn't exist before he left, and now just because I was kidnapped, he wants to be interested.

I turn my face away from his perfect shoulders and meet my brother's eyes. He hasn't hugged me or even asked if I'm okay. He has his arm slung over the she-wolf from Thursday night. She must be the one he was just humping.

"Really, Scott. I'm missing, and you are in someone else's house going to town," I yell, not caring if I embarrass little miss home wrecker.

My new wolf aggression is making me irrational.

She is in the dark about what they are doing to Moira, but I don't care. Scott shouldn't be having loud sex in someone else's home no matter what, and he should at least act like he cares for his twin sister.

"Lisa, I was celebrating. This amazing woman had just told me you had been rescued," Scott says while planting kisses all over his new fling.

My growl rips from my chest. Protectiveness for Moira and anger over my brother's lack of caring explodes through me. The she-wolf stands immediately bowing her head, and runs from the house.

"What the hell was that," Scott says, staring at me then the door.

"You would know if you had come and spoke to me after I returned from being fucking KIDNAPPED," I yell.

"Lisa, calm down, love," Emmett says, placing a hand on my arm. I feel calm flood me, but I yank away.


Lance, Clint, and Mike look like they want to run and hide.

Linda/momma wolf- Lisa calm down. Calm down now. We will make our mate pay for abandoning you. As for your brother, he needs an ass-whooping. His sister and mate need him. But we must respect her wishes, child.

My mom's wolf pulls me back from going on a punching parade. She is right, we will make Emmett pay, and we will let Moira tell Scott when she is ready. But it still hurts that my brother was screwing instead of caring about my wellbeing.

I turn my attention to the only person in the room that I am worried about. I walk towards him, slowly meeting his brown eyes the whole way.

"Mike, I am so sorry. I obviously hated your sister with a passion after what she did, but I am sorry. I am sorry you had to see me kill her, and I am sorry you had to see her body afterward," I apologize as I search his eyes.

I don't want Mike to hate me. He is so fun. So happy.

"It's okay, Luna. I loved my sister, but she betrayed her pack. She left you with no choice," Mike says, looking at the ground, trying to hide his tears.

"Do you hate me? Will you resent me," I whisper, trying to gain his gaze again.

"Never, Luna," Mike says as he snaps his head back up.

A few tears slide down his sad face.

I move closer and hug him to me tightly. He buries his face into my neck and cries. I ignore Emmett's low growl. I don't care if he is jealous or not. All I care about is making sure I didn't kill a kind heart. I'm already a murderer. I don't want to be a soulless monster also.

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