In the Shadows

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Chapter 10

Iselora gasped for air, blinking several times as the light assaulted her eyes. She did not recognize the room she was in. The room itself was circular with dark stone. There was a dampness in the air which indicated she was far below ground. Her body felt sore and sticky from sweat. Iselora attempted to stand but she was held into place by manacles and leather straps. Iselora looked around hoping someone was there to release her. That’s when she smelled him. His scent was different but the intoxication effect meant it was him. Iselora strained her head towards the scent coming from behind her. His body was hunched over, but shadows covered his body, making it difficult to see him. There was also something red that seemed to be swaying on the edges of her vision, but Iselora could not tell what it was. Slowly the shadows dissipated, leaving Asmodeus panting on the floor. “Asmodeus?” Iselora called to him as his face snapped up. He stumbled to stand, using the chair as support. Asmodeus brought himself in front of Iselora, forgetting to remove her straps before roughly gripping Iselora’s cheeks, “Is it you?”. Asmodeus’ eyes searched Iselora’s face for her answer. Through squished cheeks, Iselora nodded in confirmation. A relieved smile spread across Asmodeus’ face as he laughed lightly waves of relief rolling off of him. Iselora hardly had a moment to react to the confusing scene playing before her when Asmodeus slammed his lips into hers, stealing her breath.

He knew she didn’t love him back, but he couldn’t resist. The past several hours had been torture for them both, he had almost lost her. Asmodeus parted, both panting from the lack of air. Asmodeus leaned in a little closer, their foreheads touching. Dear god, he fought against the thoughts that were going through him. The only thing he could do was allow Iselora’s scent to flood his senses now…

Iselora stared at the pastel pink iris hovering inches away, trying to comprehend what had just happened but her mind was only focused on his face. Realization seemed to hit Asmodeus as he took in Iselora’s appearance. He had just forced a kiss on Iselora without realizing it. “I… I apologize, that was rash and I... ″ Asmodeus stubbled out an apology as he made his way towards the door. “Where are you going?” Iselora called as Asmodeus darted from the room. Iselora could not believe he just left her there. Iselora yelled after him again, anger beginning to boil over. Iselora could feel her body trembling from the rage and embarrassment that Asmodeus just left her like that. Iselora’s vision developed a red hue the longer she sat there. A red tear slipped from Iselora’s face, the moment the tear left her cheek the anger was too much for Iselora. Iselora stood from the chair, snapping the straps and chains in one smooth movement. The effort was minimal, if it were not for the fury that burned in her chest she would have been amazed. Instead the only thing on her mind was to find Asmodeus. Iselora looked towards her hands examining the cuffs when Cerberus entered the room. His eyes widened at the sight of Iselora but she did not have time for him, she just had one question. “Where did he go?”

Cerberus wasted no time in escorting Iselora through the twisted maze, fearing of her temper being directed towards him. They arrived at a door that Iselora had not seen before. It was a dark wooden door with minimal details. Iselora pointed towards the door as Cerberus nodded. Iselora barged in The room would have been beautiful in its gothic architecture except for the fact that the room was trashed. Iselora knew that he was in there. A rustling in the connecting room drew Iselora’s attention. “Asmodeus!” rage laced in her voice. The rustling suddenly stopped and after a few moments, the door creaked open. Asmodeus’ suit was wrinkled and ripped in random places. His hair was disheveled and his face solemn. Asmodeus hovered in the archway, avoiding Iselora’s eyes. The display of frailty tipped Iselora over the edge. She knew that this man was not acting as if he were not the powerful being he really was. Iselora crossed the room in a couple of strides grabbing Asmodeus by the collar. “What is your deal?” Iselora hissed. Asmodeus opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out, he had never had anyone approach him in that fashion. Iselora unleashed all the frustration that she had quickly built up. “You strapped me to a chair, risked your life to save me, kiss me, and then run away? Leaving me trapped against the chair on top of that? You have a lot of nerve leaving me strapped down like a criminal after all of that. You are supposed to be this great being and one impulsive kiss scares you off?” With each word Iselora voice raised to the verge of yelling. Asmodeus stared at Iselora in amazement. After a deep breath Iselora releasing Asmodeus, turning away, “I do not understand. Why did you leave?” Iselora’s voice cracked. Asmodeus sighed hating himself for not thinking about his actions once again. It was strange, for centuries he had been analytical and deliberate in his actions but this one time, there was no warning.

Asmodeus walked towards Iselora placing a hand on her shoulder. Iselora turned to face him, a mixture of emotions swarming her face. “You cannot play with the emotions of someone you supposedly love. So do you?” Asmodeus squared his shoulders with Iselora’s holding her hardened gaze. “I do. I understand if you do not, I have loved you for years, but you have just reunited with me. I will do my best to deserve your love.” Asmodeus kneeled in front of Iselora as a knight would in front of his queen. “My lady, I want to vow to show no mercy in the face of your enemies. Stand brave and noble that I be worthy of your love. Speak truth even if it means my death. Always ready as your armor and shield. I will be yours to do with as you see fit until the day of my death. Do you accept my vow?”

Iselora stared at the top of Asmodeus’ bowed head speechless at his proclamation. As if on instinct Iselora responded, “I, Iselora Cyrras, accept your vow and thus make my own. To stand by your side, showing no fear in the face of our enemies. I vow to never do anything that would bring you to dishonor. To be worthy of your love and loyalty. Always available to you as your confidant and defender. I will be yours to do with as you wish until the day of my death. Will you accept my vow.” Asmodeus stood taking both of her hands in his. “I accept your vow under one condition, you are not allowed to die before I do. I do not want to imagine what would happen if you were to die.” Iselora smiled, nodding her head in agreement, knowing that it was an empty promise.

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