In the Shadows

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Chapter 16

A ragged snarl ripped through the air as the serene, curious face of the dragon twisted to anger. Iselora instinctively raised her hand towards her companion, ignoring her logic telling her to flee the situation. All Iselora could think of was the warning the Mirror had given her. The dragon slowly lowered her head, a wary expression dancing in her eyes. Movement behind Iselora attracted the dragon’s attention. As a response to the sudden movement, the dragon reared her neck back in preparation to attack the two ant - like beings that had disturbed her sleep. Iselora was flooded with a mass of emotion, primarily fear and confusion. She wanted nothing but to comfort her companion, in response to her thoughts, Iselora’s body began to take a step forward. Asmodeus did not hesitate in scooping Iselora in his arms, calculating his escape route.

In a series of movements, Asmodeus attempted to reach the ledge Svila was perched on. Her golden spear poised to strike the dragon if it began its attack. Before they could reach the ledge, Asmodeus collided with something hard, sending him to the opposite direction of his goal. Asmodeus struggled in holding Iselora as his back collided with the wall. A piercing scream rang through the opening. Svila had thrown her spear, breaking through the armored exterior of the dragon’s shoulder. The dragon’s pain radiates to Iselora, her cry of pain matched that of her companion’s. Asmodeus began shouting at Svila but his words were lost at the sudden whoosh of air. The dragon had partially extended herwings in an attempt to escape. Iselora stubbled to her feet, scrambling towards the dragon, attempting to reach her before she escaped. Asmodeus called to Iselora but she knew what she had to do. She knew that the dragon would not hurt her. Iselora reached the dragon’s hind foot right at the first down beat of its wings, or at least the attempt. The dragon’s wing span was too wide to be able to fly out of the volcano. The edges of its wings scraped the sides of the walls, causing the dragon to wince. It’s only option was to climb to the opening above.

Iselora made fast on her ascent up the dragon’s hind leg. Panic overwhelming her senses. The dragon knew that it would not be able to make the climb to freedom with a spear lodged in its shoulder. Suddenly, heat formed in Iselora’s throat. From her position on the dragon’s back, she could see that the dragon intended to fight to the death.

Iselora pushed her body to the limits as she sprinted towards the head of the dragon. She knew that Svila and Asmodeus would be killed if Iselora did not stop it. As Iselora reached the dragon’s shoulder, her feet slipped on the slick scales, sending her sprawling towards the ground and the spear. Iselora instinctively reached for the spear, hoping that the removal would stall her companion’s killing rampage. Iselora grasped the spear with both hands, desperate to maintain her grip on it as her body’s momentum continued in its downward motion. The spear held Iselora’s weight but the impact of her body sent waves of pain through her body.

Iselora jerked her body down as Asmodeus called to her. Iselora ignored him as she focused on her task at hand. Two more hard tugs and the spear dislodged from the dragon’s body. Iselora was falling to the ground, fast. She had not realized how high up she was, this height could kill her. Iselora shut her eyes anticipating the impact, but it never came. Instead, her senses flooded with a familiar scent. Asmodeus had caught her in mid air. Iselora dropped the spear and clutched to Asmodeus’ shirt. Asmodeus positioned himself in a protective stance over Iselora, ready to fight the dragon if it meant to save his love. His face was twisted in anger as he began yelling at Iselora to run, leave. Iselora simply looked back at him.

A giant hand swiped towards Asmodeus, sending him flying across the room again, this time, Asmodeus used the momentum to land in an attack form. Iselora watched in amazement, she did not realize how graceful Asmodeus could be in a fight. A hot breath surrounded Iselora’s body as the dragon lowered her head to Iselora’s height. Smoke billowed out of the open snarled mouth, slipping between her pointed teeth. Iselora did not feel afraid, she was calm. Once again, Iselora reached her hand to greet her companion. She knew it was scared from being woken in the presence of such powerful entities. The dragon eyed Iselora suspiciously before closing her mouth, allowing Iselora to approach. The moment the two beings made contact a shock went through their bodies, a whimper of pain escaped from Iselora’s lips as her mind went white.

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