In the Shadows

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Chapter 28

The meal was pleasant. Iselora ate her fill of venison and root vegetables. Iselora asked many questions as to what had happened while they were ‘away’. Svila looked up from her plate with a puzzled look. “You were only standing there for a few minutes and then you were awake. It concerned us a little bit, but we did not have enough time to really panic. What happened on your mental adventure?” Iselora looked towards Asmodeus, who quickly shoved a spoonful of food in his mouth. With a shrug towards Iselora, Iselora rolled her eyes as she began explaining their adventure. She kept the tale as brief as she could and spared them from the goriness. When she was finished everyone had stopped chewing and watched her with an intensity that made her feel uncomfortable. Svila was the first to break the silence. “You saw your parents?”

Iselora nodded. Svila switched her gaze to Asmodeus. “She saw the…” Asmodeus nodded in reply, still a little sore about her betrayal. Svila jumped from her spot, spilling her food as she gathered Iselora in her embrace. “My lady, I am sorry that you had to see that. I am here if you need me.” Iselora attempted to respond but her voice was muffled by Svila’s breast. Asmodeus’ laughter turned to choking at the scene. Svila looked down and released a gasping Iselora. Iselora’s gasping transformed into an infectious laughter.

“I appreciate your concern Svila. Thank you.” Svila smiled in return. The night grew late and everyone seemed to be ready for a good rest. Iselora found herself resting her head on Asmodeus’ shoulder, her eyes growing heavy. “I believe it is time for everyone to retire for the evening. We head back at dawn.” Asmodeus’ voice sounded far away as Iselora struggled to stay awake. She sluggishly sat up and stretched. Suddenly she was in Asmodeus’ arms.

“What are you doing?”

Asmodeus shrugged with a smile on his face, “I am just escorting you to your tent.”

Iselora smiled as she flicked his nose. “I am perfectly capable of walking myself, your majesty.”

Asmodeus raised his eyebrows at Iselora, “Of course my Queen.” A sly smile spreading across his face. “But, if you were to walk, I would not be able to do this.” In an instant he had turned Iselora to face him, her legs wrapped around his torso. Heat rushed to her cheeks at the intimate position. Asmodeus continued to walk towards the large tent in the middle of the camp. He enjoyed teasing her.

“Asmodeus, p - please let me down. I - I can walk on my own.” Her stuttering only strengthened his resolve in carrying her. Iselora came to terms that he was not going to put her down, so she decided to have her own fun. Iselora grasped his cheeks and began to kiss him. His breath caught at her actions. His hands instinctively moving on their own. One reached up to support her back while another ventured lower, cradling her thigh. The movement did not deter Iselora, instead she worked her way to his neck. A low moan escaped his lips. Isleora knew she had him right where she wanted. She pulled back as they reached the tent. Servants separated the flaps allowing them to enter easily. Iselora noticed how they avoided looking towards them. The spacious tent was nicely decorated. A large bed was positioned in the left quadrant. A desk and other furniture occupied the right. Iselora brought her face to his, avoiding his attempts to retrieve a kiss. Asmodeus growled at Iselora’s defiance and quickly made his way to the bed. His eyes reflected his hunger for her as he set her down.

Iselora laughed at his expression, putting her hands on his chest. “It’s time for bed.” Iselora whispered. Asmodeus bent down, grabbing a butt cheek in each hand. “Yes, it is.” Iselora giggled at the contact, wrapping her arms around his neck. Asmodeus pressed his lips to hers as he guided her backwards. Iselora grabbed a handful of his hair, prompting a groan. The kisses were steadily becoming rougher, more intoxicating. Asmodeus began to undo the buttons on Iselora’s jacket, his experienced fingers making quick work of them. His kisses traced down her neck, outlining her collarbone. Iselora felt her heart skip a beat at each point of contact. Her mind became muddied to anything other than Asmodeus. She wanted more. Asmodeus looked up through his eye lashes, not wanting to miss her reactions. Iselora cupped Asmodeus’ face as she sat up, igniting another round of heated kissing. Her fingers were not as nimble in working the buttons.

In frustration Iselora used her strength to open his shirt. A sequential popping sound resonated as Asmodeus looked down at his bare chest. Asmodeus laughed once before looking back at Iselora. “If that is how you want to play it, I am at your service.” Asmodeus grabbed onto each side of Iselora’s blouse, pulling only enough to expose the upper portion of her corset. His eyes took in the magnificent picture that displayed before him. The corset formed to her body perfectly. Her breasts bulged with every breath Asmodeus leaned down, grasping one in his hand as he worked his lips along Iselora’s neck.

Iselora felt a continuous flow of goosebumps running along her body. Her life was on the verge of being complete. Asmodeus raised his head to look into her eyes. They shared the same longing look. “Is this what you want?” Asmodeus’ question was so quiet that it was almost missed. Iselora sat up, taking his hands in her hands. Asmodeus sat back on his knees, positioned between her legs. Their eyes never broke contact. “Yes.” Iselora said breathlessly. “I want you in every way.” Asmodeus smiled at this and began unlacing his trousers. Iselora followed suit. She had never done anything like this before but she knew that it was what she wanted. She wanted him and only him. As the kissing intensified, the tent’s flap was flung open by a soldier unaware of the situation he was walking into. “Sire. We -”

“GET OUT!” Asmodeus roared as Iselora scrambled to cover herself. The young soldier’s face rushed bright red as he realized what was happening. He quickly turned to exit the tent. Once outside, he announced his intention “Sire, there is a situation that requires your attention.” Asmodeus sighed heavily, wanting nothing more than to return to his previous activity. “What is it?”

“I believe it would be best if you saw for yourself sir.” Asmodeus groaned at the unwelcome interruption. “FINE! But this better be worth my time or it will be your head.” Asmodeus strode towards the tent flap, stopping midway to turn back to Iselora. “ I am sorry dear. I promise to make it up to you when I return.” Iselora laughed at the thought but shooed him away to take care of his duties. She watched as Asmodeus sulked out of the tent. The sight made her giggle to herself. The bed was very comfortable and the fur blanket provided immediate warmth to her skin. Her eyes grew heavy as she fell into a dreamless sleep.

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