In the Shadows

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Chapter 6

Iselora looked towards the face of Asmodeus, his eyes were black and his body was trembling slightly, rage pouring off of him. Iselora was instantly afraid of him. Iselora screamed as she attempted to pull away from the monster. The trembling suddenly ceased at the sound of Iselora terror. Asmodeus’ eyes faded back to their previous pink color. Asmodeus stood frozen, staring at the hands that he held tightly in his. He raised his head to see only to see the fear that he had inflicted onto the woman he had chosen. Asmodeus stood and kissed Iselora’s hands before gently releasing them. “I apologize for my behavior, my lady. I had no intention of frightening you. I will take my leave now.” Asmodeus turned and walked swiftly towards the door he had entered through. Iselora stood there collecting herself only for a moment before deciding to face her fear in search for answers. Iselora went to stop Asmodeus from leaving. She reached him as his hand touched the door knob. Iselora wrapped both hands around his. Shock spread across his face as he turned towards Iselora.

Determination was the only expression etched in Iselora’s eyes. Asmodeus was dumbfounded that she was still in the same vicinity let alone holding on to him. He thought she would have ran away screaming. He opened his mouth to speak but could not force any words to come out. Iselora spoke instead, “I want answers. I have been brought to this castle without any idea as to why. All I know is that you bought me. Just tell me please.” Frustrated tears were beginning to build in Iselora’s eyes as she clung onto Asmodeus’ hand. Asmodeus thought for a moment before turning to Iselora. With a sigh, Asmodeus looked Iselora in the eyes and nodded in agreement. “What do you want to know first?” The conversation covered many subjects as Iselora tried to extract every detail.

Iselora learned that Asmodeus is a pure blood demon and that he may be as old as the Minders, possibly even older. Iselora could not believe that this man before her was as old as the women that held her prisoner for so many years. “In order for me to tell you why I chose you, I have to tell you about how I came to be. My real name is Aeshma-daeva and I was born from the darkness that inhabited the hearts of the mortals, my mother met my father after she left her intended male. My father was one of the first angels to have been cast out of Yahweh’s kingdom. I was the first child they created. I was raised in a world fueled by darkness and chaos. The Minders appeared during my youth and set to separate deities from the human realm. Their meddling caused the death of many deities. During that time countless gods’ were dependent on their connections to the mortal world for survival. Zeus was one the last of the greek gods to perish. The only ones remaining are his brother Hades and his wife Persephone. The same happened to deities worshipped all around the human world.” Asmodeus spoke in a solemn tone. Iselora began making the connections of his story to the tiles she saw on the ceilings. Iselora hung on his every word, waiting on to hear the answers she had been craving since her arrival.

“The Minders wanted the human realm to themselves and killed anyone who got in their way. The blood elves fought the fiercest, but they were no match for the Minders. I was betrothed to their heiress, until she disappeared.” Asmodeus looked towards Iselora, locking eyes made her knees shake. Asmodeus took Iselora’s elbow as they began to casually walk the perimeter of the room. “Who was the heir?” Iselora asked, thinking she already knew the answer by the way he looked at her. “The answer will be revealed soon,” Asmodeus reassured her. “After the last battle, the blood elves were hunted and extinguished. Soon a rumor began that a young girl had survived. I spent years trying to find her, hoping she would know what happened to the elf I had fallen in love with. Out of curiosity, I sent Svila to spy on the Minders to see if they had found the rumored elf. The Minders hid her well in the beginning, but soon Svila saw her and recognized her as the one I had intended on marrying.” Asmodeus paused as he tried to calm himself before continuing.

“Do you remember anything from your past? I mean before you lived with the Minders?” Asmodeues raised his eyebrows towards Iselora. She thought for a minute trying to think that far back. “ All I can remember is what they told me. I was told that I was a dirty, sinful child that just showed up at their door.” Iselora was beginning to develop a headache trying to remember back to those events. She could not have been with the Minders that long because she cannot remember past the point where she woke up with the tattoo. Asmodeus nodded his head. “That is what I thought. You see the girl that Svila had originally seen in the window had all the typical features of a noble blood elf. But then there was a change. She said it was the same girl, but she had human features. I suspect it has something to do with the spell that was tattooed on her. When I discovered that, I found myself spending sleepless nights trying to figure out how to steal the beautiful flower before it wilted. I finally decided that I would offer them a price that they could not refuse, even though it was a bit gruesome.” Asmodeus’ face twisted in disgust. “I hope I have not scared you, my lady.” Asmodeus turned his body to face Iselora and knelt before her.

“I have loved you since I first laid my eyes on you. I cannot explain it. I have simply existed before meeting you, but after meeting you, all I wanted to experience life and love.” Asmodeus lightly kissed the back of Iselora’s hands. Iselora’s mind was blank, she could not be a noble, let alone an elf. “If you would like I can remove the spell and bring back your memories and your true self.” Asmodeus rose bringing Iselora’s hands to his chest, eyes looking for any reaction. Iselora was speechless as she drew away from Asmodeus. This was too much, Iselora’s head was pounding against the flood of information. Iselora turned away, moving her hands to her head, the pain growing steadily, blurring her vision. A loud ringing started in her ears. “Iselora? Are you alright?” Asmodeus fronted himself in front of Iselora, offering his support as her legs gave out. Asmodeus lowered her to her knees as he called for the doctor. Iselora could hardly hold in the scream as her consciousness seemed to slip from her grasp.

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