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The Fire Dancer

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The dancer who adored by many yet the one who would destroy them all.

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The Fire Dancer

There was a land with fertile land and filled with abundant gifts of nature, people living side by side and peacefully. They grow crops, raise livestock, build families, socialize, and help each other. However, at that time, there were not so many women compared to men. So those men who do not find women to marry, they prefer to fill their days with work or wait for newcomers to live on their land and hope that the newcomers are women.

Among them, there was a little girl named Calida. She was known for her beauty with a friendly and cheerful manner. Her black hair shine like the finest silk, amber eyes gleam as embers of passion, and fair porcelain skin glows like the rarest pearl from the south. People around her adored her; young and old, men and women. She was a flower on the summer day, fresh wind, and warm light in the winter. Calida was known for her skills in dancing; resplendent yet vibrant, stomping yet gentle. And people were never bored enjoying Calida's dance in between their routines.

Calida also grew into a beautiful young maiden and her feminine aura was increasingly radiating like a beacon. She still likes dancing, entertained the people around her. Calida loves to wear a beautiful fiery red dress with black dance shoes. No one doubts Calida's dazzling and alluring beauty, especially the men. One by one, they asked Calida's hand to get married, either secretly or openly. But neither of them was accepted by Calida, because the young girl still loved her freedom and enjoyed entertaining people with her dancing freely. Many times the men kept coming to Calida and asking for her hand, and over and over again Calida refused them patiently and politely without wanting to hurt their feelings.

However patiently and politely Calida rejected them, the men's egos and pride were wounded. They couldn't help thinking about Calida's decision, no matter what they offered to the young girl's lap. The men didn't realize that they actually didn't worship Calida as women should, but they just wanted the pride and greediness that one of them was able to win a Calida like a generous prize from a race. Pride and ignorance have blinded them. So blind that one day the men gathered in secret to teach Calida a lesson. That she was just a woman and as much as she refused, she was still destined to end up being a mother and a wife who stayed at home, taking care of and serving her husband and children.

As a result of the men's meeting, they sent one of them to meet Calida. The man asked Calida to dance and appear in front of them to treat and relieve the heartbreak they suffered due to Calida's rejection. The pure-hearted Calida didn't have the slightest suspicion and complied with their request. The man smiled in gratitude evilly and immediately went to his friends to share the news. So the men immediately set up an empty barn in the most secluded and lonely part of the area, right under the foot of a mountain with dark soil where there was no plant, human, and animal on it.

Until the next night, the same man came to Calida's hut while previously making sure that none of the women or children noticed and suspected their plans. Calida wore her favorite red dress along with black dance shoes. With a lantern, Callida followed the man. The darkness of the night is getting darker, and it made Calida nervous. She asked for their direction but the man in front of her just kept walking along the path in front of them without answering her. Calida, who was starting to feel restless, decided to turn around and go back home. But before her body had time to move, her arm was gripped so tightly. She begged but the man still didn't let go and dragged her towards an empty barn that was starting to appear. Calida, who started to panic, began to struggle to be released. Still, the grip on her arm did not loosen.

Until they got to that new, and the man dragged Calida inside. Calida's eyes widened as she saw the men filling the place, young and old, all the men she had rejected all this time. Fear started creeping upon her skin. They laughed viciously and their eyes filled with desire. Calida was thrown in their midst, and they surrounded the poor young girl. Calida pleaded to be allowed to go home, but the men ignored her.

"Dance for us, Calida."

Their orders replied. Calida struggled to her feet, complied with their request, hoping they would let her go.Calida started dancing her usual dance, but this time it felt different. She didn't enjoy it and liked this. For the first time in her life, she danced in fear and humiliation. The men whistled her to keep dancing. Gradually they started getting closer to Calida and pulled her dress and tore it, tugged at her hair, even spat on her face. They didn't care about Calida who started crying and struggling to fight back. What was a weak woman like Calida, alone among the men who started spitting disgusting words at her. The situation got even more out of control as they started slapping her face and throwing her body on the piled straw.

In the middle of the night, only Calida's screams were drowned out by the laughter of men who began to destroy her body and soul one by one in turn. Until Calida could no longer cry and her body was like a boneless doll. She hoped to just die. When dawn arrived, one by one the men tidied up their clothes before leaving Calida's body which was on the verge of life and death. Not a single regret in them when they walked away leaving her.

After a while, Calida slowly tried to get up. She gathered the remaining strength and sanity within herself. She found that the remains of the fire in her lantern were almost dim, and she opened the glass shield of the lantern and poured the remaining fire over her torn dress. She opened the barn's door and walked limply toward the dark and barren foothills of the mountain. Her heart and soul was broken, her head was empty, all she knew was that she had to keep walking up the mountain even though her legs could no longer stand. Calida kept climbing until she reached the edge of the mountain and her entire dress was burnt, pierced through the skin, and scorched every inch of her body. The moment before the remaining breath in her throat blew, Calida dropped her body into the mouth of the mountain.

Morning came. The rooster did not crow, the ground trembled, and the wind blew like a terrible roar. The sky was dark and the sun seemed reluctant to stare at the destruction that lay before our eyes. The mothers immediately hugged their children, and the men ran out of the house to see the oddity. They all looked towards the top of the mountain which started to emit thick black smoke and slowly appeared a reddish tinge just like the red hymen that flowed which they crushed between Calida's thighs. The ground trembled even more as if it was about to split in two before them. Until finally the mountain made a loud thud accompanied by hot lava vomit. The mountain moved and trembled before a giant figure appeared from the lava hole. A giant figure exactly like Calida, but with a body as black as charcoal and from it flowed hot fiery lava. The giant started to move slowly and her hands swayed gracefully. The men's eyes widened in horror as they knew exactly what kind of figure it was and what kind of destruction they had created. The words they could not utter, just stood there frozen. The giant's dance accelerated in rage, the lava began to descend viciously destroying everything it touched. Black dust, hot lava, smoke rising to form a black sky, all danced like a nightmare. Crying voices and screams, one by one the humans were swallowed alive by lava or hit by giant stones from The Dancer. Until none of them are left.

The giant, Calida the Dancer, slowly moved quietly before her body turned back into a black mountain.

How the destruction of a woman is able to turn it into a nightmare for them who did her wrong and took the very most essential of herself. The dancer slept for a long time until one day it was time for her to rise again to give sacred judgment for the other Calida.

The End

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