The Fortune Teller of The South

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Be careful with what you wish to hear and see.

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The Fortune Teller of The South

There was once a woman who came into a city, and nobody knew about who she really was, where did she come from, or even her name. The woman lived in a black tent with golden hues, surrounded by golden lanterns, and she was known as a fortune-teller of the south because when she first came to the city, she came through the south gate; a gate that almost no one has ever passed. People would come to her place with food or gold and ask for her help to read their future. And every word of insight that she utters was always true and would actually happen. Many people came to her place and returned home with happy hearts filled with hope. She always predicts happiness for anyone. But there were also some people who were skeptical and didn't believe in the woman's abilities. Although none of them could do anything, because, at that time, fortune tellers were considered as mystical human beings with supernatural knowledge.

The fortune teller's prediction made a clear change in town. An old husband and wife who have been unable to have children for years finally could have a child with a very beautiful fair skin. Two lovers who did not languish because their relationship was not approved by the families of both parties, finally got blessed and their marriage was celebrated lively for several nights. The one and only little girl in an orphan was finally adopted by a rich husband and wife and overflows her with all affection and luxury. A bankrupt aristocrat finally started a business with what remained of his fortune, and the business was extremely successful.

All that happiness happened after they met the fortune teller of the south. As if all their prayers and hopes were answered after meeting her. But they didn't stop there. Even though they have got what they always wanted, they still came to see the fortune teller to see if they will have the next fortune in their life. Everyone who came would only be given a cold vague answer as the fortune teller would move to turn off the different lights of the lantern. Every encounter was equal to one lantern after another. Until one day not a single lantern was left in her tent.

And something odd and unpleasant happened all over the town. An old husband and wife who have a child passed away and left the baby alone so that the baby died of hunger with terrible conditions. A couple who initially loved each other ended up hating each other with bitter and bad separation. The little girl who was adopted by a wealthy husband and wife ended up as a spectacle for child prostitution among the elite and noble. The nobleman's rich business failed after he met and made a deal with a false merchant who took away all his wealth. One by one the happiness of the town's people disappeared in tragic and sad ways. They fall into contempt and misery, wondering how this could happen.

Until one of the small group exclaimed,

"This is all because of that fortune teller from the south!"

One by one they started shouting the same thing. And of course, the ones who exclaimed the loudest were those who disliked the fortune teller from the start.

"She must be a witch!"

"She is the bringer of misfortune !"

"False fortune teller!"



And the town's people shouted their approval with so much rage. They gathered and together marched towards the fortune teller with torches in their hands. Their pace creaked until they arrived at the fortune teller's place, but the woman seemed to already know they were coming. She stood in front of her tent quietly. The fortune-teller did not budge at all, even when some residents berated her with insults and even threw mud, stones, and dirt at her. The fortune teller just kept quiet accepting all the insults and cruel treatment of the town's people. When they were satisfied, the fortune teller raised one hand and the other held the same lantern she had brought when she first entered the city.

"I will tell the last prophecy from me for you."

The fortune-teller closed her eyes before continuing her words,

"You will burn me alive, in the middle of the town hall, with my hands tied to a stake behind my back. You all piled the woods under my feet. Then you will throw the embers from my lantern to burn me. "

After saying so, the town's people gave a boisterous cheer and they dragged the fortune teller's body towards the town hall. The men collected the woods and put up poles while tying the woman's body there. They grabbed the fortune teller's lantern and their movements stopped and the entire town fell into silence when they saw the fortune teller's calm face smiling at them.

"You were nothing before my arrival,

and you are still nothing after my departure.

You are just ungrateful people.

Greed and avarice are the source of your destruction.

You just want to hear and see what you want to hear and see.

You just want the easy convenience and prosperity in your life.

But you are blind that the wheel of fate is spinning.

Then remember my words!

There will be no more happiness for you,

just slow and painful destruction.

This town will no longer be blessed by grace and love, neither from heaven nor from the earth.

Slowly you will forget me

And when it's too late, you will realize how your life is filled with vanity.

And believe me, you wish that time will turn back when your breath is at the end of your throat! "

After saying her last words, the people who were raging full of anger threw down the fortune teller's lantern. They rejoiced at the fortune teller's body which was burnt down without a trace. Until dawn broke in the sky, and one by one they returned to their homes feeling satisfied.

Years passed and they forgot about the tragedy they created in the middle of the town hall. They even slowly forgot the existence of the fortune-teller. Town's life was filled with sin; looting, rape, fighting, murder, trickery, and many more. Until one by one the town's people end up in misery and sadness. And not one of them didn't remember The Fortune Teller of The South at the end of their last breath.


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