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Guardian of The Lake

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A tale of a nymph of the lake who take the maidens from their lovers into the dark deep lake.

Fantasy / Other
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Guardian of The Lake

A flower for the maiden.

A bouquet for the bride.

A kiss for the brokenhearted.

Sleeping in the arm of the keeper of the lake.

Once upon a time, there was an unspoken warning and rules for the maidens in a far village. The commemoration was like folklore which mothers continue to tell their daughters as women before them tell the tale about it. About a lake surrounded by many old and tall weeping willow trees. The lake was so clear and beautiful with lotuses floating on it. And in that lake too, there was a nymph who was known to lure the innocent maidens into her lake, and those maidens were never been seen ever again. The nymph known for her singing with her refreshing voice was like a soft and melodious ripple of water. Only a few people have ever seen the form of that nymph; Her hair was glistening with a blood-red color, her beautiful scaly skin shimmers under the light, her face… oh, how her face was so angelic with fair beauty like a mystical creature should be. On her back, there was thin sharp fin, and her lower body looks like the body of a snake.

In the old lullabies in that village, there was once a virgin maiden who was known for her dazzling beauty. Many men would fall on their knees because of her. The men would fight over this girl's love for marriage. And indeed the virgin maiden was finally in love and set her heart for a young man who was a diligent and honest farmer. People in the village rejoiced and eagerly prepared the wedding ceremony for the next day.

The girl slept at night feeling excited and happy to welcome her wedding day tomorrow. But in the middle of the night, with a foggy mind, she was awoken by the sound from a distant singing. As in sleepwalking, she softly stepped out of the house to follow the song. No one noticed as the girl walked further and further into the weeping willow forest. Until the groom-to-be realized the figure of his lover walking into the dark forest. He shouted to the people to run after the girl. They tried to break through the dense weeping willow forest with torches in their hands. Until finally people arrived at the shore of the lake and to their surprise, they found a creature who was beyond their imagination. The nymph reached out her hand to the girl who was still in a deep sleep state. The girl walk down the lake until she reached the nymph's hand. Her lover's screams pierced the night as the nymph dragged her down to the deepest part of the lake. And the girl never appeared on the surface again.

Time passed and some of the girls in the village disappeared in the middle of the night in various ways which the villagers themselves could not prevent, no matter how vigilant they were. The girls never returned, disappeared at the bottom of the lake.

Until the lonely old farmer who lost his bride grew older, and he knew that his time was not long. With hobbled steps and stooping body, he walked towards the weeping willow forest with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He came to the shore of the lake and sat down under the clear sky which he was going to see for the last time. He called out to the nymph who lived the lake. A few moments a beautiful creature appeared and swam toward the old farmer. They stared at each other for a while until finally, he gave the bouquet of flowers he had brought to the nymph. The creature received a bouquet of flowers and looked at the man with her round bright eyes.

"It was my turn to follow my other half. Tell her who is sleeping at the bottom of the lake that I love her so much and miss her until the end of my life. My poor old soul desperately begs for your kindness, O Keeper of The Lake, have mercy on me, and let me be with my beloved."

The nymph sang softly to the old man before pulling his wrinkly hand to meet his lover who was sleeping at the bottom of the lake.

And how lovely the smell of the lake as two separated lovers finally got together again.


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