The High Priestess

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She was unbounded as a kingless woman, belongs to one.

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The High Priestess

There was once a kingless high priestess who lived on a dark highland, surrounded and hidden by sharp and tall trees. She has no children or family, no master or slave, no guardians, and knights. She is the power herself, and it remains untold and spoken to no one as no one indeed knew about it. She rarely showed herself publicly in front of her people, who lived a bit far from her temple, and once she wished to show up she would cover herself from head to toe thin dark veil. Nonetheless, she shared her wisdom as the wisest ever be and none of her people lived in injustice or poverty. Though everything about The High Priestess remains as vague as a cryptic. Rumors said she sold her soul to the Devil but protected by The Angel, and she would only open half of her veil whenever she would speak her words, so only her side eyes and face could be seen.

Neighboring kingdoms around The High Priestess’s territory, ruled by five kings, and each of them would always wonder about this untouchable human being and what power laid inside her. Her intelligent and rich lands that belonged to no king, piqued their interest. Therefore all those kings started their journey in order to conquer The High Priestess and reached the highest unshakeable power above all.

The first king rode all by himself to The High Priestess’s temple. He came into her land and get inside the temple. The High Priestess sat on a high chair with candles behind her back. The first king confidently walked towards The High Priestess without bowing his respect. He was about to open her mouth when The High Priestess raised one hand before open half of her veil, and her side eyes and face seen.

“I know you. A king who rules all by himself. You are indeed a king with high intelligence and true to yourself. But what two sides of a coin, your manipulative mind yet easily get fooled by those who claim as your future queen. Remember my words; you shall not come back here again and you are best all by yourself.”

The first king then rode back to his kingdom and live alone for the rest of his life.

The second king came with his golden chariot. He was an old and fat king and he came towards The High Priestess. He bowed his head slightly. The High Priestess open half of her veil, but only her lips can be seen.

“I see you. A king who rules all by himself. You are indeed a kind-hearted king with genuine intentions in your heart. But your heart is too fragile to be held and you are too full of yourself. Remember my words; you shall not come back here again and you will find your own future queen from the west kingdom.”

The second king then went back to his kingdom, all confused and sad until he met his future queen.

The third king came with his powerful soldiers and knights to The High Priestess’s temple. His face looked cruel and everything about him screams ignorance. He didn’t bow to The High Priestess and stood with pride and arrogance. The High Priestess did not open her veil this time.

“I do not even wish to talk or see you. You are a fool and ignorant. Your wish for submissiveness and obedience will strike you back and destroy you. And may there will be mercy for you. Remember my words; you shall not come back here again and you will indeed find your future queen but she is a fool like you.”

The third king walked away in rage and shame, and he ended uglier as he ever be.

The fourth king was a brother of the third king, but he still insisted to come to see The High Priestess. He is built yet relaxed figure came to The High Priestess’s temple. He bowed his head in respect. The High Priestess opened half of her veil and her eyes smile in understanding and her lips tilted slightly.

“You are indeed different from your brother. But it seems like foolishness runs in the family. You are a smart king and very independent. But a king is also a man, you actually do not wish for a queen. You wish for a harlot and I am nowhere close as a courtesan. Remember my words; you shall not come back again and it may take a little longer but you will find your true queen.”

The fourth king left in abashed, but years later he was indeed married to his true love and queen.

The fifth king, the last king, came to The High Priestess’s temple with a smile on his face and confident because the other kings were rejected. He thought he had his chance. He came towards the High Priestess, though he didn’t bow his head but smiled flamboyantly. The High Priestess looked at him for a moment before she open half of her veil and her side eyes and face could be seen. She was about to say something but the fifth king interrupted her with his words and promises. The High Priestess listened to him and when he finished, she put down her veil and covered herself again.

“I heard you. You are indeed a dream come true for any woman who laid their eyes on and listened to you. But you are nothing but a deceiver. You may refuse to believe me now, but you will always seek nothing and gain nothing as well. Remember my words; you shall not come back again and I wish you only good things and happiness.”

The fifth king left broken hearted but still with a smile on his face.

The High Priestess then never opened her temple ever again for any kings or suitors. As she did not belong to this world. And her people remained happy and prosper, and protect her from the outside world because they knew she was unbounded as a kingless woman until the end of time.


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