Unexpected Attraction *SAMPLE*

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Chapter 4

I find myself staring at a man’s chest. I can smell the leather from his jacket. I bring my eyes up to see him staring down at me with a not so lovely expression. He snatches me up by my throat. “You’re pretty,” He smiles. I swing my foot nailing him right in the groin. He drops me. I land on my feet, not giving him the time to regain his composure. I flip my body, bringing a kick right to his chin, knocking him flat on his back.

Not taking him long to get up. He rushes, leaping onto me. We both go flying off the balcony, hitting the ground. A cloud of dust surrounds us. He stands quick, grabbing me by my hair and dragging me towards the entrance. “The boss will like you.” He grins. I start swinging, but my arms are too short of reaching his body. Before he gets the entrance, he is tackled to the ground letting go of his grasp on my hair, and I am pushed away from them.

Standing quickly, I run over to see Maverick holding the guy in a headlock. With one turn of his hands, Maverick snaps his neck. Maverick gets to his feet, walking towards me. “Hey, are you okay?” He asks, bringing his hand to the cut on my forehead from the fall. “I’m fine,” I reply, pulling a piece of grass from my now tangled hair. He searches my face, and I meet his gaze. “Really, I’m fine, thanks for the help,” I say gratefully.

Maverick grabs my hand, pulling me towards the woods. I look at him, bewildered. “What are you doing?” I ask. He crouches down behind a large log pulling me with him, then points towards the side of the building. “Someone is coming,” He whispered. I look in the direction to see Drake and the girl heading for the car. “We need to move now. He is taking the girl somewhere,” I commanded, standing.

Running to the other side of the car, I crouch, looking through the glass of the window to the other side of the car. Drake is alone with the girl. I look back to Maverick, and I nod for him to take Drake down. I slowly move around to the front of the car, still in a crouching position.

Maverick shifts into his black wolf, letting out a loud growl catching Drake’s attention. That’s when I go for the girl, with my lightning-fast reflexes, I’m gone before Drake can even react. I stop at the tree line to check the girl over. “Are you okay?” I ask softly, careful not to scare her. She nods with tears in her eyes. I turn my focus back to Maverick.

Maverick pounces on Drake, pinning him down with his front paws. “Maverick! We need him alive,” I shout. His wolf turns his head to me, then back to Drake. I turn to the girl and place my hands on her shoulders. “Stay here, hide behind this tree. I will be right back for you,” I tell her, and she quickly hides.

Rushing for Maverick before he kills Drake. I skid to a stop next to him, placing my hand on his soft fur. “Hey, look at me,” I utter calmly. His wolf stares at me for a moment, and his body relaxes. “he will pay for his wrongdoing. I promise you that,” I assure Maverick. He backs off. Drake tries to stand, but I shove him back down with my foot. “Stay put, or I will let him eat you!” I hiss, showing my fangs. Drake holds his hands up in defeat.

I stay with Drake while Maverick shifts back to human form and grabs his clothes. I look at him as he walks back to us. “Can you watch this douche while I call the local authorities?” I ask as I bring out handcuffs from my jacket. Maverick lifts a brow. “I always liked a lady with handcuffs,” He smirks and lets out a slight laugh. I roll my eyes but return his laughter, handing Drake over to Maverick, then I walk to the woods.

Pulling out my phone, I dial my father. “Hey, kiddo,” My father answers. I grin slightly. “Hey Dad, we got Drake, but we have another problem. We need a lot of back-up, and we need it now. They have a whole operation going on. We have the girl, but I’m sure there are others. send reinforcements and fast,” I request. “Okay, find a safe place until they can arrive. I am calling now,” He declares, hanging up the phone.

I return to the girl's side. Maverick turns to look at me. “So, what now?” He asked, shoving Drake to the ground. “Dang man, why you gotta be so rough?” Drake whines. Maverick growls, ready to choke the life outta him, but I grab him. “Don’t let him get to you,” I whisper. He looks down at my hand on his arm, then back up at me, and I feel my heart skip. I let go quickly. Maverick starts to grab for my hand but is interrupted by the sound of tires on the gravel driveway.

I turn in that direction quickly. “They're here,” I announce. Maverick pulls Drake to his feet. “It’s time for your ass to be behind bars, and you’re lucky I don’t kill you right now for what you did to my sister’s friend.” He snarls. “Oh, you mean the young wolf girl? She was a fighter, and I enjoyed every bit of her,” Drake said. Maverick whips Drake around to face him and punches him square in the jaw, knocking him back down. He proceeds to beat him when I interfere, pulling him off. “Stop,” I demand, looking in his eyes to see the hurt, and I feel my own rage. ‘ Why do I feel bad for this wolf? I hate men,’ I think to myself. Drake laughs at Maverick's pain. “So, the big scary wolf is pussy whipped?” Drake said, laughing as blood dripped from his mouth. As I walked past Drake, I threw a punch causing his head to spin sideways, knocking him out, and I never even looked in his direction. Maverick stared at me, surprised by my force. I shrugged. “What? He was asking for it,” I grin and walk past.

We met up with the police who had swat in the building, and they were bringing guys out while the local police brought out girls ranging from 10 years old to 20 years old. I turn to look at the girl we came for, and she looks up at me. “Thank you for saving me,” She says sincerely, hugging me tightly. I am not sure what to do when Maverick looks at me, giving me a motion to return the hug, So I wrap my arms around her too. “Of course,” I whisper, pulling back. “The policeman is going to take you home now,” I told her, pointing to the man standing next to the police car. She nods and walks to him, turning around to give me a wave. I take a deep breath and walk back towards my bike.

Maverick runs up beside me. “Hey, we did it. Now what?” He questions excitedly at his victory. I whirl my head to look at him with a smile. “We go home,” I reply, reaching my bike and picking up my helmet, placing it over my head. “Wait,” Maverick says, standing next to me. I open the visor of my helmet to look at him. “What?” I say curiously. He hesitates, glancing at the gravel. “What does this mean for us?” He inquired. I narrow my eyes. “It means we go home and go back to our regular lives. You go one way, and I go the other,” I tell him casually. His expression turns downward. I stare, confused. “Did you think we could be friends? Our kinds don’t mix, Maverick,” I replied, flipping my visor back and taking off down the road.

Maverick caught up to me, and we rode for several hours without stopping. Finally, we pull into my drive. I park my bike next to the house, and Maverick puts my brothers back in the shed. I stand by my bike, waiting. He comes up the hill from the shed. “So it was nice working with you, and I hope you finally tell your mate that you are mates so you can do whatever it is you do with a mate,” I laugh. Maverick only stared blankly. “Bye,” I say, turning to walk up to my steps. I almost make it to my door when I hear his footsteps behind me. I spun around to face him. “What… before I could finish, Maverick wrapped his strong arms around me, pulling me into a passionate kiss.

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