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Amelia is doubting whether or not Kalen loves her or not. There is so much against her. But when Amelia disappears for a year. It all becomes clear that her doubts where for no reason at all.

Fantasy / Romance
Emma S Harris
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Am I really happy?

The sky was glowing with shinning shooting stars. Everyone around me was covered in handcuffs and were all miserable. I lay in the tower that seemed to become my bedroom. I have seen the needy and luxurious side of Star Light Kingdom. I am not sure which side I like more. The tower was a cold, damp room that had a leaky roof. My fiancé Prince Kalen has forgotten that I exist entirely.

I hear Kalen calling me "Amelia, are you up in the tower again?" I called back down to him "I will be down in a moment." but by the time I came down Prince, Kalen had already gone for the day. It was the same thing daily he never had time for me.

Amelia thought she was happy with her life. Well, that's until she looked down at her hand and saw the engagement ring on her finger. She once loved Kalen, but now didn't know how she felt about him. It didn't help that he normal ignored her all the time.

Amelia came down from the tower. She sat on the window ledge of the bedroom and looked out over the Kingdom. Amelia hated been in an arranged marriage to Prince Kalen, but there was no way out it.

Prince Kalen is the ugliest, selfish, and stubborn man that has ever lived.

Amelia walked out of the bedroom and headed towards the Rose Gardens when one of the guards stopped her "Can I know where you are off to Miss?" Amelia rolled her eyes "I am going to the Rose Garden. Is there a problem with that." The guard didn't know how to answer "No, of course not. Someone from security will be with you shortly." Amelia looked at him for a moment "I don't need any security. I am not some two-year-old that can't take care of myself." the security guard didn't know what to do "I am only following Prince Kalen orders" Amelia completely ignored him and kept walking towards the Rose Garden.

Kalen spotted Amelia heading to the garden. He walked over to her "Why don't you have any security with you?" Amelia looked at him for a moment "Why do I need security to go walking to the garden? I am not you" Kalen looked at her "I am worried about you; that's all." Amelia looked at him for a moment "Please like anything can happen to me." Kalen looked at her for a moment "I am not taking any chances, Amelia. Now come on we better get inside before it rains, and we get soaked." Amelia looked at him and pushed him away "Why are you always trying to control me?" "I am not controlling you, Amelia. I am looking after you, that's all." "You think locking me up like a caged animal is taking care of me?" Kalen never answered her and walked back outside when she was safely inside.

Amelia felt trapped in the palace. She couldn't understand why Kalen was keeping her locked up like a prisoner. Amelia was getting very fed up, waiting around for something exciting to happen in her life. She decided that evening she was going to plan on running away and living her life the way she wanted. Amelia lowered her head for a moment leaving the palace would also mean been alone again. Amelia was grateful that Kalen had rescued her from her old life of been alone and not wanted. But now she didn't know who he was anymore.

That evening when Kalen returned to the palace, he was in a horrible form. Amelia looked at him for a moment "Do you want to talk about what's wrong?" Kalen looked at her for a moment and laughed "Please, you could never possibly understand what is wrong." Amelia looked at him "I wasn't raised in royalty like you no, but I can listen to you and maybe be able to give you some new suggestions." Kalen laughed for a moment "You stick to what you know, my dear and I will handle this. It is Nothing you need to be concerned about." Amelia couldn't tell if what Kalen had told her was the correct truth. "Are we going to do anything this evening Kalen?" Kalen looked at her for a moment "I am sorry darling, but you know my evenings are filled with appointments and meetings." Amelia world began to shatter some more. Kalen never seemed to want her around anymore. "Oh, right sorry, I forgot again." Kalen looked at her for a moment "No, need to be sad. You see me during meals. Unless there is something you need to tell me about is there, Amelia?" she felt his eyes glaring at her from down the table "No I didn't need to talk to you about anything. I guess I wished that I would like to see you more than 45 minutes per day if you know what I mean." Kalen laughed for a moment "It amazes me that you time how long you spend with me. I will see you later, darling" he rose from the table and walked out of the room.

Amelia sat there for a moment with the tears rolling down her face. One of the maids was clearing off the table and spotted her still sitting there "Oh Amelia, are you okay?" she looked at the maid for a moment "Yes I am grand. I am getting used to the idea of been on my own again." the maid smiled for a moment. "Kalen is very busy at the moment, but if you had a problem guarantee, you would be the number one priority on his list." Amelia still didn't seem so sure, though.

The next morning when Kalen woke up, Amelia was already up. He wasn't surprised about that. He shouted up into the tower "Amelia darling are you up there?" he heard her calling back to him a few moments later "I will be down in a while." Kalen shouted back up to her "You will lose 15 minutes with me this morning if you don't hurry up." Amelia looked at the prisoners and said to them "I feel more trapped than you guys are" and she walked down to him. Kalen looked at her for a moment, and Amelia could tell he wasn't happy, but what was new there he never seemed to be satisfied anymore. He always had to be moaning about something "What is up in the tower that you like so much?" Amelia looked at him "Nothing at all. I like to watch the sunrise over the mountains, and if I opened the curtains to watch it in bed, the light would wake you up." Kalen looked at her "You know all the prisoners in the tower are dangerous. Why do you put yourself in that danger?" Amelia looked at him for a moment "I sit on the window ledge nowhere near the prison cells. At first, I feared going up there, but not anymore." Kalen looked at her as he finished his last bit of food "Please stay out of the tower." Amelia was already on the final straw today "What am I meant to do for the whole day while you are out ignoring that I exist?" Kalen didn't answer her again. He rose from the table "Amelia, you will understand one day." and walked out of the room.

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