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The Queen's Sister (lesbian)(girlxgirl)(adventure)

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Groomed for the crown from the moment of her blessed birth, the young Warrior Queen to be was not prepared for her world as she knew it, to be ripped away from her. All in one moment, everything changed, her life of royalty stripped from her as she went spiraling out of the cosmos. Revenge and anger at the betrayal she has faced drives her power. Follow this passionate and chaotic Warrior as she explores new territories and races of bipedal brings, and creatures she has never even heard of, as she attemptes to find her way home. To the beautiful place of her birth. Islands surrounded by sea. With a fire within her light gray eyes, and her magic sword to her side, will she be able to concur this new place, and overcome the challenges and wars without her loyal army? ................................... This is a lesbian story, filled with adventure, action, and magic. ....................... I apologize for the spelling errors, this is a work in progress and is constantly under construction. Thank you 💋

Fantasy / Adventure
Faye Love
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Ch1. Fall from grace

The realization of consciousness and of having been unconscious came over me in a wave of pain. My head feels as if it's going to explode like the melons I used to throw off the roof of the guard tower. In pain I grabbed my head, squeezing it in hopes of keeping everything intact. Each throb like heartbeat racked my seemingly fragile nerves with an agonizing force.

Great Goddess, I don't remember drinking to the point of darkness! I'm not a weak drinker, but I don't remember drinking at all! Nausea was coming over me in waves…wait, I actually feel waves. Irritated, at my own possible recklessness, I opened my eyes slowly. Then quickly closed them against the bright sunlight that immediately pierced me like an ice pick to my eyes. Groaning I tried to sit up and I open my eyes just a crack to figure out what the hell is going on. In attempting to do so, I became aware of the pain that encompassed my body. My muscles burned and ached.

What did I do? And better yet, why did I do it? With a new wave of anger at the new pain present. I forced myself up, fighting the urge to vomit. Breathing heavy, I opened my eyes, fighting against the pain. Pushing past the agony of a beaten body and hot sun. Slowly, my surroundings came into focus, I am in a small skiff up against a sandy shore.

With my eyes closed against the brightness, I tried to remember the events that lead me here. But something inside of me must be flawed, because the last I remember I was arguing with my sister, the high wizardess herself. Oh yes I remember now, I was calling her husband, Snake, (only because its the truth) a gold digging, power hungry, manipulating, backstabbing, slimy, smelly, untrustworthy Portel, with a little dick!

Yes that was it.

I recall he had walked into the room. And with my sword in my hands, I was determined to end his filthy, undeserving life. But before I could remove his serpents head, Tatrica ran between us, trying to convince me of his innocents. I refused to listen, he continued threatening me and insulting my power as the next Queen. I pushed past my sister, ready to kill him, but then she threw some magic powder at me.

I vaguely remember the sensation of being lifted and moving quickly, a blaze of colors moving past me. Then darkness. Well, that is the last I can remember until this pounding headache. She must have magiked me pretty good. I looked at the sun and realized that it doesn't look right. The color is off, and the heat coming off of it is like the peak of summer. But it's not summer, the air was starting to cool, the waters chilling. At least..it was…but not anymore?

Damn, what did she do to me?

Feeling a cold wetness on my pants I looked down, great, nice to know that along with being goddess knows where, my boat is leaking. Steam rose off my pants as the water sizzled against my heat. Of all the unholy water serpents, better get moving. I stood up and came mighty close to passing out, black dots filled my vision. The air felt heavy, and thick. The sun hotly baking my skin. Trying to stay up, I stumble out of the boat and onto the beach, letting myself fall to my knees. Slow deep breaths kept me from throwing up. Instead, I tried to focus on something else. Anything other than my tremble stomach and aching head.

Sand! Yes, I'll focus on the sand, it was soft like the shore of my island. It's warmth comforting in my confusion… But something about it was off… The colors were all wrong. Here the sand was creamy, a bright almost white against my seemingly pale skin. My fire ring was pulsing oddly against the sand, flames dancing with the gem. This sand…how beautiful, I've never seen sand so white… After several long breaths, the nausea started subsiding. I have never felt sick on water before, it's as alarming as it is foreign. My life is virtually lived on the water. Sustained and continuous. A terraquan who gets seasick is hardly a terraquan at all.

Something feels very wrong here…

As reason and logic started to take hold of my cognitive abilities, I looked around for danger. With my faithful sword still attached to my side, but I saw nothing obviously threatening. Just a long beach of white sand, forest coming right to the edge of the beach, and the smell of fresh water. But the familiar taste of salt on the sea was absent. I glanced behind me, back to the water, confused by the lack of a smell fully associated with it.

Where is the salt?

My questioning was cut short by the rage of pain between my temples. A frustrated sigh escaped my lips as I fell onto my back. Trying to allow the warm sand to sooth my ache.

"Why didn't you drop a headache potion next to me!" I yelled at her. Well I yelled into the air in hopes she was watching from afar. No such luck though, no potion appeared.

I opened my eyes and looked at the sun again, it still looks wrong, foreign in a way. Fishless, she must have really wanted me gone. I have no idea where I am, and that sky does not look right at all. Nothing…nothing looks right. Sis told me she had invented a spell she called Flinging. In short, it was meant to throw someone far away from you… She was working on a spell that could do such, so that we could get rid of that crazy old bastard from the the North Passage Islands, he sits on two large islands, which is an easy passage through. But he recklessly attacks any ship that gets too close. Which forces us and others to have to go around. Costing time, workers, food and money. He's always causing trouble, but is considered a friend of the crown. Like hell he is…

Crazy bastard.

I guess she decided to use it on me instead. A bit of dread and disappointment shook my soul, she can now lay claim to everything I didn't realize she wanted. The title, the lands, my people, the servants, the castle, the fighters, and the treasure that is our home.

All of which was to be mine, I was groomed to rule. Groomed from the moment of my birth to assume position of Queen over the lands and sea that my father, and his father, and his mother so on, has fought to protect and keep. The islands and seas I fought to protect in the name of my father the king. She has ripped my birthplace from my hands.

This will not go unpunished.

Again, with a burst of might, I fully opened my eyes, to see someone peering down at me. I yelled, completely surprised by their unannounced presence and they, or I should say she, jumped back a good 10 feet into the air with a scream. She stood there ready to bolt like a rabbit in daylight. Her chest rapidly raising and falling as her eyes darted back and forth to her excape route. Slowly, I sat up holding my pounding head again, trying not to do anything threatening towards the girl. Not like I could anyways, in this moment I feel more weak than I have ever been.

She watched me from where she stood, then sat straight down and just observed me. With a painful groan, I rubbed my face, and looked over at her. She was the oddest looking female I have ever seen. Perhaps an elf of some kind? A large elf actually. And her skin was strangely colored. And too add to the puzzlement, she probably stood a good two feet taller than the elves I'm used to. I've never seen a giant elf before. They aren't talked about in our ancient books of fae kind, and there has been no acounts of seeing one this tall. She must be incredibly rare.

Beautiful is the first thing I noticed aside from her height. Smooth brown skin, even in its oddity, it was beautiful. She had warm brown hair that shined in the light. And little pointy ears that just poke out through her beautiful hair. But the truly amazing thing was her large emerald green eyes. I've never seen someone with skin the color of her, how exquisite. Held captive by her uniqueness, in her eyes stormed many emotions. Mainly an aura of hopelessness and fear that hung darkly over her head. It swirled like little hurricanes all around her. Darkening her bright skies.

For as long as I can remember, I've had the abilities of a high psyonic. I can here her voice but the language sounds foreign. Her large seemingly innocent eyes fell to me, her sadness and fear didn't feel like it was towards me. It must have something to do with her personal life.

Taking a deep breath of heavy feeling air, I said hello in common elven tongue, but received no response. She just looked at me confused and shruged her shoulders. I tried in my common tongue, same reaction. I then tried in common Darwf, and this time I didn't even receive a shrug. How can she not speak the common tongue? This is odd. There are only three languages spoken on land. And she doesn't understand any of them? Maybe she's deaf. Or dumb. But dumbness doesn't usually have those kinds of complex emotions… So it can't be that.

Reserved for a moment, I just sat and looked at her. Eventually she spoke something, but it sounds nothing like the languages I know. I just stared at her and she repeated herself. A few sounds began to become clearer, but it's not making any sense.


"Hello…you…right?" her words came slowly into focus, hazily forming into known words. My right ear began tingling, tickling my earlobe. I reached up and touch it. My ear piece… A now painful, once fond memory came to me, of my sister. She made this for me. Invented it herself, so that I could communicate with the elusive water elves. No one understood why I would want something like this, they all asked her what need would she have for making this? But she understood, and spent months to create this for me. Only thing is, I wasn't wearing it when I went to speak with her. Angry I grabbed the earring and tried to pull it out, tears threatening to bleed from my eyes. Why!?! Why would she send me with this!?

Unless… unless she intended to fling me all along.

A painful grip captured my heart and refused to let me breathe. I, the queen to be, now reduced to just the Queens sister… Foiled and made a fool by my own blood. Tossed like a shell into the sea.




"Thanks sis" I spoke again into the air, saddened by this possible realization. Though I am enraged at her as well, we will settle everything once I get back home. Snake should start running now, because my sword will taste his tainted blood. I will not stop until his head is on a spike. I will hunt him like the filthy lowlife he is. I will never forgive him for Marah's death! The same sword that took her life, will remove his head.

I swear it.

The elven woman or girl, I've no idea of her age, spoke again. And yet again my ear vibrated, her words sound jumbled in my head.

"Hello…my…britta" I looked at her, now fully confused. She smiled a cheeky grin. I just nodded my head and though I can kind of understand her. I feel like there's wholes within the words. Is she calling me britta? Is it a term of endearment or a state of being? A noun maybe? Heck, I have no idea… Could it be her name? Seems odd, I don't know how to respond. But I should probably try. So I just pointed to myself "Leslidia" she smiled happily and repeated it. As if tasting it on her tongue.

"Lez-li-dee-ahh" she stretched it out trying to pronounce it correctly. Hahaha, okay, that's cute. I want to ask where am I, but my words fell on deaf ears as she looked at me.

"Hellllooo" I tried in her tongue. With a bounce, she grinned with excitement… "myy briiitaaa?" a trill shot from her lips, ringing in the air like a hyper bell. I stared at her, surprised. But she acted as though that sound was completely natural, not at all out of the norm… I couldn't help the chuckle that slipped from me. I pointed to her, "Britta?" I asked, testing a theory. Again she bounced in her spot.

"Yess! I…Britta!" With another nod, I pointed to myself again.

"I… Lez-li-dee-uh" with another hop of joy, she excitedly shook where she sat. My energy fading fast as I sat under the hot blaze of the sun. I'm starting to feel like a bird well roasted, sitting here on this beach. My skin ablaze more so than normal. Sweat slid down my body, trying to cool my raising temperature down. This alone caused me great concern. I never feel hot, am never bothered by flame nor heat. I can quite literally dance within a fire. I must be sick, it's the only thing that makes any sense. My control of my own heat seemed gone, I can't stop myself from getting hotter, and if I am not careful, I could and will combust. I tried taking deep breaths, but it wasn't working.

I have to calm down!

Gritting my teeth, I crawled to the boat on my hands and knees, looking within it. My hat as well as my leather bag sat in there. Once again I thanked my sister, the wench, for sending me with my sword and satchel at least. My leather satchel, was beautifully warn with use. It was as important to me as my left hand. On its carefully oiled surface, my family's symbol of our V was artistically etched into it.

I feel weak, exhausted, frail… All the things I've been trained not to be, now weighs down my movements. I tried to stand, only to once again be weakened by my head trying to explode. I bent over with my hands back in the sand. Grasping it, as if it could grant me freedom of this pain. I tried to catch my breath that quickly left me. Never have I longed for air this much. It felt wrong, heavy, difficult to take in. As if the air has changed. As if everything I once knew about my home, no longer applied.

I jumped a bit when a hand touched my shoulder, but made no attempt to pull my sword. Unsure if I'd even be able to. I looked up at her, the elven girl must have approached me while I wasn't able to focus on her movements. But now, I watched her, she moved slowly, and looked into the boat. With a small, almost sympathetic smile, she reached in and retrieved my hat and bag. I thanked her, calling her My Lady, but she didn't understand me.

She placed my hat on my head after looking at it with a curious gleam in her shining eyes. Again my words of thank you fell short. As she didn't understand me. Regardless, I said it anyways. A Cavalier is still a Cavalier, no matter if I am understood or not.

"Let… you… the… of the forest…cooler…. you… warm… that… leather." Again, I looked at her, curious. Memorizing the words that did come through. Her sweet voice was soft as she spoke very quietly. Her full lips unlike ones I've ever seen before. I looked down at my leathers, glad to see that I still had them on. Tatrica magiked these to be as strong as metal armor. Do to the fact that I hate fighting in metal, it's restrictive and slows down my movements… A slow target is often a dead one.

Well, at least I know she didn't want me immediately dead. Perhaps she just wanted me gone… Regardless, she sided with an evil serpent. And as an old fable once read, 'when you lie with snakes… you wake with fangs.'

This girl put her arm around my waist and helped me stand, then guided me to the edge of the forest… Maybe that's what she was saying! Edge of the forest! Haha! I'll learn her oddly enchanting words soon enough.

I tried to ask "Why?" pointing to myself. She just looked puzzled. I don't have the words to ask. I sighed, and continued to let her help me. We reached the shade of the trees and I felt immensely better. With a sigh, I closed my eyes enjoying the cool beneath the trees. After a few moments, I realized that she had yet to release me. Unable to resist a smirk, I glanced down at her, and saw a bit of a blush come over her cheeks. I took a good look at her, memorizing her youthful features.

Again, another question rose to my mind without the words to form them for her. I want to know her age, I want to to ask why she's helping me. But my words were lacking. With a final glance of her pretty green eyes, she helped me sit down. Moving carefully, I leaned against a tree. At this moment, her emotions were curious and exited. She seemed as captivated and curious about me as I am about her.

For a moment, I just looked at her. She had a beautiful leather satchel on her side. A chunk of her hair was braided in a single braid in front of her left ear. A small red flower seemed to be woven into it. The rest of her hair flowed freely down her back and right side. She had golden earrings in her right ear. A four gold studs and a dangling vibrant green gem on her earlobe.

She crouched in front of me and there we were, staring at one another. She reached out slowly, her hand touching my forehead. Her touch was soft, caring even. Yet her eyes filled with worry, as she looked at her hand then back to me.

"You…sick…hot" she said as she kneeled in front of me on her knees. Her green dress pressing into the forest floor. It was embroidered with stitching in the design an ever growing vine. I smiled at her, my, she's beautiful. With quick movements, she undid the laces of my upper leathers. But couldn't figure out how to get them off of me, looking confused. I reached behind me and undid one of the buckle snaps. Her eyes lit up, and she immediately undid the rest. She's smart, I always enjoy intelligence.

She then pushed my leathers off of me, unveiling my shirt, which was soaking wet. I felt cooler immediately, and sighed happily. She sat back and looked at me, puzzled. "huh?" I ask.

"You… woman?" she asked.

"Yeesss" I replied with a smile, my leatherless back now resting against the tree. She pointed to my chest.

"Why… small?" She asked, I couldn't help but to laugh. I could easily ask her the opposite question. But I'm finding her larger physique to be really appealing.

"Um, myy… Um, woman, yess, small?" I tried to say in her language. Piecing together the few words of her that came through. With a smile I poked at one of my smaller, firm boobs and then poked at one of her much fuller, very nice breasts. She jumped, startled and I laugh, forgetting the pain for a moment..

Goddess it feels good to laugh.

"You…place…rest" she spoke, I place rest? I know words are missing, but I just can't make them come. I looked at her, once again feeling a bit helpless. I am the queen to be, I have never been in a situation where I felt completely without power. Teary eyed, I looked down at my hands. When I get my hands on her throat, she better beg that I don't squeeze!

I was pulled from my darkened thoughts as Britta got up. She helled out her hand, beckoning me. I took a deep breath and took her waiting hand. She helped me to my feet, and secured her arm around me. I looked down at her and realize I could quite easily put my chin on top of her head. She is so little and petite, yet far larger than the elves I know. She's beautiful, I wonder if I'm on the northern tip of the planet? Doesn't explain some things though, and I must admit that I'm a little fearful to think too much on it. I might not like the answer.

Though I like the way it feels to have this beautiful woman holding me, I would like to walk on my own, but I don't think that I am capable of doing so. I know as much information that's available about elven culture and their xenophobia, all hell magma could break loose and I could end up with numerous little arrows in my head if any elves saw me touching her. I'd rather pass on that if I could, but I know I can't. I'd fall to the ground without her help. Only thing I can do is pray that no other elves sees her arm around me.

Xenophobic little bastards.

We were following a path that seemed etched into the ground, heading deeper into the forest. The further we walked, the cooler it became. My shirt no longer damp, my hair falling from its braid.

"Thank all that is good for the coolness. The sweetest gifts of the goddess!" I spoke in my own tongue. She looked at me curious.

"What…you…?" she tried asking me.

"I… umm… I…" I just trailed off after that.

She smiled kindly and spoke slowly. "You spoke the words….good." She looked excited that I could maybe talk to her. She started asking me questions slowly stretching and enunciating each word.

"Why…you…?" I didn't understand the question. She tried again. "Why…you here?" I tried to explain that I am a royal where I come from, and that my sister did this. Flinging me right on out of her way. But I couldn't speak it even smally in her tongue, and eventually just stopped speaking.

We walked for about an hour and my head was pounding so bad I was starting to see black spots in my vision again, my body feels so heavy, my head spinning… All of a sudden I was on my back, looking up at my elven saviors face. I must say, she is very attractive. I have not seen a beauty quite like hers. Her eyes sparkled and skin shined in the glimpses of sunlight through the trees. Stop it! I yelled at myself in my head.

Goddess, will I ever stop being a shameless player? I have lost too many… I glanced back at her, her large green eyes were looking intensely down at me. I reached my hand up and ran my thumb across her cheek. "You are so beautiful" the words slipped out of my mouth in my tongue. I know she doesn't understand me, but still she blushed, so apparently some things do come through, hehe.

"You……up" she said forcefully "we……..there." I slowly forced my way up to my feet and she again, put her arms around my waist helping me along. After another hour or so, my body feeling as though it was failing me. We reached a small clearing with a small odd looking hut. It was pieced together as if it were made of dry grass. That has to be the strangest house I have ever seen in this lifetime. Are they not afraid of it being washed away by the storms or rising tides? This won't last a year, as soon as monsoon season hits, it'll be torn apart.

Even so, the grasses in the clearing was a bewitching sight to see. Tall golden green grass waved gracefully. Birds sang all around and strange flying bugs with bright yellow colors fluttered by. It was magical in a way, like looking into a different world. I don't know where I am, but this elven woman and the landscape was very beautiful indeed.

She leaned me up against a tree and started to walk away. "Britta" I called to her, almost a bit fearful of being alone. She stopped and looked back at me. "Leslidiuh, you wait here"

I chuckle at her mispronouncement of my name. With a nod and a relived smile, I watched as she slowly approached the small house. She opened the door quietly, looking in. A sigh of relief escaped from her, but before I could feel her relief, she disappeared into the hut. But my stress immediately subsided when she came back out and retrieved me. She laced her arm around me and helped me to the door.

"Come" she commanded and I did. I looked around at this small one room hut; it looks to not have been used recently. There was a small hearth, a table with two chairs, and a bed frame with just a few ropes hanging, the straw that once dwelled here looks to be long gone. She sat me in a chair. "I… … get grass…the…" I looked at her puzzled. She then pointed to the bed. And spoke again. "Hssindg"

"Huh?" for a third time, she tried. "Grass, for bed" ohhh! I smile at her. "Grass… Fooor…. Beeeed…" I repeated, trying to roll the words as she does. Interesting dialect, slightly annoying with all those rolls. But I bet she'd be good with her tongue…

Damnit, I need to stop.

Her eyes lit up, as she regarded me. She then turned, heading out, only to find me following. She stopped and shook her head.

"You stay" she demanded. I shook my head, no.

"I geeet graassss" I will not have her doing all the work, it goes against my code. And my code is my honor and it is all I have left right now. I cannot afford lose that too.

"You will not, you will get ill" She placed her hands on her hips, determined. I couldn't help my smile or the fondness I felt for this kind stranger.

"I willll…." I brought the words forward that I heard. Blessed me, I never seem to forget anything. "I…" still, the right words were not yet here. She pointed to the chair and spoke a single word. But it scrambled in my brain. With an exasperated sigh, she gently pushed me back and pointed again to the chair.

"Sit, sit…stay" I shook my head, no. "Yes you will" I wanted to fight her on this. Determined not to have her do all the work. Where words are lacking, perhaps actions will speak more. Wobbly on my feet, I pulled my sword from its sheath. She took a defensive step back, fear flashing within her magical faceted eyes.

My body felt heavier by the second, and I found myself falling into the waiting chair. Breathing heavy, my mind was spinning, my vision blurry. My muscles felt weighed down and weak.

"Max" I spoke breathlessly to my sword in my tongue. A small flash of light shined from within its red gems. And I knew he heard me. "I need you to help her cut some grasses to make a bed." Again, the gems flashed, and his calm familiar voice spoke in my head. "Yes, My Queen"

Max is very special to me, I took him off of a Paladin I killed a few years ago. Unbelievable, but true. No one could believe their eyes when his head went flying with just one perfect swing of my sword. People thought it was an illusion at first. But as his blood spilled and his eyes looked at me as I removed the helmet from his head, everyone knew it was real. He intended to kill me. Instead, he killed someone I loved. This sword called to me that day, that hour, as I cried over the still warm body of my beloved. It spoke to me, Max chose me. I don't know why, but when I held him in my hands, I felt connected to him. Like he was a part of me. And he glowed with the heat of my rage. He burned with the force of my pain. And hasn't been away from me since then.

His blade was flawless with beautiful heated designs in it. He was sharp and faithful. His voice as calming as a lullaby to a scared child. If I didn't have him, I'm sure I'd go insane. I'm relieved Tatrica sent him with me, at keast she doesn't want me immediately dead, otherwise, I wouldn't have him.

Britta watched me speak to my sword, her earlier fear, gone and replaced by curiosity. I then released the handle of my sword, my hand falling heavily into my lap, but Max didn't go crashing to the ground. Max simply hovered where he was, not rising or falling. Her eyes lit up, amazed at the magic trick my sword was able to do. I'd tell her that he's intelligent, and magical. But those words just aren't there.

"Max" I spoke, again, he acknowledged me. "Go" tip first, he drifted out the open door. Breezing past a wide eyed Britta. I closed my eyes, with a smile. "Yooou geeet graasss foor beeed" I said in her language, opening my eyes and looking at her. She looked out the door, then back at me.

With a final glance, she headed out the door, leaving it agar. Again, I closed my eyes, feeling drained. Max is razor sharp, he'll be much help to her, almost like a sickle. He has been at my side everyday since the first time I held him. He felt my pain, he experienced my grief. He loves me.

After a few minutes, I forced myself up, and made my way to the door. Her back was to me as she bent over retrieving the freshly cut grass. I tried not to be distracted by her seemingly flawless form, but I was dazed by her. Using all of my abilities, I walked out, and though she protested, I helped carried the grasses into the house anyways.

Carrying two big bundles under my arms, and dropping them to the floor. With my strength expended, I all but falling back into the chair. My head continued to spin, my stomach turning violently. I bent over, placing me head between my knees. I feel ill, and the threat of crying came over me once again. Snake and Tatrica will pay for each tear that I shed. And they will feel the anger that comes with it.

"Leslidiuh?" I looked up at her from my bent position. Everything looked hazy, blurring as I tried to focus on her. Worry gilled her eyes, and yet she sent me a reassuring smile. She took my hands and helped me up, guiding me to the bed… She must have wove the grass and ropes into a bed while I was trying not to vomit. I can't believe how fast and expertly she created a bed. It's honestly impressive. She must have done this a thousand times before. I smiled weakly at her, as I pulled my small blanket from my satchel. She took it from my hands and laid it over the grass mattress. I undid my sheath, and instructed Max to guard the door as I leaned him against the bed.

"Come here……..down" she said. Pointing to the bed. I decided not to argue, I'm so tired. I sat on the bed, and laid back, feeling sleep already coming.

"I will… back… with…eat" what? Is she leaving? I forced me eyes open and tried to get up. I am not going to let her do all the work. I am a Cavalier, I should be the one doing things. "No" she said pursing her lips, she put her hand on my chest and pushed me back down. "You… sick, I will… back, you will sleep…" she whispered softly as she ran her fingers across my forehead. I tired to fight past her charm, looking into her pure green eyes. But try as I might, I couldn't fight her pull and felt myself drifting off….

I was awoken by the smell of burning wood. Alarmed, I sat up quickly, my sword already in my hands. But as my eyes adjusted to the warm glow of the room, the walls were absent of fire. No screaming of people fighting with flames, no thick smoke clogging lungs. I looked around confused, usually if wood is burning, that means the castle, tent or ship is on fire.

With a racing heart, my eyes wondered around, till they landed on Britta. She sat with her back to me, tending the fire in front of her. Not seeming to care of how precious the wood is she was burning. And it wasn't just small sticks and twigs that were aflame. But large still useful pieces of wood. Her dark hair gracefully flowed down her back. Her posture was confident yet soft as I watched how she moved. She stirred a small pot hanging above the flames.

Wow, she's absolutely gorgeous. As I observed her small frame, I realized that she was not a child. She had hips, full breasts, and moved like she was gifted with great confidence. Something that is not often found in one who is still young.

Though, I've always been confident… until now. I laid back down, my body was still sore, but not as bad. I leaned my sword back against the bed. My headache was fading. My stress melting away knowing that she was not in danger.

"Britta" I spoke quietly, my voice hoarse, she turned and gave me a genuine smile. Causing my heart to stutter. Her eyes bright like the light of the flames behind her. She stood and walked over to me, like a vision of beauty to a dying man. She sat herself on the edge of the bed. "I…….water.…you….?" she inquired with concern. I can deduced that she's asking if I'd like to drink. But all I could think of, was how beautiful her features were. Her soft voice like velvet against my skin. The glow of the light on her skin, the softness of her warm eyes. She's like a large elven angel. I didn't know such a precious thing existed.

When I didn't respond, the concern in her look grew. Pulling myself from my mind, I smiled and nodded at her. "Yesss, waaaterrr" I continued to watch her, intrigued as she silently retrieved a water skin for me to drink from. I drank like I hadn't had water in days, actually I'm not sure if I have… Add on that this water has to be some of the best tasting water I have ever had! It's cleanness and purity seemed to rejuvenate me somehow.

Like drinking the pure nectar of Athena! I emptied the waterskin easily with a big smile at her. She took the empty container and stood, a sweet smile touching her lips. I glanced at the door, but didn't see any light coming in from underneath it. I pointed to the door. She followed my finger and looked at the foor. I sat up and covered her eyes. Then removed my hand. She laughed. "It…dark" she said, "You…………. It……….the…of the night"

Well, that makes no sense.

I rubbed my face, and swong my legs over the bed. Realizing that the pressure to relieve myself was incredibly urgent. I stood up, stretching my arms above my head. My bottom leathers were off of me and there was a real blanket on the bed. I don't recall removing my bottoms. I noticed before that there was a pot on the fire with food. But now two plates, eating utensils, candles and other household items were sitting on top of the small table. "Umm, yooou geeet thaaat?" I asked, furrowing my brow.

"Yes.……. …..pot" she said smiling.

"Pot?" I asked, confused. She nodded, got up and retrieved a chamber pot. Oh, she got a chamber pot! I chuckled and shook my head, no. I can easily go outside to use the bathroom. I started walking towards the door. She quickly stood up and blocked my way. As if her small self could stop me… Actually, in reality, I'd never push her out of my way. So yes, I suppose she could stop me. Regardless, her intentions were kinda cute. I could pick her up with one arm and little effort.

"I…not….you.. in the dark" she said with her hands on my chest. "….many eyes….night." She pointed to the chamber pot.

"Noo, I willl not " I started to say.

"Too bad, use it" she said, crossing her arms. Well, that came through rather clearly. I glared at her for a moment, as my pride refused to let me go. But my parents didn't raise an idiot. And if she fears me going out in the dark, than it would be wise for me to heed her fears. Even if I have to temporarily forfeit my pride in doing so. So I let the embarassment go and used the chamber pot in the presence of a Lady. At least she faced away from me, allowing me to save some face. "Ahh, Much better" I mused as I picked it up to take it outside.

"No, you sit, I will….it .…" she said.

Frustrated I sat in a chair and waited. Complaining within my mind. But it all seemed to melt away when she came back in. She wore a soft smile, then filled the two bowls with yummy looking food. I'm so hungry! I could hardly wait for her to sit, then refrained from eating still, until she took the first bite. Not out of distrust, but more so out of politeness. We ate what tasted kind of like woodchop stew, but different. It was marvelous, the thick broth was hearty and savory. With a mouth full of delicious food, I looked and smiled at my beautiful savior many times throughout the meal.

Once done, me leaving nothing in the pot. She took the wooden dishes, sat them in the now empty pot, and took them away. I stood up and pushed both chairs in front of the fire, waiting for her to return. I sat with my stomach full, and my mind going over my last moments with my sister. Honestly, I feel stunned, burnned by her actions. Does she really love that monster more than me? Love that slithering serpent enough to throw me away to wherever this place is? It's almost unbelievable, unreal as I sat and watched the flames. My heart feeling heavy in my chest. My anger began to simmer and grow, but there's no point in being upset at this moment. It won't do me any good. And I don't want to alarm Britta. No mater the pain in my chest or anger in my veins.

Instead, I decided to focus on the flames in front of me. Replacing my anger with wonderment, I was just amazed at it. Rarely in my life, have I watched wood burn, other than a ship in flames. But I was never this close. Close enough to feel the heat, and taste the flames. Smell the wood burning into ashes. I was close, close enough to hear the wood crackle. I was entrapped by its beauty, drawn to the flames as they called to me. Called to me like Mother Magmah did at the mouth of her volcanoll. Whispering my name within the flickers.

Wood is so scarce and precious where I am from. We use heating crystals and moss mixed with fat to heat and cook with, in fact, I have an inactive heating and a cooling crystal in my bag. I don't really need the heating one, but it works well for cauterizing wounds. But we've never burned full pieces of wood. Sticks here and there, yes, but never this. I felt drown to the fire, the flames seemed to whisper my name, breathing into the heat of my breath. I closed my eyes, breaking their hypnotic hold on me, feeling its heat on my skin. Something stirred within me. Shaking something that stirred beneath my skin. I didn't know that wood-fire was this captivating. That it was this mystical.

With a sigh, I retrieved my half undone braid, pulling it over my shoulder and fully undoing it, I took the comb from my back, lost in my mind. I don't want to be sad, don't want to be angry. Don't want to feel as betrayed as I feel right now. I was prepared for Lords, Generals, Servants, Knights, and even distant relatives to betraye me. I was carefully taught on how to deal with them. How to handle it, how to respond and even how to move on. But not this, not this close to my heart.

Not my own sister…

We were so close for many years, so different, yet alike in many ways. I could always rely on her, always talk to her. Always get in trouble with her. She was my calm when my fire ragged within me. She could always talk me down… I needed her by my side. But maybe it was all one-sided. Maybe I over asked her, over used her, over trusted her.

This is all Snake's fault! I'll kill him!

I took a deep breath as Britta returned and took the comb from my hands. I don't seem to be combing my hair. I don't seem to be doing anything right now. Just lost, just troubled. I smiled at her, not feeling it in my heart. I don't want to be sad, or angry. But I am sad, I am incredibly angry, and terribly heartbroken.

Tears slipped down my cheeks, marking them like the pain marks my heart. I could feel her eyes on me, she was feeling my sadness. Curious about my pain. I pushed it away, as she began to comb my red hair. Red like the blood within my body. Red like the live energy of my enemies. Red like the rage of my fire within.

Her fingers running through my hair pulled me back to the present. I felt her eyes on me, like I was getting a full inspection by her. Her fingers gently touched my ear, startling me, as I was not expecting her to actually touch me.

"You…points…., you….elven!" She said excitedly.

I shook my head, "Whaat?" I asked, not understanding her.

"You…" she pointed to her ear. "You…ears" she pointed to me. "Yoooour ears….. points …. you… elven kind" Oh, she thinks I am elven. I touched the points of my ears. Well I'm not exactly elven, actually we don't really know. We are all too tall to be elves… I looked at her. Or so we thought. I know big elves aren't in our legend lore books. I've read every fae book I could get my hands on, and they never even mentioned that there could be big elves.

I shook my head. "I not eeeelven kiiind" She furrowed her brow.

"You are elven" she said rather pointedly. She touched the language jewelry on my ear. It was a golden earring with a faceted, ruin carved purple sapphire. "High Magic" she stated rather matter-of-factly. "You … high magic"

I chuckled, and nodded my head. I can't very well tell her that my sister is a high Wizardess, who created this earing just for me. She smiled and sat next to me. Facing me. "You, speak, I'll … "

"Huh?" I asked. She took a deep breath and tried again. Stretching her words slowly. "helllp"

For what felt like hours, she helped me recite words in her language, she started repeating what I said and it helped me to enunciate. It was fun, and rather funny as I mangled the words. How in all the heavens does she roll her tongue like that? And I wonder if it would translate nicely onto my pearl. A devilish smirk graced my lips at the devilish thought. The rolling of the words is similar to what the elves do where I am from, but definitely more advance in a way. I then started repeating some of the words in my tongue. Which made her head cutely turn to the side. Time seemed to fade, and everything faded as we laughed together.

But a yawn interrupted our fun, as it fell from me. She smalled at me. "It ..….. to sleep" she said taking my hand. I must admit, I am tired. I complied and allowed her to lead me back towards the bed. "I willll sleeeep…" I paused "Yoou sleeeep tooo?" I asked.

She glanced at me with narrowing eyes, seeming to debate within herself. Then nodded her head. Relieved, I sat on the bed and immediately laid down underneath the cool blanket. Most things feel cool against my skin, but now it feels even colder than normal. Still a bit alarming, but I know my temperature is slowly going back to normal. Which is still warmer than everyone else's. As my mother once said, giving birth to me was like giving birth to a heating crystal or a lava stone. A laugh jumped from me.

She stood for a moment, watching me. Still uncertain. I won't harm or inappropriately touch her. But I understand her fear, I am an odd looking stranger, asking her to sleep beside me. I'd question it too if I were her. With a deep breath, she too undressed, slipping out of her dress. She stood, once again like a beautiful elven angel in her light green slip. With a shy smile, she got into the bed with me and wrapped her arms around me, snuggling me close to her. Her skin was cool against mine, her hair soft.

"You are …. hot." she said, sitting up alarmed. I shook my head, and pulled her back down next to me.

"I gooood, yooou arrre cooolerrr" She looked to still be concerned, but I held on tight to her. Eventually, she snuggled back into me. Resting her head on my shoulder. Without any resistance, I fell blissfully asleep.
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