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A Blood Heir

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Previously An Heir for Oragon The planet Krystan has not had a live birth in centuries and the King, Hunter Rudolf knows he is in big trouble. Without an heir, his semi-immortality running out, death threats facing him from every corner, the killer of the king's brothers and father stands unobstructed on the steps to the throne. With a corrupt council hoping to become the next Hunter Rudolf, chaos are overwhelming his rule and the land is threatened by darkness. But when a human female falls in his laps, he knows his worries are about to be no more. Stuck in a dazzling new world full of strange wonders, Maya is forced to accept her fate and resigns herself to a new life. But with men out for her blood and womb, and deadly secrets swimming through her veins; adapting to Krystan is easier said than done.

Fantasy / Romance
M.S. Maondo
4.7 21 reviews
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Before we begin, please read the author's note...

Hello fellow writer and/or reader. Thanks for giving my book a chance. Hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoy writing it. Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

This book was previously called An Heir for Oragon (the planet Oragon). I got a review some time ago and although it was hurtful, the reader's argument made sense. The beginning of the story was a little bit off so I pulled it down. Unsure how to make the necessary edits, I gave up on the story. That's until I told myself I'm not a quitter and pushed my mind to come up with new ideas. So here it is.

If you read the previous version, you'll need to re-read it because a few things and scenes have changed. Thanks for giving this book another chance. And thank you all for reading this note.

Some readers were confusing the name Oragon (coming from the royal family name is Dragon) with Oregon and so I changed the planet name to Krystan (coming from crystal where they get their power from). I'm not good at making fantasy names😂.

The book falls under the fantasy, sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, and adventure genres (I know it's a lot😂, but I promise the ride is smooth).

All right reserved.

I put so much effort into it, I wouldn't appreciate it if someone takes credit for my hard work. This book is also on Wattpad. If you see the book on any other website or app apart from the two, please let me know.

Dedicated to all my Wattpad and Inkitt readers

~For making me the writer I am today.

Special thanks to @briannesignh (Wattpad) for designing the cover.

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August 1211

Dear Margary,

My dear sister, it has been a long time since I've written to you. My travels in the highlands are getting more exciting. I wish you could be here with me but that would mean failing Da and Ma as I did. I wish I wasn't a free spirit and that I was more like you; I wouldn't be a disappointment then.

I didn't write to revisit old wounds or tell you details of my trip, I want to give you good news, I'm in love. You might find it hard to believe with the high standards I have set for my future husband but he is everything I've ever wanted.

This would be difficult to comprehend but Wally is from another world that is not ours called planet Krystan. He came through something he calls a portal.

I found him one night wandering near the inn when I went to watch the stars. At first, I was afraid and was about to flee but he was so disoriented, just like a daft person. I couldn't just abandon him. I threw away all my senses and the fear that my action is highly frowned upon and invited him to my inn chambers. The innkeeper was long gone and the other tenants were asleep, I was his only hope.

It's been two moons now since I met him and he is everything I ever dreamt of. The best thing about all this is that he loves me too. I can't tell you all the details but I'm writing everything down in my book as I promised and you will get to read it.

He hasn't found a way back home but when he does I will go away with him. I promise to bring him home before we go away. I hope Ma and Da will be happy for me.

Love Cecilia

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