Angelites - Body of Persons Empowered

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Chapter 10

Wally emptied the wall safe hidden in the back of his supply closet. Money, passports, spell books, maps and tax documents were stuffed inside of his small black leather travel bag. He was supposed to be meeting Gina in Eagle Nest this evening, but it looks as though he made a change in plans.

Before leaving Albuquerque forever, he froze at the sight of five men blocking the front door. His path to freedom became an unbeatable obstacle. He wasn’t fast enough, strong enough or slick enough to get passed them whatsoever. He dropped the bag and threw his hands up in surrender.

One of the men stepped out into the dawning sunlight and flicked open a zippo to light the cigarette hanging from his pasty lips. Pentagram tattoos decorated his multi-pierced face, resembling the symbols on the knife, just like the ones spray-painted on his minion’s clothing. He is the leader of the Spawn of Satan. They called him Thorn.

Wally slowly marched toward the group expecting the worst. Thorn grabbed the old man by the throat and said, “Hey there, pal! What’s with the bag? Taking a lil’ midnight run, huh?” Wally trembled in absolute fear, not knowing how to respond. “You know why we’re here, old man! So, why don’t we make this short and painless? Where is it?”

“You don’t know what you’re doing,” Wally gasped. “None of you are strong enough to master its power…the book is worthless without the knife…so you’ll never –”

“Foolish old man! Do you think I came back here to be lectured? Just because my idiotic associates failed the first time doesn’t mean that I don’t have others correcting their blunder, as we speak!”

Wally’s eyes widened in fright. Now Gina was on their radar. Her life was in as much danger as his. “Oh, yes!” Thorn said. “The girlie sheriff. Like all stupid cops, I figured she’d return here to ask questions, so I had my servants here since this afternoon, waiting for her to show her face. And now that we know where she’s going, the blade is as good as mine. But, that’s only half of the puzzle. Now stop playing games with me! Sick freak! Where! Is! The damn book!!”


“You’re lying to me! Don’t LIE TO ME DAMMIT!! The gods can’t wait any longer. I’ve been led to the hellish lands of Los Angeles to grab the purest soul I could find. For weeks the congregation has been salivating over her succulent flesh, watching it ripen in our house of holiness. They must feast on her soul tonight and I’m not going to let some old bag of bones like you stand in my way to power and glory!!”

“She’s innocent…just let her go. Use whatever human spirit you have left inside of you and let her live the rest of her life in peace.”

“Peace?! THERE IS NO PEACE!!!! Once our sacrifice is offered to the temple, the master will come back and rule over this planet, bringing perfect tranquility for centuries to come! My children will have the honor of basking in his glory first hand as they will be raised to worship the Lord with their minds, bodies and everlasting souls! Therefore, I’m only going to ask you one more time. Where is the damn book?!!”


“Gone? Gone where?” Wally trembled under his grip, refusing to answer. Thorn instructed his men to search the back room. Every speck of furniture

got smashed to pieces including heavy thumps against the walls. Minutes later, Thorn exhaled with pleasure seeing his men strut to the front room with the

worn book in hand. Multiple creases on its leather cover with barely legible gold text.

“Ah-ha!!! You thought I was as dumb as you look, huh? Just for that, I’ll make sure your soul gets tortured by goblins before you rot in hell!” Thorn pushed the old man to the floor and held out his hands. The minions placed the book softly on his palms like a crown to a pillow.

“You talk like you’re a man of power,” said Wally, massaging his throat. “You’re nothing but a pathetic waste of life!! No dark lord would ever take

you seriously! I’ve been where you’re trying to get to...but at least I HAD THE POWER! I was wrong! Hate is wrong! Taking lives is wrong! And I’m ready to pay for my sins.” Thorn smiled in amusement, letting the old man have his final words.

“But you and the rest of your posers will soon suffer a fate worse than mine,” Wally continued to chastise. “You’re too ignorant and mentally challenged to understand the ways of this world and what its power is capable of. And when they discover just how STUPID you all are, they will tear your worthless souls apart!! You’ll be begging for them to kill you!!”

“You first.” Thorn nodded to his henchmen. Wally was grabbed from behind

and thrown into the glass countertop, shattering it on impact. Without giving him time to wallow in pain, Thorn picked up the old man and slammed in against the wall. “I used to admire you; you know that? I thought you were the

greatest thing since horror movies, you and your brother! I followed your killing spree. Sacrifices. I loved everything you guys did! You’re the reason I started practicing the dark arts, dammit!! I wanted to be just like you.”

Thorn grabbed Wally’s head and slammed it into several more display cases. Glass sliced open his scalp like a cheese grater. “But of course, that was before I found out what a fake you were! You gave up a life of undeniable power because you fell in love with a woman. A WOMAN!!!! My heart was cut out from my chest when I found out my idol had turned mortal. You are pathetic!!”

Wally got thrown to the ground. The gang giggled while watching his beaten body snail-crawl toward the front door. “Out of respect for your history, we were going to give you a warrior’s death! But for lying to me, I’ve changed my mind. Instead, you’re going to die like a fat, nasty pig!”

Wally shakily stood to his feet, bleeding from his arms and neck. All five members pulled out a dagger from their jackets. They took turns stabbing his seasoned flesh. Blood splashed and dripped all over the trashed floor. Thorn ended the agony by flipping open a butterfly knife and slicing it across his throat.

Lifelessly, the old man dropped onto a pile of broken memorabilia. His eyes fought to stay open, avoiding the torturous fate awaiting him on the dark side

of the afterlife. But alas, he couldn’t take another breath. His old body couldn’t fight any longer. His head tilted to one side. No more beats sounded from his chest. Wally was gone.

Exiting the antique shop, Thorn got on his cell phone. “Move the girl to the temple,” he ordered. “We have the final piece. The ceremony will commence tonight.” He then turned to his minions and gave one simple instruction: “Get the sheriff.”

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